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  1. I have a question about a 'clean' installation. I use RocketLauncher and want to delete all HyperLaunch files. Are the following files all part of HyperLaunch and not used by HyperSpin? Modules folder ~INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS.doc 7z.dll 7z.exe AutoHotkey.dll HyperLauch.exe I know it's not that important, but I like my folder clean Another question: Anyone knows what happened with HScript.ahk? It's not included in the latest full install anymore.
  2. Thanks for the tip about the Mad Catz gamepad. Too bad it's wired. I would then rather choose the Bliss-Box option.
  3. I have two Logitech F710 gamepads to play on my HyperSpin setup, but I find it really annoying to play games that originally needed six buttons on a four button controller layout. For the games I play, this mainly goes for Sega Saturn and some Sega Genesis games. I will probably buy a Bliss-Box soon since I have most consoles (and therefore controllers) physically, but I don't really like the idea of keeping all these controllers in my living room... Today I came across the latest product from 8BitDo: http://www.8bitdo.com/m30/ It's essentially a wireless Sega Genesis replica, so I think it will be great for Genesis, Saturn. What I don't like is that it doesn't have an analog stick, so it really means I can't use it for all my systems. What do you think? Would you buy it? Do you use another controller that has a six button layout AND perhaps an analog stick (or two)?
  4. Did you already report this? I just re-installed everything and the 'old' HyperSync is working just fine.
  5. Thanks a lot for your hard work, Circo! I noticed the following thing: In this tutorial there is the table with Common XML Coding Values. It seems that the use of this table is lost, since the XML values like & are converted automatically.
  6. If you put the individual ROM in a folder with the same name as the ROM I think it should work Verstuurd vanaf mijn GT-I9195 met Tapatalk
  7. These threads are in the Database forums. They are in the Console, Computer, etc subforums. Verstuurd vanaf mijn GT-I9195 met Tapatalk
  8. Check the official Microsoft site for the info on how to create an ISO. The utils to find your product keys are pretty easy to find.
  9. The only issue I had that the Win10 support for my ASUS Z98I-PRO motherboard sucks. Most drivers are updated through Windows Update, but the utilities are not updated at all. I had to fiddle a couple of hours to get them working. If you are doubting if you should upgrade, you can do the following: Update to Win10 Create an installation ISO. It's a while ago I did this, but I think the Windows 10 updater can do this Use Google to find a tool that shows your Win10 key Revert back to Win7 Now you can install the legit Win10 whenever you want, even after July
  10. Wow, wow, wow and wow, I love these boxes! Thank you very much /me rushes off to set up TurboGrafx16 for when this is finished...
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