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  1. Amiga demo wheel

    I had this and now i cant find it anybody help?
  2. Hyperbase access

    Cant wait, just f@~ked up my install cloning my ssd to a bigger drive, so this will be a good test for it, starting from scratch again..
  3. Led Blinky On/Off Wheel Option

    Can anybody help me with a script or something I could run via a wheel for this
  4. Led Blinky On/Off Wheel Option

    Is it possible to have a wheel option that when clicked will turn LEDblinky on or off, I love Ledblinky but sometimes its just a bit to much....
  5. Hyperspin - Loses Focus Alt+Tab

    There`s an option in rocket launcher when you exit an emulator it will add a mouse click on hyperspin to bring it in focus.. Will this help?
  6. Nugen/viewlix inspired mini build

    Hi The usb ports are called neautrik http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/products/1217002/?grossPrice=Y&cm_mmc=UK-PLA-_-google-_-PLA_UK_EN_Connectors-_-Audio_And_Video_Connectors&mkwid=seT4euG4x_dc|pcrid|88056666003|pkw||pmt||prd|1217002&gclid=CjwKCAjwoNrMBRB4EiwA_ODYv33mGNcmw0UJFWrGp8Wwle844_Bt8TZUC7rGuIvi5G1Yit51gR88EBoC9vcQAvD_BwE power switch http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SmartSwitch-12V-24V-3A-CHROME-Metal-Latching-ON-OFF-POWER-LOGO-LED-Button-Switch-/381946925745?var=&hash=item58edcf92b1:m:m6FqsmnF4Mth1RxS0mmt27g
  7. Stuttering startup

    All i copied across was the roms, win boot logger was useless just massive list of files
  8. Stuttering startup

    I`ve just downloaded this and i cant see an option for windows defender..Can you point me out where it is...
  9. Custom "Slick" Cabinet Build

    Real nice..Colours are great, control panel looks really clean... Nice job Post some build pics, whats your bending jig look like
  10. Stuttering startup

    Sorry griffin forgot to mention i don`t have antivirus..I`ve added an exception to hyperspin in windows defender, plus hyperhq and rocket launcher!! It wasn't always like this but i dont remember when it changed. I`ll try something like a boot logger maybe?
  11. Nugen/viewlix inspired mini build

    Some better pictures
  12. Stuttering startup

    Boot my cab from cold and my hyperspin stutters during the intro and about 10 seconds into the wheel before performance picks up and it all looks ok. My PC is fast enough I5 2500k GTX 780ti 8gb Ram Booting from ssd drive I thought maybe windows is busy in the background so i downloaded a delay startup programme and set hyperspin to delay starting up for 30 seconds, to give windows time to sort itself out, and hopefully remove the stuttering. But its exactly the same, if i quit hyperpsin and reload from the desktop its perfect.. No matter when it starts it stutters for the same length of time I have removed all non essential programmes from running on startup. Its almost like its the video drivers loading or something.. Any ideas
  13. Shay's Cabinet

    Worth all the effort in the end, nice cab
  14. Nugen/viewlix inspired mini build

    Well guys its finally finished, a little bit of touching up to do but its pretty much done. Sorry for the poor pictures, ill take some better ones tomorrow.
  15. Great Progress so far...Like the design