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  1. Hello

    Any way to get games that has not been purchased through steam? My steamid only gives me the games I bought through steam. Thanks.

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  4. 3,096 downloads

    (requires .net 4) Windows 8 users: Please download this .webm codec for video playback to work: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/webmmf/ 12 Sep Change log NEW: Log.txt created to record more detail during certain processes to assist debugging Fixed bug during publishing process that would cause some themes to not create NEW: Filter on installed games only! This might not always be 100% accurate for various reasons but let me know how it goes. (thanks ParadoxSeven for testing) AutoSet video enhancement: The .config file now allows you to modify how the autoset feature behaves: <!-- int value or MIDPOINT --><add key="AutoSetVideo.StartPointOffSetInSeconds" value="MIDPOINT"/><add key="AutoSetVideo.DurationInSeconds" value="35"/><!-- true/false--><add key="AutoSetVideo.CenterAroundStartPoint" value="true"/> AutoSetVideo.StartPointOffSetInSeconds: Set to for example "10" to always start 10 seconds into the video. Set to "MIDPOINT" to start from the half-way mark in the video AutoSetVideo.DurationInSeconds: Simply the duration you want the final video to be AutoSetVideo.CenterAroundStartPoint: If true the video will start from StartPointOffSetInSeconds - (DurationInSeconds / 2.0) 29 Jul Just a minor update to address two immediate issues. Sorry for the lack of updates, life happens... Change log Fixed background downloading - The Steam store changed their CDN it seems. Might happen again so will have to rewrite the scraping code to be smarter New feature: You can now auto-assign the first video across all entries on your list. Order of precedence: .webm, .mp4, .flv. Preference is also given to videos with "gametrailer" in the name. NOTE: You still follow the normal download procedure after which you have to click the "Auto-set video" link 06 Mar Change log Fixed bug where video conversion process did not work correctly on some locales New feature: Wheel styling You can now optionally add some basic styling to all your wheel images. 17 Feb Change log Added options to publish window to control which types of media gets published. Fixed ffmpeg localisation bug (again) 09 Jan Change log New feature: Publish to PCLauncher (for HL 3.0) - suggested by djvj Just provide the folder where your HyperLaunch.exe file is located. NOTE: Backup your .ini files in ..\RocketLauncher\Modules\PCLauncher to be safe New feature: exe filename is retrieved from steamdb.info - suggested by sycdan Just run through the fetch process for each game again. The exe name is published to the PCLauncher .ini as well (AppWaitExe) so now you don't need to configure that anymore. Includes some other minor enhancements 20 Dec Change log Improved and fixed the merging algorithm to not create duplicates in some situations New feature: When fetching your game list you now have the option to set the Http Cookies header. This is to allow downloading resources on age restricted games (e.g. Manhunt). You can also change the region code for games that are region-locked. Added localisation support for ffmpeg output parsing - thanks MrSparkle! (haven't had a chance to test this though) 13 Nov Change log Fixed out of memory issues experienced by some users (hopefully!) New feature: Before fetching your game list you can now provide a custom list of steam app Ids that are NOT on your steam profile. Now includes the 32bit version of ffmpeg instead of the 64bit one. If you'd like the 64bit one rather, download the static version from http://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/ and overwrite the one in the ffmpeg folder. Projects now remember your SteamProfileId 13 Sep Change log Project functionality - You can now Save/Load projects for later use and updating Videos! Automatically downloads videos from big picture and the steam store page. Download videos from YouTube. If the videos from Steam are not sufficient or non-existent download one from YouTube. Easily extract only a specific portion from the video. Also auto converts to MP4 format and 640x480 size. Note: ffmpeg is required for this (included in download) Downloads background from steam store. Includes a basic theme which together with the background, video and wheel creates a decent looking, no effort, steam wheel 29 Jul Change log Added merge capability. When publishing to an existing system the app now merges the new database with the existing one. It first tries to match on steam app id, then on name similarity. 