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  1. Thanks a lot for your answers ! The setting up of the controllers will be quite a fascinating challenge. Sorry to repeat myself but I sure hope you will share your advancements. I will follow them with passion and I am willing to help if required and tests different solutions on my side if needed. I have gathered and setup a great number of racing games already and just need to find the strength and motivation to continue on. I have a G27 so I will encounter the same challenges as you will. I understand why cutting through an original cabinet makes you feel bad, it's not like creating an homemade replica, but It will definitely be worth it in the end. As you said, being able to to scroll through the ages will be a fantastic experience. The racing games are a very good examples on how the video games have progressed.
  2. Great read and great story ! I can't wait to read the future updates. I have a few questions if you don't mind: I assume you have bought the whole cabinet, with the chair and the wheel. So will it be quite dificult to adapt the 920 wheel and pedals to the cabinet in terms of space available ? You will use a crt monitor to play modern racing games. I really hope you will share videos once you are finished. Forza in 4:3 with scanlines must be something really intriguing to watch ! Have you already setup the controls of all your games ? In particular does x360ce works well with the emus that requires it (the ones where you can't setup a wheel) ?. I have only used this nice little program for pc racing games that doesn't work with a wheel. Thanks again for sharing your experience. I have my own setup ready to be taken care of but I always postpone the moment I will start to make a nice hyperspin wheel. Probably because I have the ambition to cover as much racing games as possible as long as they can work with a wheel. Your choice of limiting the amount to 500 is probably the right one. Seeing your progress and the solutions you have chosen is a great motivation though ! Thanks in advance for your answers.
  3. I never understood this feature myself as well. I thought it was a way to link a database to a romset with different names but never understood how. And yes, HBMame has its own romset with unsupported games by the official Mame. A few years ago I was using it to play Pong which was emulated (or more like "simulated") by Mame then removed for a while.
  4. As indicated at the top of this page, the server is down for the moment but will be back.
  5. Congratulations Andyman ! And thanks Gigapig for keeping the dream alive.
  6. Thanks for the info Floatingyeti. I hadn't updated the mame core yet so I have been able to save it under the version name and change it in the rocketlauncher settings.. I also use different versions of Retroarch in order to "freeze" certain systems in their working state (hopefully). Have you been able to pinpoint the problem in the retroarch module and/or determine what change caused the problem in the updated mame core ?
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