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  1. I still need to type up my story, but just dropping another track here... don't mind me. For those of you who don't know of Devin.. your life is about to change. I have been listening to him for so many years and every song of his from ALL of his band's/projects I love. Enjoy.
  2. HyperUpdate HyperSpin News

    Very nice work KlopjerO. I do think the most time consuming part however would be the cross post to Facebook as Avar would download and insert images of a lot of the media releases. I think it was more about getting the information to those that don't stalk the website on an hourly basis.. hehe. However it could all be done on the forums I would think and cross posted/shared to Facebook if anyone has posting rights of the page/group.
  3. HyperUpdate HyperSpin News

    I am sure one of the other staff members can cross post it yeah? As valuable as @Avar is and missed at the moment the engine cant just stop dead guys after its been trying to generate momentum again. If you need help also (Directed at those behind the scenes who work very hard) let us the community know and we can help where possible. From little things big things grow, especially with the crowd Hyperspin has. Love this community, the sharing and content it has generated. It truly is the best front end/history of gaming in my opinion.
  4. Default Front End settings maybe? I would think if you are attempting from Hyperspin you would want Hyerspin to be your default. That way its not going to try and use a database in Rocketlauncher but the one that should be in your Hyperspin/Databases folder.
  5. I will just drop a video for now from another lover of the Metal! But will come back with a full write up of how/when I was introduced to Metal to my current likes in the Genre(s).
  6. Club Focus?

    I think clubs are really just an extension of the forums to be fair and their purpose is what KlopjerO mentioned Off Topic things outside of Hyperspin, Hobby Clubs, Location/Country Specific Meetups etc. Everything Hyperspin and anything effecting/interacting with said Front End should be kept in the public eye where best everyone can.
  7. Collapsible Gaming Wheel Stand...

    That's awesome! I love it.
  8. Windows 10 - How Do I Boot Straight to HyperSpin?

    Might be able to help here... First you need to open your Group Policy Editor Then you need to find "Custom User Interface" in User Configuration -> All Settings. Double click on the option to change the default load "Shell" from explorer.exe to hyperspin.exe. (Be sure to set the full path to your Front End) Warning: This will disable the start Menu from showing and the desktop environment I am pretty sure. You will need to Win+R and launch Explorer to get it back. Apply and you should be done, however you can also find ways to skip login screens etc and customize wallpaper if you haven't done so already. Restart and bingo.
  9. HyperUpdate HyperSpin News

    Another day another update. Nice work @Avar you are a star. P.S Trying to keep ya busy haha.
  10. Reborn

    I think it turned out pretty good also. For a scrap no plans job. Still need to label the keys and remove the temp stickies. Also setup Led Blinky etc. One day I will make a full 3:4 Vertical Theme set for it. R.I.P Danny the legend will live on.
  11. Development Teasers

    Don't mess with Gaben.. Nice work guys!
  12. Reborn

    This is the cabinet that started my Hyperspin journey so I thought it fitting to share. It was designed around an old PS Joystick that was handed down by a fallen friend so It was rebuilt by my older brother and the cabinet built around it. The screen does tilt but as it mostly plays pinball games I leave it like the above. He started with a simple MAME only build and I decided to knock it up a notch with Hyperspin and never looked back.
  13. HyperUpdate HyperSpin News

    @Avar do you ever rest buddy!? Hahaha. Thanks for the spotlight! And Yay I am purple now, I guess I should start making some more things.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    The twenty-second theme for the Need for Speed Collection wheel. Wheel included in screenshots. Need for Speed Rivals is an open world racing video game. Developed by Ghost Games and Criterion Games, it is the twentieth installment in the Need for Speed series. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 19 November 2013, and for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as launch titles in the same month.