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  1. Special artwork design and Position

    Guys what would it take for me to have some special artwork above the buttons in the photos instead of the press start flashing logo. What would i need to create artwork file wise to have the words, "Exit Pause Enter" above the three buttons, and "Volume Up Down" above the two buttons.
  2. Decals and Printing for your HyperSpin Cabinet

    Forgot to add this sry Lucian. Gfx look great but that new system with the extra layer on the background was a pita to fit..bubble nightmare!!
  3. Buying from these two companies

    I doubt it,....
  4. NES wheel showing ALL (not installed) games

    In my experience this is flaky at best, you need the rom locations and extension fields filled in in hyper hq, then the rom only option should work...some systems won't work this way with mine.. If you've only got ten games then just edit the database or make a new one with just you ten games in.
  5. Change game info font?

    Yep, like I said edit the database, you can put whatever you like in the manufacture and year fields....
  6. Change game info font?

    Edit the database for this
  7. Smiley Arcade

    awesome work, love the gfx, excellant
  8. If you didnt use an Ipac like board how would you map your buttons on a cab, Joysticks maybe great but a complete arcade cab needs some sort of mapping for the actual buttons...
  9. 2-players controller board

    Nice Job so far, you could fit a whole cabinet in that box, The first build always leads onto a second!!
  10. DeeGor's Funglo Pedestal Clone

    This looks really nice, Are you happy with the strength of just side screwing into the MDF to join your bits together. MDF has a habit of working its way loose eventually..
  11. How do i get Hypersync to recognise more systems?

    you choose your system on the right hand side you want to associate it with...then press set
  12. Hyperbase access

    Hypersync still works great for me..
  13. Hyperspin won't take focus after cold reboot

    Works great so far thanks...
  14. Hyperspin won't take focus after cold reboot

    Just edited the shortcut with HWND after the filename, pretty sure i need more but it still runs first time took focus, but it used to work every say 6th time... I`m just guessing really, haha, need to do more research!!
  15. Hyperspin won't take focus after cold reboot

    Can anybody help me with this.. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms646312(v=vs.85).aspx Would it work?