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CUSTOM ARTWORK - Graphic Design services for your cabinets

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Hi Josh,

your pictures/work looks awsome ;)... but i have a question..

cause wich size do you use for making these vinyls...

cause i wanna make my own so i hope you will give me the sizes...

i make mine for the olw williams tables..

also what will the price be for your lateset art with the terminator and ironman on it... the full set??

hope you will help me ;)

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Hello Promise,

Thanks for the praise. I love making these type of designs!

Please PM me about cabinet dimensions. I've made a bunch of designs in different sizes so anythings possible. I've done a few Williams widebody designs and that seems to be popular. I can send those to you if you'd like.

The Hyperpin decal set (2 sides, 2 tops & 1 front) is $295 plus shipping. A Deluxe set is available for an additional cost if you want a speaker bezel and inner sides.

I appreciate the message and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, all the best!


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Hello spinners & pinners,

Some updated custom Pinball designs. I made a few new designs I'd like to share with everyone. 2 flavors...

First up is a Monster Energy Pinball that Brandon brought to life with a great idea on a very recognizable brand. I love how the environment makes the logo and the colors pop off the cabinet. The custom smoke and lightning was a blast to make. It gave me complete creative control to flush off depth and detail in the background.

Second and maybe my favorite so far is Ron's Taurus Zodiac themed Pinball cab. I slugged her 'El Toro de Pinball'. The galaxy and star fields look super rich and the flaming pinball comets are spectacular. The combination of color and balance in this layout really give the viewer some cool things to look at.

Brad in CT continues his hot streak of making insane prints of my designs. The colors and contrast of these are absolutely incredible. If these were backlit in a gallery people would stop and stare. Really amazing quality prints. Thanks Brad!!

And thanks to both guys for making these projects shine. I truly appreciate getting to work with such talented people who really know how to make something special from an idea. I learn something new each time I work with people flushing out designs that started as a concept and become something special. It was a pleasure continuing these efforts for these awesome Pinball machines!!

I can't wait to see what's next. Please contact me if you'd like to do something like these or anyhting else for that matter.

Thank you, all the best!










Edited by dfwArcade

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Hello spinners & pinners,

Another custom pinball design to showcase to the community:

Wizard Pin cooked up by Carlos is a great idea. He wanted a Lord of the Rings inspired cabinet. We took Gandalf and made him fight a dragon; yeah boy!! I really like the colors and balance of the castle darks and the electrified greens with smoke and some cool details. Fun way to show off some fantasy inspired artwork for a cool project. Thank you Carlos!!

The Texas Pinball Festival is in a few weeks. I hope to see and meet some more HS members and discover some more hidden treasures in the design world of retro gaming. I appreciate getting to work with creative people. All these projects are great to work on and I'm looking forward to the next series of projects.

Thank you, all the best!!






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dfwArcade - just curious if you do you do your own illustrations as well? If so, do you primarily just use digital painting techniques? Looks like a bulk of your week is really well done graphic design with some photo/image manipulation.

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Hello T-800,

I'm not an illustrator but can make some things in a pinch. My work is mostly graphic design for balance and color and getting things to look seemless and cleaning up good quality images to create the environments. That takes enough time for me... if I had to draw from scratch I'd have to charge way more for my time plus there are much better illustrators out there. I'm sticking to this format for now. Thanks for the question!

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It was great working on Wizard Pin with you Josh. I haven't received my printed design from Brad yet but I should have it in the next day or two. My next cab will be a mame. It's in the design stage now and not sure what I will name it yet or theme I want. You'll be hearing from me again. Thanks again.

Edited by fulsz

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Thank you Carlos! It was great bringing your idea to life. I'm looking forward to seeing it skinned and how it looks complete. Please do let me know if I can work with you again; doing a Mame cab would be great.

I have a second Mame machine myself I'm trying to get too next as well. It's a showcase cab with the 4 player layout. It was a NFL Blitz in great shape. KISS themed, I call her... Kreatures of the Night! KON for short. I'll be sharing that with the community soon but have been to busy to really get too far into it.

Thanks again Carlos, please post some pics when she's done. All the best!


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Thanks EE, I always appreciate you checking in and letting me know what you think.

Some really good detail in this one, especially the custom sword work. The lightning is a real treat to make and the colors pop off the backgrounds. Minty clean with some easy to recognize imagery. Win win, thanks man. Take care!

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I would like to add to Josh's awesomeness...

Below are the graphics that Josh created for me and I must say if you're having any doubts or have a vision but just can't tweak it to where you want, go with Josh. Incredibly easy to work with, and in my humble opinion awesome work. Enjoy... I'll post more photos once it's built




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Thanks Vince! It was a pleasure making this happen the way you wanted. That was a fun one and I can't wait to see it as a completed cabinet. The sides with the lights are going to look awesome, thank you!!!

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Wow Andy that looks fantastic, way to go man! I love the perfectly lined up wrap in the front. The 3D grid idea in the background looks terrific. Thanks for making a custom out of our design pack. Love the pictures, thanks for sharing!

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I'm still at a loss for my upcoming build. Maybe a mortal kombat theme.... Mortal Pinball Kombat. Put the big dragon logo on the sides of the cab at the back...

