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  1. Gutted Lost my whole collection

    Gizmo thanks for taking the time to write all that up. Unfortunatley I bit the bullet last night and reinstalled a genuine copy of windows 7 64bit. Took me 16 hours to transfer my hyperspin and rocket launcher folders back from my nas drive. Hopefully your post will be helpful for other people that stumble across this thread. It's so demoralizing when windows won't boot, even worse when there's nothing wrong with the hard drive in another pc.. Thanks again..
  2. Gutted Lost my whole collection

    How do you find avira antivirus bungles...does it keep popping up all the time???
  3. Gutted Lost my whole collection

    It's a 250gb samsung ssd only about 6 months old. Never been full either always kept it max 3/4 full. I'm hoping it's an easy fix if any body got any ideas I'll post some vids up tomorrow to show what it's doing...
  4. Gutted Lost my whole collection

    I've never altered any settings in the bios but I'll check.. It's definitely set to boot from the c drive though I know that ..
  5. Gutted Lost my whole collection

    Tried self repair comes back with no operating system found. But all folders intact
  6. Gutted Lost my whole collection

    Hi. Yes the file and folder structure is intact. I've pulled both the hyperspin and rocket launcher folders to my nas drive. I'd still love to get this original drive up and running if possible. I have never duel booted on this pc or attempted anything similar. Wouldn't know where to start with that.. Could you possibly take me through getting it to boot again. I have tried all the various commands using diskpart from the command line when booting from the windows CD. Fix/mbr and doing the bcd stuff nothing works.. I believe the drive to be intact just the booting part is not working correctly.. Any help much appreciated..
  7. Gutted Lost my whole collection

    Agreed I just find windows 10 so invasive but I'm sure it's a lot more configurable than I give it credit for. Not really looked hard into the settings. I got one last attempt using easeus where you can rewrite the boot partition if the drive works in a separate pc. I'll try that first after backing up all my stuff first... Genuine Windows this time though.. What virus scan do you use?
  8. Gutted Lost my whole collection

    I can't stand windows 10 or windows 8 I think there terrible compared to 7..just my opinion though gonna try and find a genuine Windows 7 copy..
  9. Gutted Lost my whole collection

    Cheers bungles..That was my next question..if I reinstall Windows and drag the hyperspin and rocketlauncher folders over will it behave as normal...appreciate I'll have to add all the .net framework stuff and all the other installs needed.. I did a malware scan before I shut it down if I remember correctly I'm sure it removed the windows loader..even though I had done many scans before with no problems... Spent hours and hours getting this cab perfect..
  10. Gutted Lost my whole collection

    My arcade cab was fine, i downloaded some new bezels form emu movies and my PC crashed when exiting hyperspin. Upon reboot my cab wouldn't boot from the C: drive, keep coming up with a grub command prompt, i`ve never duel booted but i think this is something to do with "windows loader from daz" that i used to get around the windows 7 activation. I know I know not good . I also had no virus software as i`m fed up of them interrupting the hyperspin experience even when i set them to silent mode, every now and then they retake focus and stop hyperspin in its tracks. I`ve tried all sorts of you tube videos to try and get it to boot, i`ve written a new MBR and now all i get is "No operating system can be found" Luckily the drive works in my other PC and i`m busy copying my rocketlauncher and hyperspin folders to my nas drive. My question is and i`m sorry this isnt hyperspin related but i`ve spent 100`s of hours getting my cab perfect... Can i write some sort of boot sector to the drive in my other PC then transfer it back and get it to boot???? I have never dabbled in duel booting ever...All i read about this grub error is about duel booting???? Help
  11. yep i`ve no clue either...Dont even remember typing that!!!!!
  12. Hi, Thanks for these there great, did you get round to doing the Next game and Previous game swf files also. Cant find them here.. Thanks
  13. Who's running the show..

    Yeah the guy in this one. Got me all worked up then went quite again!!!
  14. Who's running the show..

    Who's the guy I've seen in the recent facebook videos showing off hyperspin and future ideas?
  15. Organize my PC Games

    Databases are stored in hyperspin/databases