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(Tutorial) Hyperspin Android Overview and Install


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Thanks for the replies. Ok so I need either the latest 64 bit of RetroArch OR an older, pre 64 bit,  version of the 32bit? Most bizarre since I have things working fine on my old Shield Portable with 32 bit RetroArch. Perhaps because that's ARM whilst the Shield TV is ARM64? I'll have to experiment some more later today.

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I have THE SOLUTION for retroarch issue. I had tested a while ago. If you have installed any version after the 1.7.7 (32 bit), you have to RESET completely your Shield Tv for fix. I tried now and the fix is ok. You are not able to install a newer version in 32 bit or to downgrade to 32 bit. probably remain certain files that are unable to config correctly retroarch. I repeat, the ONLY solution is to reset completely tour shield tested now for me and I'm very happy.

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Thanks for that. I've been trying 1.7.7 without success. There's no way I'm resetting though. I do have root so maybe I can still delete what needs removing without resetting?

Otherwise I just can't get HyperSpin to work with RetroArch on the Nvidia Shield at all. Have tried 64bit and 32bit versions. Like I said tried the 32 bit 1.7.7. Gonna give up and hope there's an easier fix down the road.

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Hi Everyone,

Can someone please help me with how to setup Final Burn Alpha on the Nvidia Shield?

I have been looking at this and just cant find an answer.

I have MAME working fine and the setup I am using is Bandits No Clutter.  The wheel has MAME and this is further sub categorised with other aspects like shootem ups, fighting etc.

However, although my FBA folder has a test rom in in it does not show up in the wheel.

Do I need to use Rocket Launcher? I also have the Database file in there and also the XML file and ini file.

Is there something simple I am missing?

Thanks for any guidance.

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I have a process to convert the themes which works well depending on the animation used.Sounds like you would be best creating a copy of your Hyperspin setup and adjusting the media for android.

Then leave the rompath pointing to wherever it is. May be hard if your swapping a drive between droid and PC Reznate has done a great job getting it this far, but yes an update would be awesome.Developers are hard to come by on Android,I think it's the main reason for stagnation.


Bugarsky & Navarro, LLC

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