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  1. Executavel

    É possível que seu antivírus tenha categorizado seu hyperspin.exe como ameaça, ele deve estar em quarentena, basta permitir e restaurar o arquivo no seu antivírus. Hyperspin.exe é um arquivo limpo, mas muitos antivirus têm esse falso alerta.
  2. Não consigo sair do sistema Super Nintendo

    Pode ser que no RocketLauncher UI, na engrenagem "settings", na aba "Main Settings", em "Controls" e finalmente em "Exit Emulator Key" exista um botão diferente da configuração global, confirme se não há nada lá, se houver, coloque "use_global", que ele usará o padrão que deixou em "Global".
  3. Custom Disc Art

    You could ask him to, at least, do it right.
  4. Custom Disc Art

    Signs you're becoming famous.
  5. Problemas na Wheel art

    O nome na base de dados é o que terá maior importância, o nome da ROM pode até estar com caixa alta ou baixa, mas se a logo estiver diferente da base de dados, acabará sumindo na rotação. A imagem da logo pode ter qualquer tamanho na verdade, o padrão para o Hyperspin no aspecto de TV de tubo normal seria 400x175, para wide-screen (com 25% de redução horizontal para a imagem não esticar em monitores wide-screen 16:9), seu tamanho horizontal reduz para 300x175. Além disso, é possível ajustar o tamanho das imagens usadas como logos dentro HyperHQ, na aba wheel é possível aumentar ou diminuir o tamanho das logos, ajustar transparências, etc.
  6. 4:3 or 16:9 Help to decide!

    4:3 if you plan on 16 bit consoles and arcade. I'm currently amazed on how much old games are being patched to true wide-screen nowadays, I'm currently setting up PC Games and I've patched a lot of older games to wide-screen. PS2 has almost all games wide-screen patched, PS1 has a lot and more coming (it's used as cheats but works without glitches) For example, check Tenchu 2 in 4:3: Patched to Wide-screen: The HUD is stretched, but I believe it will be sorted somehow, if not, I can live with that and play the game in 16:9 no problem. More here: https://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-PSOne-Widescreen-Patches?pid=477709#pid477709 For PC, I have Diablo 1 and 2 in wide-screen, old FPSes , Need for Speed III, Underground 2, just to name a few, even SimCity 2000 and Command & Conquer can run in wide-screen without any stretching, I patched some exes myself following PCGamingWiki tips. Not only patched but with an increased internal resolution as well. There's a lot of themes in wide-screen already, but it's totally easier to just use HyperSync and get the standard 4:3 media, of that I'm sure, but if you'd like to add newer systems later and even play older games in wide-screen it would be double work. Check this SimCity 2000 wide-screen patch, you can even play this 1993 game in eyefinity: 4:3 16:9 21:9 Eyefinity http://www.wsgf.org/dr/simcity-2000/en
  7. Problemas na Wheel art

    Não exite em perguntar por aqui, sempre que vejo os tópicos eu tento ajudar, tem muita gente aqui que ajuda também, só que no amontoado de novos tópicos diariamente, às vezes deixamos passar sem ver. Até logo!
  8. Problemas na Wheel art

