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KISS and Playboy mini-Pin help


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Hello, all. I love this absolutely!!!! Just discovered mini-pin and am blown away!

So for my first project, I am wanting to make the KISS pinball. I would love your advice and input, so here goes;

I have read and read, and still have some questions:

My goal is to make a scaled KISS mini-pin. I prefer only 2 LCD's (the 3rd takes away from the original pinball) althought I know it would limit be from re-using the cab for another pin table. (may just reconsider the 3rd lcd)

1) What cabinet dimensions would you suggest for a playfield monitor of 22", or a 24" (if the price is right) are there plans available for my desired lcd's

2) What size backglass lcd would you suggest. The older pin's seem to have a wider backglass, but more square.

3) the old style blackglass had 4 player analog score counters. Can the pinball be made to mimic that, or is a 3rd lcd required for the scores?

thx !!!!

I have started and wanted to post some pics :)

excuse the bad camera and bad handy work :) I'm a musician, not a tradesman, and you need to be a tradesman to make one of these right :) trial and error for me :)

thx to everyone for the inspiration and help!




Finally got mt KISS artwork done. My designer rocks :)







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Hi and welcome !

Look in my thread mini pin x build it has measurments for a 24 inch lcd with a 18,5 inch backbox monitor ... keep in mind to include your mdf thickness in the numbers

for you question: if you install uvp server with hyerppin you can display the scores on the second monitor just like a real machine so yes the four places for the scores are there and working very cool indeed

for a mini pin 3 monitors are to much for space .. and it will not look right in my opinion

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A few members have put up simple plans showing some basic cabinet measurements, however I can't remember who off the top of my head! Just do a search in the Hyperpin section for "cabinet plans" and see what you find, then use those dimensions and scale them down to suit the monitors you plan to use.

I reckon 2 screens would be for you - use a 24" widescreen for the playfield and either a 19" or 20" 4:3 for the backbox. This will keep the whole thing looking proportional.

Use UVP as others have mentioned to set up "proper" scoring in your backbox. There's a heap of machines that use the same layout as KISS so you'd get really good use out of the setup you're planning.......

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love your build

doing my second mini pin and its just yellow woodgrain

you wont leave me begging you

will you

love your artwork for kiss and as I was a big kiss fan I would love to print some art work

that's were you come in


if you would send me a folder with your artwork I could print it and my build would be great

im currently doing dry run with parts installed as HEAT CHECK

but I nne d you

please I cant find it

anywhere that I can print

I also like you have a 22 inch playfield and 18 inch backglass setup help please

email me even if you are no answer please

ill wait for your answer [email protected]




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