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Mini MVS


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New Project Mini Neo Geo MVS

while i'm waiting for the weather to get better in the UK (fed up of working in cold garages in freezing temperatures on my pinball table) i thought i would follow the crowd, as led by BBB and RidicRick, with their cool MVS builds.

I'm thinking along the lines of a smaller desktop unit running a 15" screen and an external AES joystick for the two player action when required.

i'm looking along similar lines to this design


obviously it will be a bit bigger, as this was built using a 5" PSOne screen, but I'm sure you will get the general idea.

so, on with the build..

kit ready to deploy..


the buttons hadn't turned up at this point, so the ones in the photo were temporary.. then guess what 45 minutes

later they arrived!!

Parts list

12mm MDF £25.00 B&Q

3mm Bronze Polycarbonate Screen (344x275) *updated size* £6.00 theplasticpeople.co.uk

2mm Perspex Marquee (344x70) x2 £6.00 theplasticpeople.co.uk

Cabinet fixing blocks (100pk) £6.00 B&Q

Double catch roller x2 £2.00 B&Q

300mm piano hinge £4.00 B&Q

IEC power connector £1.38 Ebay.co.uk

UPVC edge lip 5x16x2400 £2.00 B&Q

12mm Red T-Molding £14.50 Gremlin Solutions.co.uk

Dell e15fpf 15" Monitor £38.00 Amazon.co.uk

Neo Geo MV-1B 1 Slot motherboard £64.99 Ebay.co.uk

Super 138 in 1 MVS multigame Cartridge £117.00 aliexpress.com

Soccer Brawl MVS Game Cartridge £24.99 Ebay.co.uk

Jamma PSU £27.50 Gremlin Solutions.co.uk

Jamma Harness £7.00 Ultracabs.co.uk

Red Jamma Harness cover £2.99 Gremlin Solutions.co.uk

Scanline Generator SLG3000 £57.08 ArcadeForge.de

cga2vga Scaler PCB £56.21 ArcadeForge.de

Audio Amplifier £7.00 Ultracabs.co.uk

Speakers £10.00 Ultracabs.co.uk or £30 richersounds.com

Sanwa JLW-UK-8 (Red Balltop)£17.40 Gremlin Solutions.co.uk

Chrome Illuminated Buttons 15.90 Gremlin Solutions.co.uk

Artwork £68.00 Bowman Signs

Player 2 AES external Joystick £44.04 Ebay.co.uk

Dsub da-15 plug £5.00 Ebay.co.uk

0.25m Premium VGA Cable £3.99 Lindy.co.uk

0.5m Premium VGA Cable £6.49 Lindy.co.uk

i have decided to install an SLG 300 Scan line generator, as my Retrocade was missing someting, due to the fact these old games are meant to be played on CRT screens not new monitors.


im also running a video scaler, which plugs straight in to the jamma harness and gives stable VGA output in your choice of resolution (easy to configure - once you workout how to get the osd into english)


using an MV-1B motherboard which i picked up off ebay. (mainly due to its size - for this build)


I have decided to roll with the 138 in 1 cartridge as it's the only one that allows you to customize the game list to remove all of the duplicate hacked versions that these carts often are loaded with. there is a slight load delay of around 20-30 seconds when you select a game, but its not that much of an issue.


it comes with a daughter-board that sits in between the MV-1B and the Jamma harness. this has all the onscreen menu and selection stuff loaded on.


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next installment..

i love building test boxes for buttons, buy they don't tend to work well with joysticks, so a test piece of wood will work just as well.



some shots of the system running once powered up.


soccer brawl


metal slug.

the intensity of the scan lines can be adjusted by a simple potentiometer installed on the unit. there is also an on off bypass switch if required.

next up need to pickup the wood and glass and get the cab made...

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Good luck with this. I'd be interested to know what the amp sounds like when you get it going. If it's better than a cheapo pair of desk top speakers (which is how I'm imagining it'll sound), then it could solve my sound problem.....

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the amp sounds ok (no line noise or hum), but its only mono (ultracabs do a stereo version) - the speakers however are the biggest pile of S**T i have come across. (basically they sound like two £5 speakers)

when testing i connected it to some Cambridge Audio Minx MIN 10's which improved the sound 100x, but they cost £30 each from richer sounds. (if you can still get them, as i picked them up a while back).

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Artwork Update

finalized the shape for the sides and control panel, then created some art to match


the image is from the 138 in 1 manual, scanned and then a halftone effect added. the opacity was set around 40% to fade the image into the background better.


the coin insert button will be located on the front of the unit

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shot i forgot to add on Sunday..

control panel and sides cut out and slot cut..


thought i'd post it because i know how much Monkey loves his pics of cut wood.

still have the following bits to get cut this week, before assembly can proceed.

All sizes in mm:











i'll get these done at one of our work workshops on Wednesday, as they have a table saw and it will take a matter of minutes to get the cuts done, rather than doing them by hand...

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Nice! I'm allways hesitating: "paint now, then put together, or put together now, and then paint. Seems like every choice i make, gives me 2 options i have to cancel.

You see to know what you're doing, seems like i have to make decisions :-)

I'll always put it together first, unless its a pre purchased kit, that you know fits perfectly, as you always end up making changes slightly.

this is a free form design, hey i'm not even sure if it all works together yet.

also its only held together with cabinet blocks, so it comes apart really easily to paint when done.

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Artwork completed and sent to Lucian to be printed...


$40 to print $60 to ship - the joys of living in "Rip off Britain" !! :banghead:

the 2mm Perspex (Lexan) for the marquee, and 3mm Bronze Polycarbonate (for the screen) have arrived as well so should be fitting them today.

hopefully should have the casework 95% done today, so i can start with the paint early next week (weather permitting - as it is the coldest March for 50 years)

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