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    Sorry for the recent downtime. Still much to do but we have the site updated, secure and back online.  Expect more changes.


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File Comments posted by Aorin

  1. 20 minutes ago, Rowr14 said:

    Amazing work, looking forward to integrating this with my mega drive theme! Always wanted to work on this but didn't find the time, great job!

    The same will happen to the Genesis soon, a clean database like the Japanese and European versions, there are some games never released physically in the US like Alien Soldier and Mega Man: Willy Wars, they were released via the Sega Channel service, a few compilations, etc.

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  2. 11 minutes ago, diskmach said:

    It does seem plausible that they just messed up the English at some point. I have seen it before. I wouldn't trust dot or no dot too much though, as in practice transliterating English words seems to turn out in different ways.

    Yet, here we have a game that has the same name (except for the "The" then) in English on both the English and Japanese game art. So, what should we go with? Well, it's always a judgment call of course. But to me, cover name is quite convincing. Even if it was a possible mistake. ?

    If there's one thing (or three things) that messes this all up, are the spine, cart and manual English writings, if none of these were there, I'd still be on the Hardcore side, and since it's known as Hard Corps elsewhere, I believe it would be basically the user choice in the end, let's say both names are right. Also there are other titles like Castle of Illusion that in Japan can be called in both ways, that's Japan for you:


    Well, no choice would be wrong here either, while this is a different case than the Contra above, :>[

    Anyway, please let me know if you find other inconsistencies, and I just remembered I haven't messed with the CERO ratings in this database.

  3. 3 hours ago, diskmach said:

    Sorry, but the naming of "Contra The Hard Corps" as something else doesn't seem right, as it has just that in English both on the spine and on top of the cart.

    Actually, it's a word that would be translated with the same phonetic in Katakana and that is why it was localized as Hardcorps instead, try to differentiate both words "Harcore" and "Hard Corps" in Katakana, the only difference would be a space or a dot between ハード (Hard) and コア (Core), If you try that, you'll see the localization was misinterpreted, it should be localized as Hardcore.



    The box art is clearly written Hardcore without the dot or something in between that could make it a separate word for "Corps", instead they have a point which separates the ザ (The) from the Hardcore word "ハードコア".




    Beyond that, you may have heard a spin off called Hardcorps: Uprising, which is basically a Contra/Probotector for X360 and PS3, some Japanese speaking sites refer to this game like this:


    ハードコープス doesn't seem right but it's probably a way to say this game isn't related to the Mega Drive game.

    Anyway I have an open mind and I'm willing to update/fix the database any time, if you find any information that this entry in particular was meant to be named like it was overseas, let me know and any other entry needing fix, just tell me, thanks again!

    Edit: I often check Romhacking.net and people tend to fix numerous mistranslated games since the NES era, incorrect character names, locations, semantics, etc., it's really common.

    I'd say the spine English name was written by Japanese, I'm still considering what SegaRetro states and the lack of a space in the Katakana Hardcore writing.

    And, since they have Hard Corps in the cart, manual etc., I'd say there's no right or wrong, that kind of confusion is common, just edit it to Hard Corps and it's all good.

  4. 5 hours ago, fire10 said:

    Great upload thankyou, do you please have the wheels set to go with these and your other sets. Thankyou

    Satellaview games were basically downloaded games which weren't released physically, I made a pack of logos I extracted from the games themselves some years ago, that's probably what was used for the cart logos as well.


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  5. Sim, era esse video mesmo a que eu me referia, mas eu disponibilizo os packs completos para isso mesmo, quanto mais gente usufruir, melhor, podemos recuperar um pouco só do que passou!

    Quanto a este pack, pode ficar a vontade e adicionar e até fazer um "tudo em um", assim como eu mesmo fiz aqui, as revistas nacionais junto com estas 4 revistas, a Retro Gamer e EDGE são lançadas ainda hoje, a Retro Gamer é uma revista obrigatória, fala até mesmo antes do Atari, PCs arcaicos e vem até as coisas mais atuais, sempre entrevistando antigos desenvolvedores, etc. Quando as revistas como EGM e GamePro iniciaram na era NES e acima, então a Retro Gamer recupera e desenterra muita coisa que é divertido saber.

  6. 18 minutes ago, FernandoCaldas said:

    Mestre aorin, é o mesmo database que o cledson compartilhou no shared hyperspin?

    Mestre? Essa é nova!

    Essas revistas são americanas e europeias, são quatro revistas principais de games, as que eu criei um tempo atrás eram das principais revistas brasileiras, aquele pack continua inalterado, exceto os temas que eu atualizei e corrigi depois que aprendi a fazer temas em wide screen.

    Eu uso esse pack de revistas junto com as brasileiras, basta usar estas como gêneros e copiar as imagens daqui.

    Fizeram um vídeo das revistas recentemente, foi você ou você conhece quem fez? Se sim, pode usar este pack aqui caso tenham interesse e colocar no vídeo.

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