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I always wanted a Arcade cabinet., So I decided to build my own.


Here is my Homemade Arcade Bartop Arcade

HP Z100 i5 Motherboard 2.66Mhz

8GB Ram


Keyboard Encoder: Howler Board (sucks!!)  (Changed to iPac Ultimate OI in March)

Buttons and Joystick from Paradise Arcade

Arcade Template from Gameroom Designs

Found random EPS art files on google. Very hard to file

25 watt Amplifier / Speakers and Led lights from Parts Express.


Plus 8 Months of after work time and energy.




























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On 4/11/2017 at 12:14 AM, smiley2000 said:

I always wanted a Arcade cabinet., So I decided to build my own.
Here is my Homemade Arcade Bartop Arcade

Where did you the graphics from?

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Edited by THK
Seriously? Quoting the WHOLE F'n post?

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      Anyone buy Injustice 2 for PC yet that can speak towards how the player controls are layed out?  And is two player controlls with one keyboard possible - a la IPAC friendly?  If not, any work arounds created using vjoy/ahk or anything else?
      I may buy it tonight and see what's up... 
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      Hi all,

      Wondering if anyone has some advice when troubleshooting controllers in the FE. RocketLauncher is able to identify the 3rd party controller and use them in all emulation, my problem is solely in the FE with HyperSpin 1.4. The problem is the controller won't scroll through the titles or respect the button assignments 100% of hte time still. I've tried assigning buttons instead, but the threshold is pretty hairy. I have to hold the button down for a second and it'll scoot through a bunch of tiles on the menus. I've tried disabling it in HSHQ, and I get nothing. Is there an INI I need to alter? I'm using the Wolfware || Howler board (that seems to get a lot of hate from the boards I've read on here). I don't seem to have any problems with it, it's just in the FE. Dead horse:  I am using 1.4 HS and most up-to-date RL.
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      Good Morning Guys,
      I was just wondering if anyone out there had some bartop Photoshop or Illustrartor Bartop templates they would be happy to share (or can send me a link where i can find them) - I am just starting out with both programs as I really like the idea of creating my own artwork.
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      Hello all,
      As I recently finished my Street Fighter 2 themed bartop which runs Hyperspin, I decided to share some materials with you
      The whole construction story is on my blog for those that are interested : https://www.bluemind.org/homemade-bartop-retrogaming/
      Here are some photos of the finished product:

    • By Dstealth
      Just finished my 4-5 month bartop cab project (Just doing some software tweaks and making sure everything works)  All in all, I'm pretty happy how it turned out (It went through a LOT of iterations...it was initially meant to be a TMNT inspired cab lol.  I made a few mistakes due to not building anything since I was playing around with technic lego decades ago, like putting hinges on the outside of the door (had this idea at the end of putting everything together and couldn't be bothered to take it apart  to install the hinges lol) but I'm happy.  All there is do to do now is implement some ideas I have to the software, find out how the hell to use LED Blinky, create some custom collections, try to get Hypersearch to work, change that annoying TTS windows 7 voice so  Hyperspeech doesn't sound so annoying and wait for the PC release of Tekken 7 :-)
      z170m Plus Mini ATX Board
      I5 6600K 3.5ghz quad core Processor (will try to overclock it to 4Ghz this week)
      Noctua NH-L12 CPU Cooler
      Noctua NF-F12PWM case fan X2
      EVGA Geforce GTX 750 Ti Graphics card (May upgrade to GTX 1060 on Tekken 7 release)
      16GB DDR4 Ram
      5TB 7200rpm HD
      250GB Samsung SSD
      NEC 19inch IPS Monitor
      Metallic gold Sanwa Sticks
      18 Seimitsu 'Halo illuminated effect buttons'
      Aimtrack Light Gun and infra red bar
      Recoil module for gun
      2 USB 3.0 Hubs
      HDMI out
      Bluetooth dongle
      Wireless Dongle
      Lepy Amplifier
      Car speakers
      ....and blood, sweat, wiring and a new found appreciation for electricians and carpenters!