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  2. Making a HyperSpin cabinet

    It might save you time in downloading, but most of those drives don't work out of the box and you might find yourself trying to diagnose issues that you cannot comprehend and will not get assistance with from many people here. Also are you going to actually play the 100,000's of games available? I have 40,000+ that fit onto a 3TB Hard Drive with Hyperspin and Media just fine.. You might find it easier just starting with a single system like MAME which should over roughly 4000 arcade games. Then work through consoles etc. Add some PC Games if you have a system like that etc. I find if there is a PC Version it usually runs better on a PC than any emulated version.
  3. Make only games you have visible

    Yes.. Yes there is.
  4. ScummVM-zinger19(20090908)

    Its a weird SWF file.. seems to work fine in HS but only shows a portion of its contents when viewed in a media player. I think the layer is a SWF just so the flame above LeChuck's hat is animated. In my Main HS Drive I have modified the size of the video preview as I found it to be a bit too large for my tastes. Overall it works as intended.
  5. Even a 64bit OS should run 32bit apps. Might pay to re-install and also make sure you exempt the install location in your Anti-virus. Could try running it in compatibility mode, Windows 7 should be fine.
  6. Need HELP..

    If you press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to bring up the task manager, you then should be able to select File then Run New Task and type in Explorer That should load windows in the background unless its been disabled via group policy. If its been locked down completely you might have to boot into Safe Mode and set the login screen to display. Commonly when someone locks down the Custom User Interface there will be a secondary account you can login with which will load explorer.exe instead of hyperspin.exe as the default. If that fails search the web or contact the person that sold you the cabinet and ask them for a "cheat sheet" or some instructions/help so you can customize/configure.
  7. Problems Setting Up Muti-System Wheel

    You will need to go into your Emulators.ini file in the blktiger. folder and manually set it. As you said Mame is the primary in the wheel just set it to match the name of your Preferred Mame Emulator as per below. [ROMS] Default_Emulator=MAME Rom_Path=..\Roms\MAME Then you only need to setup the other games/systems in the alternate emulators tab for your wheel.
  8. Organize my PC Games

    I think perhaps its because there was no index="true" in the beginning <Game> tag(s). <game name="Mass Effect 2" index="true" image="a"> <description>1 - Mass Effect 2</description> <cloneof></cloneof> <crc></crc> <manufacturer>BioWare</manufacturer> <year>2010</year> <genre></genre> <rating>HSRS - MA (Mature Audience)</rating> <enabled>Yes</enabled> </game> I think however in the example above Image= shouldn't be "a".. but I am still learning HS myself and how it works so maybe one of the veterans can correctly advise on that.
  9. Exiting Snes9x in Hyperspin

    Well I am glad thats fixed/closed. Also Alucard is one of my favourite characters.
  10. Modern PC Games & Controls (Gauntlet, Double Dragon Neon)

    Vjoy.. Virtual Joy.. Virtual Joystick.. Makes sense
  11. Organize my PC Games

    Still drawing a blank there.. but hey doesnt hurt anyone.
  12. Modern PC Games & Controls (Gauntlet, Double Dragon Neon)

    Well that's just bad programming on their side. I will keep an eye out for Joystick Emulation though and let ya know if I come across something.
  13. Organize my PC Games

    I usually have.. <menu> Touching far left. (No Indent) A single Tab for the <game then a double tab for the contents <crc> <grenre> <year etc> Then back to a single tab to end </game> But to be fair, its just my issue. Others probably wouldn't care in the less as it still works fine. (Well Unless they are also OCD or Programmers etc.)
  14. Modern PC Games & Controls (Gauntlet, Double Dragon Neon)

    There was a picture posted recently of a Keyboard layout that was using a 4 Player Ipac. You should be able to set keyboard buttons for all players? Or is it restricting the device per player?