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  1. Just venting a rant

    I had something similar a while back, I was using a hacked copy of windows using windows loader, and my AV removed the hack making windows unbootable. Lost everything, months and months of setting up gone. Upside is i`m a much better at rocket launcher/hyperspinner for it now!!!
  2. Multiple intro videos?

    Yeah thanks. I thought it may be.. it's a Great programme works really well I have over 40 vids. I was hopeing somebody had found a way to have different videos for game video snaps..for example on my pc game wheel I'd like various fortnite videos. But doubt this is possible. Thanks
  3. Multiple intro videos?

    links down giga...What was it you were linking to??
  4. Odroid XU4 Mini Build

    So ive decided to do a mini build based on the XU4. So far ive got the base board and sides with components in place ready to wire up. After some opinions on whats the best way for powering on and off. Sorry for the crap diagram. This is what im thinking... Incoming supply is 12V 6amp , positive wire goes straight to the power switch on the front right side. Its a latching switch.. This then comes out the switch and powers a 12volt to 5v usb power hub (Middle Circuit board) Shown Below This board will be used to power a 1tb ssd housed in the screen area. Plus the screen. Plus anything else needing 5v. I needed this as there are only 3 usb ports on the XU4 Back to the wiring. The 12v live then goes to a fan controller board, shown below. This controls the 2 50mm side fans and has a temp probe and a warning system. The XU4 likes to run hot. The live then powers a DC/DC Buck Voltage Regulator Power Converter, The reason i`m using this is i only wanted 1 power supply cable into the cab. If that was a 5v supply ( Which the XU4 requires) i`d be limited in what extras i could fit, what fans i could use and the XU4 is pretty power hungrey also so i`m led to believe. It should give out a nice clean 5v supply to the XU4 Back to the picture again and the negative from the incoming 12v just daisy chains to each 12v board. Now the XU4 just gets its juice from the output of the convertor set at 4.8ish volts. The picade will be powered via its usb connection to the XU4. One USB 3 port on the XU4 will go to a small usb hub for 4 more extra ports. So the problem i`ve got is, you press the power switch and everything comes on. XU4 boots and loads up retropie. When you want to stop playing you select shutdown from the menu and the XU4 powers down correctly. But all the other boards will still be powered up because the power switch is still plugged in. Not really an issue but it would bug me. The other scenario would be that someone presses the power switch whilst its running and powers it down and eventually the sd card becomes currupt.. So ideally i`d prefer a momentary switch on the power switch on the side., press this and it all boots, press again and it performs a proper shutdown. i have no idea how to get that working. I`m presuming maybe two wires on the GPIO pins???
  5. Nugen/viewlix inspired mini build

    I've experimented with a pi 3 and wasn't that impressed with it's performance.. Hopefully the xu4 will be better, still waiting for it to arrive..
  6. Nugen/viewlix inspired mini build

    Smaller build with an xu4 hopefully.. see through as per the first..All wiring and components will be on show so custom cables for everything.
  7. Shield me from the Sea!

    Good read, look forward to updates..
  8. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    Yep me to. Windows 7 is the only system I use for all my cabs..can't stand windows 10
  9. How about a separate Commodore 64 Demo system?

    Great idea, Do you happen to have a database file etc???
  10. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    All this moaning about anti virus, just set up an exception for the whole hyperspin folder in whatever anti virus your using. If anything gets deleted there's All ways a way to reverse the delete then just add an exception for where ever that file was stored..
  11. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    Thanks for the update guys. Your efforts are much appreciated..
  12. Are you planning on keeping the CRT or go Led??
  13. Can someone tell me which cabinet plan I need?

    what type of cabinet do you plan on building??
  14. Making a HyperSpin cabinet

    Having your media on a nas drive will cause hyperspin to stutter about a bit, I'd say roms only on a nas drive and hyperspin and media over on your pc on normal drives..