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  2. Just the hardware mentioned above and LEDBlinky.
  3. I went with a PACLED64 and a mixture of box the Ultimarc RGB and single color buttons. In retrospect, I kind of wished I would have gone all RGB. I like the indented classic look of the RBG butons and it's nice to have to color changing options. Be prepared to put in some work on those RGB buttons. Some assembly is required! Also, if you buy the grounding harness, (Highly recommended) make sure you get the correct size for the LED's. They are a different size than the connection for the switches, 6.2mm I believe. These aren't needed if you're going full on RGB. IF you go with single color buttons also buy the wires to connect to the PACLED. Here's what my set-up looks like:
  4. Just getting around to adding this system but I'm having issues. It's launching fine using Mess but I just get a white screen and no sound. I can press tab and get the Mess menu screen. Any ideas what the issue could be?
  5. Followup, when I try to launch one of the WHDLoad zipped games directly from WINUAE. the Amiga launches but I get a "Runme.exe: unknown command" error. I check to make sure they were not double zipped. That was an issue someone else reported.
  6. Howdy Spinners! I finally going back to tackle the Commodore Amiga (an awesome puter I owned back in the day. I remember the big phone bills from downloading from the BBS's!) I have WinUAE working by loading a .adf disk image but of course I want to use Winuae Loader and with the WHDload set. I've followed some simple tutorials here, on arcade controls and youtube but still having issues. I've set the file path for Winuae and have the roms folder pointing at my WHD Games folder. When I go to the tools tab and try to test a game nothing show up. My WHDLoad set are zip files. Inside the zip is a folder with different files. Is this what I should be trying to run with WinUAE Loader? Any idea why nothing is showing? Here is some snaps of my settings:
  7. What I ended up doing is glueing an actual quarter on top of a normal pushbutton. Push the quarter, get a credit. I've had that set-up for years.
  8. Google translation of this post was funny "..hyperpause is set OK Now you have to give him to eat the contents! "
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