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  1. yeah i wasnt sure at the time if the offer was legitimate, but he did offer 7k for it, but this for me was a once in a lifetime find, i do love it, its amazing, my bro in law is a wizard on the machine!!!! my friends like it too, bladezx did great work, the machine is top notch forsure... still even for the hefty sum, i couldnt part with it cheers
  2. i'm really loving these videos guys, thanks for you hard work, my setup looks even more pro now thanks guys!!! great job!!!
  3. Rain, I hope you recovery quickly, and things get back to the way they should!!! my thoughts are with you, I also just want to thank you for you time and effort in creating HyperSync in a formal thank you!!!! my machine is tricking itself out and its totally awesome, your dedication to this app has blow me away, I just want to say thanks to the whole team, this journey has surely taken my breathe away!!!! thank you!!!
  4. the mini pins are very cool!!!! I have my fullsize pincab and its awesome!!!! every I show it too thinks its awesome
  5. change the optimizer settings in HQ and drop them down to low (app quality) if u have too also CPU priority should be high, should solve ur problem goodluck
  6. I tested 1.3 fine on my setup, with a HDMI connected with a radeon card.... no sound issues for me.... windows 7.... it should natively select the sound that window's has selected... all apps run this way, I don't see this being any different.... :x
  7. if I didn't have one, I would buy it off u..... no doubt
  8. VaderPin bought of BladeZX now mine http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?20316-HyperPin-P2K-cabinet-for-sale
  9. u dont need to go nutz on a usb dongle, heck, i have an extra one i'd give you if u wanted, like i said i paid next to nothing for them, i did research first, usb blutooth dongles, are like hdmi cables, they all do the same thing (basically) but u dont need to shell out big bucks for what u need them to do, its just hype bro, i read that ppl were able to connect devices to them via usb blutooth, and i took the chance, worst case scenerio i'd just chuck them newayz what's 5 bucks really? but they work http://www.amazon.ca/USB-BLUETOOTH-DONGLE-WIRELESS-ADAPTER/dp/B003UI58L0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1344293029&sr=8-1 these are the exact ones i got
  10. have to agree with dr money on this, i bought a usb dongle from amazon for 3$ basic but ur ps3 controllers can connect, then motionjoy will allow you to map the buttons, its great!!!! xbox360 controllers require a microsoft usb adapter which is pricey, also u can use wii controllers with the usb adapters as well, have fun
  11. in response to the question asked if the coupon code works on upgrading from yearly to lifetime! just enter and it works The canadian dollar is on par with the US so this seems like a total steal and deal
  12. Building an arcade machine, was always a dream i had, i've been playing video games since atari 2600, which is funny cuz i actually had the generic Gemini verison that ran atari 2600 games with a joystick 1 button and a paddle, i evenutally got a nintendo, started to become an addict, borrowing games from friends, i got a paper route just so i could buy snes when it came out, i flirted with every new console as they got release i owned a saturn at one point, n64, ps2, and borrowed a psx from my friend just to play ff7 which i completed all 3 disks.... video game junkie.... after school right to the super nintendo, video games were my life.... When i first started building my collection of retro games, mame had always interested me, and once i had a good collection, i found out about hyperspin, fell in love instantly, just the intro and the wheel its so amazing, i knew i found the front end i was going to use.... at first it was love hate relationship with hyperspin, when i upgraded to hyperlaunch 2.0 there are lots of tutorials and once i joined the forum i realized how great the community was, i even tryed to help out with some emulation problems myself, hyperspin is one of those programs that basically u can take as deep as you want to, there is always things u can add to make your front end work better, adding artwork, new systems, admittingly i had a quite a few sleepless nites trying to figure it out, once i managed to get mame working, i knew this was going to worth it in the end, i'm still in shock actually.... i paid 350 bucks for a basic computer, which i learned to overclock something that is complicated in another sense, but it just fueled me to get hyperspin running at peak preformance... support on the forums is great, everyone is helpful, its amazing how many of us came together to make such an amazing forum, this couldnt be done without BBB's programming and help from his guru's.... i spent nearly a year on this and finally purchased a cabinet with a 2 player ipac controller, 2 usb wireless ps3 controllers to run the newer emulators, and added 4 player action, Hyperspin is a labour of love, flowing with memories and nostalgia... Everyone who's seen my cabinet so far, even from picture i took, are like wow, what started off as a simple project became an obsession... to completion... to bliss.... Thanks to all those ppl who created hyperspin, the awesome support, i plan on donating... something this awesome gets my support 100%
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