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  1. Bill you lost a medal.......

    BTW Thanks!

  2. Holy Crap!! I have a medal!!!


  3. All artwork is strictly artwork, because there are multiple options on videos they have to be chosen seperately

  4. Another CA native! Woot!

  5. Congrats on the launch, torrent is up and running!

  6. direct links to the torrents are on emumovies.com now

  7. Dude it's 3AM get some sleep, oh wait ITS 3AM!!!! Damn I hate having to go back to work :(

  8. I hear the wind blow........

  9. I'll get back in to town this evening and get on it! Your on a roll!

  10. JimJim is in the house!

  11. Man I need to slow down on the posts.... :)

  12. Old man baby

  13. Site is coming along nicely

  14. Sporting EmuMovies Orange :)

  15. Thanks i fixed it

  16. the video torrent will be updates soon over 600 more videos are to be added this time.

  17. we are stedily releasing FLV sets as they go through audits. The older avi I sets have the wrong naming as well. Just keep an eye on emumovies.com for releases.

  18. You ready to make some themes?

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