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  1. Joy2Key conflicting with xpadder

    why do you have two programs that do the same thing? if you think their is a problem with Xpadder; remove it and configure Joy2Key for the systems that need Xpadder. witch should be Zero since most emulators have joystick support
  2. Wrapping my hands around MAME

    if they are not named correctly, then they will not work in MAME you either need to replace them or use Romcenter or CLRMAME to rename (a more correct term is rebuild) your roms). collecting individual MAME games is not a good idea because your rom sets need to match your MAME exe. if you try to use MAME exe veresion 0180 on your current 01888 rom set you might encounter some problems. if you only want 100-200 games, filter your MAME XML to only include the 100-200 games you want. if you do this then Hyperspin will only list the games you want listed. MAME has parent roms, if you delete a parent rom the sub set rom (game) will not work. example Pac-Man was originally released in Japan as Puckman if you delete the Puckman parent rom the US version of Pac-man will not work. you are better of trimming the fat out of your MAME XM as oppose to deleting MAME roms..
  3. Rebuilt X-Arcade Machine

    great job, only way to make those outdated tanksticks usable again. is by gutting them and installing modern joystick encoders inside them. assuming black buttons P1-P2 start out of curiosity but why didn't you add a dedicated exit button. (Unless its hidden from view) I"m assuming you had spare button inputs in the usb boards.
  4. Converting MAME game themes as single, static images

    the video prewview and video border(if its not an image) will not be visible if you do this. I t would be faster if he did a screen capture with hyperspin running. the again I"m not sure what the OP is trying to accomplish. Static Images as themes? Static Images for another fronethend? preview screens?
  5. Converting MAME game themes as single, static images

    its called Hyper Theme and it should be in your Hyperspin folder. not that Hyper Theme has a bug the video screen will be missing if you import a finished theme into the editor. the good news is that all the video settings will be resorted when you re import a video into the theme. the theme editor only supports FLV videos get one from C:\HyperSpin\Media\Frontend\Video
  6. Converting MAME game themes as single, static images

    you can also import a theme into the theme editor and take a screen shot make sure you disable joystick simulation images.
  7. Hyperfilter will not create a reliable (all the info you are looking for) MAMELIST.XML from your MAME.exe you need to find one or make one with romlister I posted some info here
  8. Mame List for Controls

    I forgot to mention this but Romlister will also also build a list of the games you want( spinner/trackball only) and output the list as a HyperSpin compatible XML. if I was building a Trackball/Spinner only game list I would open MAMEUI64 (the version I"m using) list Trackball Games only copy and past the parent rom found on the trackball list to a new folder generate a new XML based on the roms I copied to a new folder the controls list is not 100% accurate --> 720 the skating game is listed as a track ball game and we both know that's not true.
  9. Mame List for Controls

    you can make one with Romlister https://www.waste.org/~winkles/ROMLister/ * Under Settings and tools but you need 3 files Mame listXML --> you can generate one from your MAME.exe Controls.XML --> list of games matched to the controls they use Catver.lini. --> I believe this lists the genre/screen orientation for each game. Optional nplayers.ini --> lists of number of players for each game Unfortunately this files are no longer updated. at least i cant find one for the latest MAME exe (but I did not try very hard since I wanted it for a Retropie set up) I have Controls --> MAME 0 .140 nplayer -->MAME 0.172 Catver --> not sure how old it is nplayer --> MAME 0.172 I have attached my files, my files will work, they will not fill in the needed Controller info on the games added after 0.140 I suggest you use your google powers to see if you can find newer versions. romlister support files.zip
  10. you do no need to add any rom extensions in HyperHQ, unless you are using rom filters. as Bungles pointed out, In your Paths section of the menu; Your default Fron-end end should point to your Hyperspin exe not your RocketlauncherUI.exe
  11. XIN-MO Joystick - Native Support in HS 1.4?????

    Hyperspin 1.4 has joystick support but its very flaky at best, in most cases it does not work. your best bet is to map your joystick directly to your emulators and use this to map your joystick to Hyperspin. the default keys are mapped to a 360 controller, all you have to do is identify your button number and change it to what you want. if you want button 5 to be your back button all you need to do is modify the HyperSpin Startup Script.ini that is generated when you first run the HyperSpin Startup Script.exe Joystick_Exit=Joy7 ---> Joystick_Exit=Joy5
  12. Visual Pinball Installation and Setup Help

    my latest XML Juily 15 2017 https://pastebin.com/43ETPFki My games.ini july 15, 2017 https://pastebin.com/UWbtJwpv I set Visual Pinball 9.21 as my default emulator , and have ALT emulators set up for VP 9.9x and VPX Sorry to tell you this, but my Games.ini is going to be garbage for you. this is because you do not have the tables I have. the latest VP torrent at PD, is for collectors not Hyperspin users. their are probably 5 or more versions of the same table. this is why the torrent is 71 Gigs if you clean that torrent you should end up with a VP folder that is about 10-15 Gigs. (not counting the VPX tables) and by clean the torrent I mean that you only keep the latest version of the table deleting the older versions. if you do that you can merge your 60 folders , into 5 major folders Visual Pinball Physics5 Visual Pinball 8 Visual Pinball 9.2.1 --> all the tables from this folders can be merged into one VP921 VP91x VP9 since they all use the VP9.2.1 exe to play Visual Pinball 9.9.x Visual Pinball X ( I don't want to mix my Original tables with my retail tables) I have a second set of folders for Original tables Vsual Pinball (Original) 9.2.1 Visual Pinball (Original) 9.9.x VIsual Pinball (Original) X I would suggest you only get files from Visual Pinball (physicsMod5) Tables Visual Pinball (physicsMod5) Tables [FS+WS] --> only keep the desktop versions Wide Screen once you have all your Physic 5 tables compare them and make sure you have everyone in my Games.ini do not download any VPX tables. that torrent contains noting but outdated VPX tables and is missing most of what is available. join this group https://www.facebook.com/groups/VPAddicts/ they maintain an online spreadsheet with links to the most current and latest releases. I would suggest you don't download VIsual Pinball [VP1-VP7] PinMAME tables, this tables are almost garbage, they will crash or be unplayable in VP9 Download all the VP 9 tables and keep the latest versions VP99x > VP921 > VP91x > VP9 > VP8 Play this tables with the VP9.2.1 EXE = VP921, VP91x, VP9, VP8
  13. Can Anyone Tell Me Where To Find Genre Themes?

    I tried to do something similar to what you did I don't like to clutter up my main wheel so I decided to: delete all the MAME genre XMLs and add all my "Manufacture Classics" collection to my Genre wheel in MAME. I added all the pre built Classics Themes but found out that you can only use static images for Genre screens.
  14. Can Anyone Tell Me Where To Find Genre Themes?

    what everyone is trying to tell you is that Hyperspin does not support genre themes. the images you see when you press "G" (while scrolling through a system) is a static image. the only way you can add Genre themes to Hyperspin, is by adding the Genre system to your main menu.
  15. Pac-Man not showing up under MAME

    Dons tools is a HyperSpin XML management utility, their are 6 programs in the pack. the most important one is Rename ROMs.exe, witch lets you rename your roms using the Official Hyperspin XMLs. you can use Filter Hyperlist.exe to make your own MAME XML without clones Split Hyperlist.exe to make your own Manufacture/Genre specifict XMLs