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Pinball FX3 and Steam


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6 minutes ago, Lamaman1971 said:

Apparently its the latest version of steam. Just out of interest how are you launching FX3? Im using a module based on the FX2 in Rocketlauncher....I can launch the full fat FX3 client through PCLauncher no problems.

I used the temporary module posted on the RL forum.

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did you have the Seam version of Pinball FX2 before you installed FX3?

if you did,  did you enable cabinet Mode in FX2 before you switched to FX3?

if you answered No to EITHER of those questions.

cabinet mode settings will automatically transfer over from FX2 to FX3.


IF you never had FX2 cab mode enabled; you will need to enable Cabinet Mode in FX3 before you can load a table via the module  or command line mode in FX3.

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Was out of commission for a few days here ...

I never used FX2 - I just started my Pinball collection a few days ago, to add to my Hyperspin Wheel.  By the way, Pinball is INSANE! 

I set up Steam, and PinballX with Pinball FX3 - StarWars and Marvel Pack Tables.

Everything works perfectly outside of Hyperspin with PinballX and as a stand alone - ... but i want to use Pinball FX3 with HyperSpin, because HS houses all my other emulators.

I have the key for cabinet mode - In PinballX it works fine - launches right to the table.

Here is a vid if you want to check it out - any help is greatly appreciated.


and these are the errors

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