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  1. Nice, I would recommend uploading the scripts to the download page. Especially the toggle hyperspeech
  2. Ps if you see enhancements needed to be added to that post pm me or reply to the thread. Also I am in no way affiliated with updates though I wish I were [emoji12]
  3. HyperUpdate HyperSpin News

    Yes I think sneak peaks or what dev is working on or struggling with could be awesome
  4. IrataJaguar -- new, AWESOME Atari Jaguar emulator

    Does rl support this emulator yet
  5. List of MAME clones worth playing - Redux

    Please add this to the upload page so you get more visibility
  6. Looking for Donkey Me Video

    dead link
  7. Looking for Donkey Me Video

    can someone reupload the theme? thanks
  8. Kodi launch into movies or music

    I have Kodi execution for a music app and movie app but it launches into the main menu. Is there anyway I could launch them straight up under the music category in Kodi or music from Hyperspin?
  9. Can Anyone Tell Me Where To Find Genre Themes?

    It's just wallpaper actually but I think it's on the upload page
  10. The age old PC Spec Question

    z170 a pro 5
  11. Game Hacks Collection

    Looking fwd to this
  12. The age old PC Spec Question

    Same setup I have but I have 5tb and 500 psu. It's a good setup though you will likely need more storage depending on the number of systems you want
  13. "System Start" sound ideas for consoles

    Are these new giga?
  14. The Bliss-Box 4-play Thread!

    which file do you need exactly?