26 Jul Change log Added http caching - this will help with subsequent requests Added basic error logging Added better steamId help Added a nicer default main menu wheel Game wheel images are now resized to a height of 175px Now automatically marking items with no additional detail for exclusion ':' converted to ' - ' Added ability to specify the position of the new system in the main menu Made it more clear when you're about to overwrite an existing config UPDATE You need to use your steam64Id. You can convert it here: http://steamidconverter.com To find it from your profile page, see this link: http://gaming.stackexchange.com/a/25787 Hi Guys I created a small app to assist with Steam wheel creation. Basic steps are: 1. Start with the "Create new" button. 2. Provide your steam id (64bit) and a name for the system (e.g. "Steam") Correct format: 76561197960435530 Incorrect formats: STEAM_0:0:84901, 123456 3. Allow it to download all the game detail. Note: Some items might fail (e.g. the steam sdk or any betas or early releases or tools) 4. Once everything has downloaded create a list. 5. You can now review the game list. Press DELETE to mark an item for exclusion. Press DELETE again to toggle. 6. Once you're happy click "Publish". 7. NOTE: The system will be automatically added to your hyperspin config. Please backup your existing config first, or play around on a separate copy of HS Some things of note... o. Wheel images are currently fixed to a width of 400px. o. I've included a default system and main menu theme zip file with just a basic background. You can replace this. o. I've also included a main wheel image (Steam.png).
  5. There is no official support but there are enough helpful and knowledgeable people on this forum that you do not have to worry about that.
  6. My guess is that HyperSync is binding to the wrong network adapter. Have you tried disabling all other interfaces under network connections? So make sure your lan connection has internet connectivity and then disable the wireless and any other adapters you may have. As for which ports to open, as far as I know only 80 and 443. But if that was a problem you would not be able to read this If you want to rule out the firewall, disable it completely and test. If that fixes your problem then you can worry about which rules to add...
  7. With this latest update mine fails again. It works if I remove NetFx40_LegacySecurityPolicy from the config file. Here is the trace from when it failed 0:000> !PrintException Exception object: 039fd6ec Exception type: System.IO.FileLoadException Message: Could not load file or assembly 'HyperSync Cloud, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=72f4d1a26175e4c0' or one of its dependencies. Strong name validation failed. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8013141A) InnerException: System.Security.SecurityException, Use !PrintException 039fdd88 to see more. StackTrace (generated): <none> StackTraceString: <none> HResult: 8013141a 0:000> !PrintException 039fdd88 Exception object: 039fdd88 Exception type: System.Security.SecurityException [b][color="#FF0000"]Message: Strong name validation failed. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8013141A)[/color][/b] InnerException: <none> StackTrace (generated): <none> StackTraceString: <none> HResult: 8013141a
  8. I tested on my laptop this morning (also Win7 64-bit) and it fails with same unhandled exception as yours, so that's good I ran HS in windbg and it still seems windows security related. Running as admin doesn't help, the only thing that worked for me is to explicitly override the partial trust on the file - right-click on the .exe, properties and click unblock. If you already did this or it still doesn't work then maybe Rain can help. Rain, if you're interested, this is what windbg gave me: Exception object: 035fe728 Exception type: System.MethodAccessException Message: [color="#FF0000"] Attempt by security transparent method 'A.c524ee3f4f0441350cf54ebfc8a5d728d.c5eaff128485e1e9e2caa29c31786aeae()' to access security critical method 'System.AppDomain.add_ResourceResolve(System.ResolveEventHandler)' failed.[/color] InnerException: <none> StackTrace (generated): <none> StackTraceString: <none> HResult: 80131510 ...I think it might be Reflection related.
  9. So there's nothing in debug.log? Or no other event entries of note before or after this one? This is the best info I could find on the error. http://ig2600.blogspot.com/2011/01/why-do-i-keep-getting-exception-code.html Unfortunately you're going to have to get your hands dirty with windbg and if you're not familiar with it it can be quite a steep learning curve. http://ig2600.blogspot.com/2009/07/finding-clr-exceptions-with-visual.html Another thing I can recommend that sometimes helps in these situations is to use sysinternals Process Monitor and Process Explorer...
  10. I had the same issue. Add the following to Hypersync Cloud.exe.config <runtime> <!-- enables legacy CAS policy for this process --> <NetFx40_LegacySecurityPolicy enabled="true" /> </runtime> You can add it just after /configSections See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4260782/c-sharp-net-4-0-that-assembly-does-not-allow-partially-trusted-callers for more detail.
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