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List of pinball cab projects by our members

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Here's my Pinball / Arcade combo cabinet I call PinKadia.  It plays Pinball, MAME, and PC games with both pinball and 2 player arcade controls.


The build thread:






Here is the first video tour after I finished most of it right before Christmas.
Here are video demonstrations of the different systems I have running on it via Pinball X:
MAME: Horizontal and Vertical games on the playfied screen with marquees on the backglass screen):
PC Games (only horizontal games on the backglass screen for now, vertical games on the playfield screen soon to come):
Future Pinball (my favorite pinball simulator, best sound and graphics, and its free! I customized most tables to make use of my unique extended backglass on the 3rd screen):
BAM - 3D head tracking for Future Pinball demonstration (really cool):
Pinball FX2 (with animated backglass and marquee / logo):
The Pinball Arcade (with animated backglass, and running a mod for use in a cabinet):
Visual Pinball (makes use of the two different sized DMD areas on the third screen):

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On 12/9/2016 at 4:59 AM, crimpshrine said:

Is every link dead in this list?


I get this when I try to access any of the build threads on the 1st page of this thread:

The page you requested does not exist

Error code: 1S160/2



the problem is that most of the url's from builds featured here are from an older version of the forum, so the links will all be dead.

you could use the search function for a specific build and that would still work.



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