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  1. Hyperspin menu keeps spinning

    hyperspin is not a plug and play system, this is why nobody in this site recommends buying hdds. if your wheel keeps spinning, you more then likely have joysticks enabled in HyperHQ and no joystick connected to your PC. you do not have correct buttons mapped to your main menu control input. I suggest you open HyperHQ and make sure that your controller mapping match YOUR specific controller configuration.
  2. List of MAME clones worth playing - Redux

    if you want an explanation the developers of MAME focus on accurate emulation for preservationist. the fact that we can play the games is a by product of their work. the developers of FBA focus on having a playable emulator. The "LATEST" version of MAME with a recent PC, can run everything FBA can run. Their is really no need to run FBA if you have a decent PC. their are a few games found in the FBA emulator that are not found in MAME; most if not all are homebrews and hacks. Games you will not find on any official XML The only people who should be running FBA are raspberry pi/android owners. given that FBA will run much better then the recommended MAME version from 2003, or as you mentioned version 0.78 I recently download the latest set of FBA, built a FBA XML using the latest version of the MAME XML as a base. after filtering the games; My PI set up is now running most of my arcade games on the FBA emualtor , and I'm only running MAME exclusive games on the MAME 2003 emulator.
  3. HyperSpin does not work

    You should consider mentioning what type of controller you are using to map your buttons. a keyboard encoder will not be configured the same as a joystick encoder you do not need Joy2key or Xpadder, Hyperspin does not support joystick inputs, this is why everyone is telling you to use joy2key. But you can get rid of Joy2key/Xpadder by mapping your joystick controller directly to the emulators, and use this plugin to control Hyperspin and you should post a link to the YT video you used to configure Hyperspin, Austins videos are great, but Rocketlauncher has been updated many times, the instructions are probably outdated. More then likely the video does not tell you how to set up a default frontend on your Rocketlaunher settings. this is why you can load a game with RLUI and not in Hyperspin.
  4. Arcade buttons with XBOX 360 / Controller input ?

    what exactly do you think a joystick encoder is?? windows sees your 360 controller as a joystick with button numbers example Button 1 = b Button 2 = a Button 3 = x Button 4 = Y ect this is an image for the One controller but you get the idea if you connect a PS/360 controller to your PC and map all your button numbers to the corresponding letter similar to this you can buy any generic joystick encoder and wire the button number to your preferred key. that is what I did because of Pinball FX2 example using this picture Pinball FX2 uses Left and Right shoulder buttons for the flippers : L Flipper key was wired to button 3 input in the joystick encoder R Flipper key was wired to button 4 input in the joystick encoder I did not have to use an external program to remap the keys because my button wiring matched the 360 controller layout
  5. Pac Man Battle Royale - Exist for mame?

    no your only options are the commercial releases and the homebrew version made by sjaak, http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=119032.0
  6. Pinball FX3 and Steam

    did you have the Seam version of Pinball FX2 before you installed FX3? if you did, did you enable cabinet Mode in FX2 before you switched to FX3? if you answered No to EITHER of those questions. cabinet mode settings will automatically transfer over from FX2 to FX3. IF you never had FX2 cab mode enabled; you will need to enable Cabinet Mode in FX3 before you can load a table via the module or command line mode in FX3.
  7. Controller(Xtension) Configuration Guidance??

