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  1. I have a question about a 'clean' installation. I use RocketLauncher and want to delete all HyperLaunch files. Are the following files all part of HyperLaunch and not used by HyperSpin? Modules folder ~INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS.doc 7z.dll 7z.exe AutoHotkey.dll HyperLauch.exe I know it's not that important, but I like my folder clean Another question: Anyone knows what happened with HScript.ahk? It's not included in the latest full install anymore.
  2. alcoatjez


  3. Aorin: Thank you very much! Your file matches mine perfectly. I never expected that, but it's pretty cool. This is the way verifications work when dumping ROMs and ISOs: 2 people dump a game and if they match 100% it is a known good dump. For GameCube, you know you have a good dump when it's on this list. All GameCube XML entries can be checked there, with the exception of the unlicensed Maxplay game. So, to answer your question: yes, if two people dump the same game, it will have the same CRC32. For me, it is important to have good dumps or compressed dumps that can be restored again. The main reason is that I don't want to cause emulation problems just because my dump is bad. Now when I have an emu problem, I know it's the emulator
  4. Thanks a lot for this topic. I found out a lot of new and useful information. Personally, I only like compression formats that can be reversed. I'm busy with my GameCube set ATM and looking into GCZ compression. Can someone please compress one of their GameCube ISOs with Dolphin to GCZ and post the crc32 of the ISO and GCM? I'm wondering if this produces the same file every time. If it does, I can create a clrmamepro datfile for the complete GCM set that people can re-create. Thanks
  5. You mention r106 in your guide. I think this should be r109. Edit: Nevermind. I see it is r106, although the link says r109. Sorry
  6. Thank you for your excellent guide. I have just one small remark: I did a clean install today and this line was already in Settings.ini. Just a small thing, but perhaps something to add to the guide
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