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Build Almost Complete

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Just to show off my build after all the fantastic support from this forum.  Many hours spent reading and configuring, soldering and editing text files.  Currently has Mame, Neo Geo, Amiga, Specrum and 20+ joystick friendly steam games up and running.  (Have several more emulators ready but just need controls to be configured).

Many many thanks to you all and in particular Simply Austin for all his fantastic youtube tutorials!





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Looks sweet, and keeps my dream of a cab motivated!!

looks like it fits into the room well also.

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Very nice build and I like the space invaders good choice.
Hey when did you stole my stool that is exactly same as mine , same color :rofl:

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    • By Halcyon
      I am hoping to build a 2 player arcade bench to go with my hyperspin PC. However, I have some questions about a few things which I've struggled to find an answer to on Google.
      So, I would firstly like to know if i could make the 2 player fight controller compatible with both my PC and PS4?
      I've googled this, and I get the impression that the PS4 would not be able to take advantage of a two player controller with a single USB connection. Is this correct?
      If So, I was thinking, would it work if I had two separate USB connections for the player one and player two, but obviously have both wires coming out of the same arcade bench (I'm doing an Ikea lack TV bench hack)? And so the ps4 could use one or two of the controllers?
      But then, if I also wanted to use it with hyperspin, how would I deal with like the credit button for instance, (and I imagine there might be other problematic buttons but just thought of the credit button as an example), how would this be wired? Would I have separate ones for each player?
      Lastly, I imagine hyperspin, primarily for mame, but would like to account for most game systems upto Wii u, how many buttons would I need? And more Importantly, if it is possible to get this 2 player setup working on the ps4, would it matter if I had more buttons than were necessarily for the ps4 so there would be redundant ones?
      Oh and lastly, could I install wireless connections instead of wired USB for my 2 player setup.
      Thanks for your help guys,
    • By Snakerake
      Hello! First post!
      After many years of procrastination, I'm finally starting my Arcade Cabinet build! So I've decided to start a thread to document my build.
      I decided I wanted to build a reproduction of one my favorite cabinets... not necessarily favorite game.  Tempest, Asteroids, Space Invaders, Centipede and Defender were all close contenders... but I've settled on Asteroids Deluxe.  I love the side panel art and was able to find high res scans of all the art at http://www.arcadeartwork.org ... but I do really like the game.  Im a little worried about the side panels interfering with 2 player play.  Im going to do a mockup this weekend to test if thats the case.
      I've built the cabinet in Sketchup, I tried to say as close to the original cabinet as possible so I wouldn't have to modify the side panel art. However, I've made a few changes since this is a multicade. I moved the glass back several inches to accommodate a larger control panel. And the bottom of the control panel doesn't angle back.  I did this so I can install a large drawer with keyboard, mouse and probably PS3 controllers. I'm not going to do a coin door at the moment, but I may change my mind.
      Im considering redesigning the base to include a pull out step at the bottom for my young son. Currently it will just be a storage cabinet, but it would be nice to quickly pull it out for him to play.  Though it may not be worth the trouble when I could easily store a step stool in the cabinet.
      At the moment I'm planning on a 6 button setup so I designed the art for the control panel with the same look and feel as the original control panel, but rearranged for 2 joysticks and many buttons.
      I'm going to use a 4:3 20" Dell monitor for the screen.  My boss has several arcade cabinets in his basement and has successfully scared me off using a CRT monitor. He told me a story about setting a small fire while messing with a cabinet's monitor.
      Ive got Hyperspin and Mame up and running on an old ASUS laptop I will use in the cabinet. Many thanks to SimplyAustin for his top notch videos, they were a great help!  
      I'll be configuring other console systems in the coming weeks after I make some progress on the build.  Currently I have 90% of what I need purchased and ready for the build. I have rough cut some of the plywood into smaller pieces for easier handling, and plan to layout the side panels tomorrow.
      Wish Me luck!

    • By Quantumman2010
      I am new to building arcades, and I want to know more. I have a classic Donkey Kong from 1981 Serial Number: 47547 Model Number: TKG4-UP-US, and I love this thing!
      I want to build newer arcades using hyperspin and maybe start a local retrocade, but there are so many options out there and it can be overwhelming guys.
      If you had 700.00 to investing to a machine what would you do?
    • By jcrowley30
      Hello All,
      I know it has been done many times before, but I have an idea for an NES PC that I was planning on doing and wanted to get some feedback on. I have gutted my NES and I am waiting for my dremel to arrive.  I will give updates as I go through the steps (right now taking pictures of a gutted NES seems silly).  My idea is to have a PC inside a NES but to have the PC upside down and have the bottom of the NES be plexiglass, so that the work can be viewed simply by flipping it over.  I also don't love just cutting out the T shape plastic and leaving the rest.  Let me know if you have any thoughts on it.  I have searched through many pages of builds and I have not seen that combo done.  Is it doable and would there be any issues?  
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