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  1. playing on the tv

    1. Plug computer into TV. 2. Load Hyperspin. 3. Profit
  2. shortcut?

    Google should have everything you are looking for.
  3. Show/Scrape Game Info/Synopsis

    I just watched his video more closely and it seems you still need to configure a file for each game as its using the file_name as a value and then pulling the data from an xml file. Oh well.
  4. Show/Scrape Game Info/Synopsis

    Yes there is... It just needs someone to unlock it and share the method. @dark13 has done it via embedded swf/fla files sourcing from external files, just need to get the method.
  5. HyperSpin menu navigation using steering wheel

    You would have to map it perhaps to keyboard strokes via a joy2key or xpadder I think still. Hopping that better native joystick support, configuration will be in 2.0.
  6. Video is possible, but I am yet to find a way for Image Layers and Themes, not sure if there is one.
  7. [WIP] Download Section Clean Up

    I think it needs more people to be honest. Its not a job that's achievable really alone I don't think, unless its a full time job which is not fair to you @thatman84 I am always offering my services if you want where we can target specific areas and really get a hold on it. I would be nice to one day have the website and sync tools working in parallel.
  8. If you have Windows go to Display settings/properties. Inside there you should be able to set your backscreen as the "Primary" Monitor. Then when you next load Hyperspin it should hopefully select that screen.
  9. Not too sure on options to change screen #. You may have to set Windows to have the primary screen set to which ever you want Hyperspin to be on. (Backscreen) Then change the configs of your emulators/Pinball set to the main screen.
  10. Boot straight into game

    You boot the game via Rocketlauncher you say. Would not one think that when exiting the game it might also have something do with your launcher and not front end. Maybe if there was a UI.exe for your launcher to investigate the settings for your Mame. Even then setting an option of sorts of what to do when exiting a game, in regards to Hyperspin as your Default and Active Front End. And if Sarcasm is lost. Picture! As for Launching MAME and then having it skip any boot messages and/or wait until loaded to show visuals.. that's another story, and a whole lot more pictures.
  11. Changing Themes

    Main Menu can use a default theme. Each system can also use a default theme. HS on a whole can use a default theme or a universal theme if you will, but there needs to be a copy for the Main Menu and then each system separately. You might find you have to adjust the theme.xml to accommodate for your new video dimensions. Or make a new theme from scratch via the HyperTheme program.
  12. Show boxart above default themes in Hyperspin

    As an example I am using the Default Theme for Atari 2600 Author unknown in one of my setups. You can see in the image below showing the Default.zip contents as well as the Theme.xml file layout. The theme itself only contains Artwork1 and 2 as well as a background image which will be used for every item but the theme is also using a specific artwork 3 and 4 for each item as media layers. I.e Cases and Cartridges. If you navigate to the Hyperspin/Media/Atari 2600/Images folder you can see there are areas to put Artworks 3 and 4 for each item, which the theme will use if there is no default in the zip file for the theme itself. Inside Artwork 3 we have the boxart. And Inside Artwork 4 we have the 2D cartridge files. As they will show on top of Layer 3. I hope that makes sense.
  13. Show boxart above default themes in Hyperspin

    It depends what layers are left with the theme you are using. Most system default themes are built to include Boxart and CD/Cartridge artworks. Commonly layers 3 & 4, but this is always down to the designer of the theme. I would say .. yes.
  14. Black screen after leaving PC Games

    Seems like more of a rocket-launcher question. Sounds like its not closing like it should be at end of operation. Maybe set an exit emulator keystroke that isnt esc. Something like double tap the Home or Insert Key.

    Omniscience mode engaged.