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  1. hi thanks for the updates. could you please repair the messages between members whitch is broken since month thanks
  2. Hi, another weird thing is that when I load directly reicast on 64 bits version: it's fullspeed. but when I load reicast 64 bits through hyperspin, the gamer are slower. I know that it read the 32 bit "retroarch-cores-option" file so I made the exact same settings as my 64 bits "retroarch-cores-option" but the game stay slower. weird no ? I hope You could progress in your great custom apk in order to split the config and core option files between 32 and 64 bits. thanks NEVERMIND SORRY ! I forgot to disable rewind on the 32 bits general option files witch create slowdown. (no activate on 64 bits). Now it work like the standalone retroarch 64 bis thanks again ans sorry
  3. so I made a fresh install of retroarch 64 and it works. thanks. The only weird things (bu you ever advice us) is that all core override and others saves are made on the 32 bits installation if you do that n retroarch launched by hyperspin. i hope some days you could update your marvelous APK to have 2 config files separatly. so we could use retroarch 32 bits in GL mode and retroarch 64 bits in vulkan mode. thanks again
  4. I forgot to mention that severals of my 64 bits folder path aren't on default location but with custom path (example: I share the system folder 32 and 64 bits with the same path). Maybe we have to keep all default location of 64 bits folder to work I may need to make a fresh instal of retroarch 64 bits and then, make a new test of the apk. If someone could confirm me if it already work on fresh install thanks
  5. so I made a test this new apk after deleting the former one but unfortunaly, it doesn't work. when a load a romfrom hyperspin, it continue to point to the regular retroarch 32 bits. I have change in settings of the core : exe=com.retroarch.aarch64/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture but no luck little disappointed because I thank we have found the best solution. is others guys test it with success ? thanks for your support
  6. Hi, so do you resolve your problem with assets and shaders ? I hesitate to delete the official apk and test this marevous custom build ? thanks for your confirmation regards
  7. Thanks zerojay for your work. A choice of the config file will be marvelous in order to launch 32 bits in gl and 64 bit with vulkan. I unfortunaly leave so quickly the android shield tv to return to pc version of hyperspin. But with these improvment I may come back on it thanks again
  8. thanks a lot, I will try fore sure even if it a bit difficult. do you think we could add the 32 bits config file path in order to use the 2 retroarch 32 and 64 bits together ? it would be marvelous thanks
  9. one time my android setup crash suddenly. a default theme become corrupt. so you could try to delete your theme and test to know if it's the problem
  10. thanks for your try, I have follow your advice and like you, can't launch these. what a pity thanks again
  11. Thanks I will try this. And for aarch64 support hope someday reznate could look after is baby!
  12. Ok thanks. I would like to use Fba for the runahead feature.we have to wait from retroarch team to launch directly cue from menu thanks
  13. Hi, with the recent progress of neo geo cd emulation on retroarch fb alpha witch launch bin cue and ccd format, is someone is able to launch it from hyperspin android ? on the stand alone retroarch, we have to launch a game using a sub menu so for our hyperspin setting, it would be tricky. If someone a success with this thanks regards
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Hi, I upload a 3D boxset for SUPER FAMICOM NINTENDO according to the last database developpement with the 527 games. I made a set for 4:3 and a set for 16/9. I add an optional pack for 16:9 user in order to have the horizontal boxes aligned on the left with vertical if using an hyperspin themes. I give us the last database xml used for it. Since I'm not entirely satisfied, I will do a V.2 version soon. I have ever made the 3D carts witch is available on the download section and compatible with this pack. hope you like it.
  15. Ah ok, I forgot to zip them before import them. Maybe it's that problem thanks I will test this week end Regards
  16. Hi, sorry to revive this topic but want to thanks to dragon57 whi gave me the opportunity to sort my mame xml by description with ease. the excel tutorial is marvelous thanks regards
  17. OK thanks I have ever test with thatmans guide on how to import cores with xxamp with success but the older cores still not reconized in retroarch, only the last is functionning. I have to make more tests thanks
  18. hi, I just test to games crazy taxi and sonic adventure. atomiswave run fine 3 month ago and now is laggy. I have rooted my shield and before the last update I could inject old cores on the core folder using network and xplorer but since the last update, former cores doesn't been reconized by retroarch. do you manage to inject and use former core with succes on the last update on shield tv ? thanks
  19. I thanks for you. but for reicast, Since august 2018, the core become slower than before. I can't run any game at normal speed on shield tv. do you encounter this behaviour ? thanks
  20. Nice, hope we could arrive to achieve this. thanks
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