    Isso acontece quando a uma diferença na caixa alta ou caixa baixa no nome do arquivo da logo. Por exemplo, se o game se chama StarCrat (USA), se a logo estiver Starcraft (USA), ela até aparecerá a primeira vez caso o game apareça assim que entrar no Nintendo 64 (ou qualquer outro sistema), mas assim que der uma volta pra cima ou pra baixo (nem precisa ser uma volta inteira), a logo some e aparece somente a descrição. Não considero isso um bug, o sistema espera que os nomes coincidam até nesses detalhes.
  9. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    It does have Remote Desktop. I can't tell if you can strip out or replace anything in the boot sequence, but there are forums that specifically talks about customizations in Windows 10 among others, like this. http://virtualcustoms.net/forumdisplay.php/1215-General-Windows-10-Customization
  10. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    Yeah, Windows 10 LTSB is still Windows 10, it's not cut down or anything, it just doesn't have what you mentioned earlier, Store, OneDrive, Cortana, Edge, things I never used, and if one want them, it's probably possible to install it. Aside from the little more RAM I have now, I can reach the same overclock speed for my GPU I couldn't compared to some guys on the internet in my previous build, and now I can, so it's definetely better for gaming in my case, my OC is way higher than before.
  11. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    One thing I forgot to say is that, even with the only two programs I use to start with Windows, comparing the previous to this version, it needs less RAM to boot and keep the system running. It used more than 20% of RAM in the previous and now it keeps 13%.
  12. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    For Retro games no, for newer games like BF1 or FC5 yes but I can't really tell because I cleaned up my PC and I've managed to fix some things unrelated to the OS itself. But two days ago I needed to use my external DVD player/burner which wasn't working in that usual Windows 10 Build, after installing the LTSB version it worked as it should, if it was conflicting with some driver or program I can't tell, but I can now use my external DVD burner. Note that I tried using it in the old usual Windows 10 build, and it worked OK in the new one before the cleaning (physical cleaning, dust, etc.,) For some odd reason, I can now reach the same overclock speed for my GPU internet users showed in Youtube and forums out there, I couldn't get the same results without artifacts or driver failure, and now it works. I have two external HDDs and one of them was only working in a 2.0 USB port. I don't blame the OS because I'm not sure why these things didn't work as they were supposed to, but they are just working now and I'm glad for that. Booting this version feels like I'm using a SSD, I'm using a normal HDD, but I noticed it also has to do with the fast startup feature that probably wasn't ON in my former W10 build. Even so, since it won't load unneeded bloatware, it adds to the faster booting. Just note that I haven't used this build for more than 2 days, but I can update you guys with my experience with this version. Also, I backed up my User folder, programs that were installed, etc, I didn't even reinstalled my browser, just moved them to the new OS. The only thing I reinstalled was Nvidia drivers and Netframeworks, alongside with DirectX and VC Redist that are needed for PC games and emulators, also Bebas Neue that is the font RocketLauncher uses for fades by default. Yeah I forgot, DS4Windows is also portable so was just moved as well. PS: I clean my PC from time to time and probably cleaned it 2 or 3 times under the SAME Windows 10 Build I used for at least 3 years until yesterday, and the same things that weren't working as I said above, kept not working after the cleaning. For example, I've been using one of my external HDDs in the USB 2.0 port for 2 years or more until now. It is my friend, and I formated the HDD (without the fast format option ON), and it sure is much smoother now. Things that our friend Matchaman said earlier caught my attention, first the unneeded updates (at least for me), I remember the Creator's Update was a full blown downloaded OS under the older build and that update took hours to conclude, after it installed, I couldn't tell what new feature I could use for my common usage. I'm sure that new features are useful for some people, but you know. And now they are again sending new updates that seems to have broken more stuff, Hyperspin wasn't the only victim, imagine if you have a GOG collection or even newer stuff that suddenly won't work anymore. The LTSB version didn't come with Cortana, One Drive, Edge or any other bloatware that I never used. I installed DS4Windows, MSI Afterburner that were the only programs that started with my older Windows and in less than a minute after I turn my PC ON, it's basically ready to use. I totally recommend this version.
  13. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    @matchaman, I installed LTSB Windows 10 version and it was the best thing I ever did for a long time since Windows 8, then 8.1 and 10 (with those ridiculous updates), this version is by far much faster and smoother than my previous Windows 10 build, not even OneDrive comes pre installed, just the system itself with Windows Defender updates.
  14. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    Yeah, since you mentioned this version I researched and it seems the best version for me as well, it`s something like the Windows XP days, even Windows 7, when we only received security updates, since Windows 8 we became test subjects for Microsoft, I'm jumping to LTSB too, I'll install it in a spare small HDD I have and make some tests, but I know I'm gonna like it.
  15. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    Never heard of the LTSB before, were you using it without problems with your GOG library? Guess I won't be updating to the latest version of Windows. I also have a lot of GOG and old PC games that are working but probably will have problems with 1803 update.
  16. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    That's true, RocketLauncher will display the squeezed picture, I don't use Hyperpause but for those that do, it can be annoying. Crafting each theme and squeezing images became natural for me, it demands more work than just creating a 4:3 theme, no doubt.
  17. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    Great stuff, coolest theme and interface I ever saw for any frontend @dark13. You're a natural.
  18. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    LMFAO Hard to believe it, but it's funny as hell.
  19. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    And by the way, I want to complain about the latest Hyperspin update 1.5.1. It was working flawlessly on my end for years, and since this infamous update, weirdly enough, everything still works the way it was.
  20. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    Yeah, people should move on, there are other alternatives. TonesMalone, this is not directly to you, it's just some words I often think of when I read people complaining about some stuff and it's not even directly only for Hyperspin. There's a misconception of the word "old" in general, stating "old" as bad or useless is a general way of thinking. Even technology, which is a field that gets "old" so fast, like, say, computers still relies on old stuff, just because they were great ideas to begin with. Do you have a replacement on par with your old mouse or keyboard? Touch won't do. Decades come and go, and probably they will still be kicking in the next decades to come. I bet people still complains they don't like mice or keyboards, because they just want to complain about something. Satisfaction may be hard to achieve at times. So just move on to what can possibly do it for you. I often read people that aren't even satisfied with the new choices, so the problem is so close it can hardly be seen. It seems that we're addicted to constant updating , yet we still play old games and find they amazing, again because they were great ideas and fun is fun, on 1920 or 2020. A lot of things break when constant updating happens, one of them is my patience. People are too much anxious and anxiety is not a good thing, blame it on constant updates.
  21. It does, I converted my set to CHD and saved even more space with this, which was the last console system that needed a compression for isos.
  22. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    I have a long term setup in Hyperspin (and added 3 new systems in the last months which I'll show in my thread in the next days), you guys fixed a issue I didn't even have so far, but since Windows will be updated soon, it's already fixed, so thanks for that. It's understandable that people want wide-screen and native controller support, I want it too. But since the beginning, I noticed that Hyperspin wasn't a plug & play frontend that scrapes info and you're done, much of the work is behind the scenes with RocketLauncher (which also is a manual config process and a learning curve just like Hyperspin was to me, and even this manager sometimes runs into issues from one update to another). Hyperspin is old and it's solid, you click on it and it opens right away, my setup is prettier and cooler now than ever, I basically handcrafted all my themes the way I wanted them. If new stuff is coming with more features, it's nice, otherwise, just keep it working like you guys did with the last fix and I believe a lot of people, like me, that has a solid setup with everything working will be satisfied and happy with this beauty we know and love, Hyperspin. Thank you guys, from Hyperspin community, RocketLauncher devs, Circo and Emumovies community and a lot of other cool guys from Launchbox and all over the internet, a childhood dream fulfilled, that's for sure. I just hope my HDD don't die any time soon because I don't have a 5TB spare HDD for backup.
  23. Hi there, thanks for reading this. Now it's time for me to contribute to the scene, it's a way to say thanks too! It's been a month and a half I've been working on this new project, it's about Sony Playstation Minis, actually it was a hard work but it's finally finished! Everything regarding arts is done, main theme, default theme, wheels, boxes, videos, main wheel, icon for HyperlaunchHQ, Pointer and Letters. For this system, a database with 267 PSN minis is filled with USA, EUR and ASIA titles as well. Some screenshots of the project; Main theme Note that the background is animated and it changes its hue. Here you can see the themes in action - Audio delay doesn't happen in the real video. Letters based on Sony's Default theme and some wheels The main menu does not have a PSP 3000 model so it wouldn't be redundant, I left there in main a PSP GO, PS3 and a PS Vita, which are compatible with Sony PSP Minis, so here we have a beautiful black piano PSP frame and the games boxes. I should point out that these titles never were released physically so they don't have boxes, I added them because I felt that something would be missing, not to mention that they beautify the theme. The main Wheel and Pointer I've decided to make wheels based on the minis official art. With a template, I left the art "bleed" out of the frame sometimes, the pattern 400x175 was strictly followed. I forgot to mention that this setup has no secrets, you just need to direct this to PPSSPP emulator and its module as well and it's done. Thanks to lots of sites where I could grab most of the 3d boxes and google images too. Thanks to wikipedia where I was able to build the database for this system. Thanks to Hyperspin community, it's been fun to set this frontend and thanks to you! Some questions: 1.Can anyone help cloning the main theme video so it can be played besides the main TV both in PSP GO and PSP Vita? 2.Does anyone know how to keep a moving background in the default theme? 3.Is there a way to create custom letters for games names? ***Update*** Update - Thanks to the help of Potts, Gigapig, Brolly, Klizine and much others the system is now Can't thank you guys enough Hope you all enjoy!
  24. Quais Controles usam no HyperSpin com Windows 10?