Maybe. Just an idea for now. But I will reach out to you when I'm ready

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      Text Animation display when empty (need to close instead) Animated gif memory leaks Goal: To build an application that gives to Artists & Cab builders the flexibility they need to express their creativity and to Manage Displays the way they see it and want it.
      This is free and it will always be. To encourage development, you can send a donation of your choice. You can proceed with Paypal to;
      - Antos (author, conception and development - Status: Active member)
      - Sevenseal (newly added member - user support, documentation, testing, research - Status: Active Member)
      VIDEO 'How To' quick guide
      mamefan's video (setup)
      mamefan says "I forgot to say that you need to SAVE your configuration in Hyper Marquee before you exit. If you have any issues with Pipe (CLI) in EDS, try Pipe or CLI with CBR checked instead. I also forgot to say during the video that you can also display marquee art for other systems/consoles. If I had gone to NES games, for example, you would have seen NES game wheel art on my marquee as I scrolled through games. Whatever image you want to display will display, as long as you set it up correctly."
      Sevenseal's video 1 (Artwork Setup):
      Sevenseal's video 2 (Artwork Video Setup):
      There are 6 possible customisable displays (styles) within Hyper Marquee.
      1. Artworks: Display marquee images and videos. It supports jpeg, png, ico, anim GIF images, flv, MP4 and more.
      2. Digital Text: Display a text file from a folder link or wild cards from Hyperlist/Gameinfo.
      3. HyperSpin theme: Display a HyperSpin Theme. Limitation: It only supports images and videos (flv/MP4), no sounds, no animation. You can also create you own Marquee Themes using HyperTheme from Hyperspin.
      4. Time Elapsed: Display the time elapsed of your gaming time
      5. HiToText: Display some MAME game High Score. (using external HiToText app.)
      6. Free Text: Display any text passed within the HyperMarquee.exe parameter (4th parameter)
      Some specs;
      - Support 1 to n individual screen display. As much as your video card and MS Windows can support.
      - Support any screen type of display at any resolution or format ratio.
      - Support 1 to n system.
      - Support 1 to 'infinite' images display. As much as you video card and MS Windows can support.
      - Support 1 to n image superposition with alpha blending for transparency.
      - Support text decoration. I.e Glow effect, outline effects, brushes and pixel Shaders.
      - Support many kinds of images and text based on GameInfo/HyperList like rating, language, game type, marquee and more.
      - Fast and responsive marquee transitions on game select using Event Dispatch System (EDS)
      - 15 Transition shader effects using GPU (DirectX and Graphic card pipelines) for real-time pixel treatment.
      - Video Transition. (FLV, MP4 with transparency key) - Including HS Video Transitions
      - Now play Videos (FLV, MP4 & Animated gifs). All in the Artworks section and using wild cards parameters.
      - Video Treatments: Support Videos fast real-time treatments (17 shader effects!)
      - Video: DMD, Fade, Radial Blur, Ripple, Slide, Blinds, Circle, RadialWiggle and more.
      Text & Outlined:
      - Brush: Now support Font Brushes for powerful gradients ( font and outlined font)
      - High Score in MAME
      - Horizontal or vertical scrolling
      - Background with blur shader supports
      - Foreground: Good for Bezel.
      - Artworks with shader transitions or pixel effects (see Pixel Shaders below)
      - Foreground: Can be used to display dynamic bezels in front of marquee image, video or games.
      - Background with shader supports
      - Image Treatments: Support Images fast real-time image treatments (17 shader effects!)
      Pixel Shaders:
      - 17 Artwork Image and Video shader effects. DMD, Telescopic Blur, ColorTone, Pinch, Pivot, Tiler, OldMovie, Pixelate and many more.
      Other Improvements:
      - Play Random files (i.e added [RandomFile] wildcard/field ).
      - Can play random media at start up or any random file on HS events (like image artworks, bevels, themes & videos).
      - Add static default background & foreground images.
      - Improved Hyperspin Theme compatibility. Now supporting video (flv, mp4) & sound.
      - Better High Score display
      - HM improved GUI.
      - Realtime DMD Display shader effect. The algorithm has been completely redesign. Develop in HLSL, this realtime shader it is now using DirectX and your GPU.
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      (using DotMatrixDisplay Shader and Outlined Font & Images leveraging on GameInfo & HyperList fields wild cards)

      Very nice Artwork from mmg1Design exploiting HyperMarquee possibilities

      (using font: Triple Dot Digital-7) - applying glow effect and under font from HyperMarquee internal features.
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      Improved Graphical User Interface using brush user friendly tool. Shader and brush can be applied to all text, image and video!
      High score can disappear after a certain amount of time of your choice to leave marquee artwork alone... (like any other windows)
      Future Development...
      - Control Panel Viewer capability within Hyper Marquee is under development right now.
      - Screen capture to replicate game playing on marquee
      - HM/EDS: Providing real-time download for missing artworks, Hyperlist & GameInfo when selecting a game. (optional feature under consideration)
      - Providing 3D support to display cartridges, cabinets and more should be considered next year.
      - EDS: Providing utilization statistics (graphs and charts) should be considered next year.
      - Add HM display container to avoid launching one .exe per display type.