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  1. I'm getting a server connection failed notice just a heads up
  2. should I be mentioning problems with media? I'm noticing some extra spaces in some of the themes for snes just extra spaces before the extension
  3. so pretty much go along and get all the artwork and such and just wait for the big change?
  4. yup exactly like that, which made me think maybe hyperspin was changing how databases were made, its been a while since ive been here
  5. Will hyperspin database's be changing or is this something that might be fixed in the future? The program runs great just want to know before I try renaming all the files
  6. Awesome work! curious though why is it downloading files with the regions cut off the file name
  7. Jdubbs


  8. Its been a while since I've been around here. Waiting to use this, is it still syncing off old xmls or will it read mine?? Thanks
  9. So question, with xml support wasnt that suppose to mean it reads my xmls? Its still syncing with databases that have language tags which are incorrect edit nevermind i guess thats still to come.. Thanks for all the hard work!
  10. ummm the updater never stopped at 100 percent..Up to 125 percent is there anywhere to download the latest beta 2 without updating? Updater just isnt working for me, got up to 150 percent before i canceled it tried to run it again and the the splash screen comes up and just sits there
  11. it works great! Once beta 2 (local xml support) comes out I don't think I will ever use hypersync again. No reason to with this beast unleashed. fr0stbyt3 you kick ass!!!
  12. well yea it should be video but it was creating a folder in every system called videos
  13. its downloading movies to folders called "Videos" also, it doesnt read the database's I have? I noticed its downloading everything with the old naming (language tags, version numbers)
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