    Na verdade não há necessidade de haver um emulador ali (como está nos prints que mandei), se você entrar em Global (na lista esquerda do RocketLauncherUI e configurar o Retroarch lá (entre outros emuladores), desde que você escolha Retroarch como Default Emulator exatamente como está neste print que me mandou, ele puxará as configurações globais que você posicionou lá em Global\Emulators. Aquela Current Emulator, é usado apenas para casos onde você precisa alterar algum tipo de configuração específica pro sistema em questão. Por isso, pode desconsiderar este campo. Fora isso, testou após a explicação que fiz anteriormente, funcionou?
  25. Quais Controles usam no HyperSpin com Windows 10?

    Ah sim, nesse caso você havia perguntando em como fazer o Retroarch funcionar com o Hyperspin, de qualquer forma a configuração é realizada no RocketLauncherUI. Ao abrir o Retroarch, pressionando F1 você entra no menu, nesta tela, você tem o "Online Updater", entre em Update cores, na lista que aparecer, escolha cada core (emulador) vai usar, particularmente uso esses. Atari 2600 - Stella NES - Mesen SNES - SNES9x GBA - VBA-M GB - Gambattle GBC - TGB Dual NDS - Desmume N64 - Mupen64plus SMS - Genesis PLus GX (o mesmo para Mega Drive e Game Gear e Sega CD) Sega 32X - Pico Drive Sega Saturn - Mednafen Saturn Dreamcast - Reicast (e NullDC para Shenume) NEO GEO - FB Alpha 3DO - 4DO Jaguar - Virtual Jaguar Baixando os cores que você escolheu, dentro do RocketLauncher, você vai precisar escolher o Retroarch como emulador para o sistema em questão. Usando o Atari 2600 como exemplo, na guia Emulators, você clica na lupa no campo Default Emulator e escolhe Retroarch. Feito isso, clique na guia Modules, selecione o módulo do Retroarch e clique no ícone indicado pela seta. Agora basta clicar na lupa no campo destacado abaixo, navegar até onde está o core que baixou, eles ficam dentro da pasta desta forma (destacando o Atari neste caso) Retroarch\Cores\stella_libretro.dll. Lembrando que todos os outros emuladores (ou cores) ficam nesta pasta. No meu caso, eu deixo uma pasta de emuladores na pasta raiz onde fica o Hyperspin.