    as I told you in your other thread Xtension controllers use the Ipac (keyboard encoder) in their set ups. You can only use the WinIPAC software to remap them. Something you may not need to do. The Ipac comes pre programmed with MAME keys default keys programmed into the Ipac https://www.ultimarc.com/ipac2.html What you need to do is make a map of your controller Open Note Pad and press a button and make a picture similar to this Once you have this image Open ALL!!!!! your emulators and remap the keys to match YOUR!! custom layout. You only need WinIPAC IF!!!! any of your keys conflict (don't work) with any of your emulators (example ALT CTR or Space do not work with SSF, but you should be using Mednafen or Mednafen core in Retroarch not SSF) YOU will defantly need to "UN-bind" some of the serviece keys for some of your emultors the F key in your layout is probably Player 2 Down, but in Retroarch the F key --> "Toggle Full-screen" Before you do all this you should get a hold of the site you got your controller from. I would assume they have pre made config flies you could simply drag and drop into your emulators. this guy made a tutorial on how to set up an IPAC for retropie use, and you can download some retroarch cfg files. this might help you set up your Ipac for retorarch use. https://retropie.org.uk/forum/topic/8987/guide-setting-up-a-retropie-controls-using-ipac2-controller-extensive-tutorial-preconfigured-files I would assume your controller supplier should have a similar guide or cfg files you can use.
  8. their is no standard practice, just use a working RL bezel and add you artwork. the only thing you need to do is update the ini file for the image. for example I downloaded /Official/Bezels/MAME Standard Bezel Pack (MAME)/19yard.zip this file has 10_yard_fight_bezel.png default.lay the Rocket launcher bezel should have 10_yard_fight_bezel.png 10_yard_fight_bezel.ini you will need 3 important things dimensions of your image size of your video display (red image) and video position (blue image) the lay in the MAME bezel should have most if not all the info you need you just need to create an INI file or convert this <mamelayout version="2"> <element name="bezel"> <image file="10_yard_fight_bezel.png" /> </element> <view name="Upright_Artwork"> <screen index="0"> <bounds x="519" y="1107" width="2960" height="2220" /> </screen> <bezel element="bezel"> <bounds x="0" y="0" width="4000" height="3915" /> </bezel> </view> </mamelayout> into this [General] Bezel Screen Top Left X Coordinate=29 Bezel Screen Top Left Y Coordinate=0 Bezel Screen Bottom Right X Coordinate=1951 Bezel Screen Bottom Right Y Coordinate=1440
  9. Opinions on dedciated versus multiple system emulation

    their are 3 ways you can load bezels each have their own config files Rocketlauncher MAME and through RA I converted all the Bezels made by Krakerman (Bezels configured to load with RL) to load with RA; so that I could use them on my Raspberry Pi https://emumovies.com/forums/topic/18196-krakermans-bezels-formatted-for-retropie-use/ you might be able to use them with the Windows version of RA, I have no plans to test them given that I don't plan to stop using the stand alone version of MAME.
  10. Opinions on dedciated versus multiple system emulation

    well from what I know, if you are going with an Xtension controller, they use keyboard encoders; Ipac to be exact. this is like plugin a keyboard into your computer. joy2key will not work with it but then again the hole point of Joy2key is to convert Windows Joystick button presses in to keyboard key presses. this would be redundant because you already have keyboard commands with the Ipac. you will need to remap all your individual emulators to match their layout. (FYI some emulators don't like service keys such as ALT, CTRL SPACE) retroarch --> map one emulator --> done if you decided to use a game-pad or a joystick encoder. you could map your pad directly to retorarch and their would be no need for joy2key let alone any specific joy2key emulator profiles.
  11. Opinions on dedciated versus multiple system emulation

    have you configured your joystick, keyboard encoder to work with all your stand alone emulators?? if you have you will find the major advantages of having all the non arcade systems run on retorach. Once you configure your controller in retorach, any system you add ; the controllers will AUTOMATICALLY WORK!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hyperspin Gigapig Setup

    the build consists of Hyperspin 1.4 + Rocketlauncher 61 systems have been added here is a full list of systems added https://pastebin.com/FVtD0jSN you can do this yourself by going into HyperHQ and adding each system yourself. emulators for each system have been added, and have been configured in Rocketlauncher NO COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL HAS BEEN ADDED!!!!!!!! you will have to add your own bios and roms. and more importantly You need to add all your Hyperspin Media and Emumovies videos.
  13. Playstation 1&2

    the latest stable version of retroach is 1.7,0 this should be your trouble shooting approach I suggest you view all the Hyperspin Official setup tutorial videos here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOLGDbv1I-BBSK-ZnTi4G0A 1. Manually load a game by opening the emulator exe and loading a game with your mouse. if you the game plays this means your emulator is properly installed and it has all the support files ( Visual Studio, DIrectx9, ect) installed. you can move to part 2. If the emulator crashes you need to fix that. 2. if your game loads (part 1), Your next step is to make sure all your emulators are properly configured in Rocketlauncher. most of your emulators should be set up, I would suggest you change a few, (SNES ; you will be better of, if you set it to Retroarch core not the standalone SNES9X) 3. rom names must match the Hyperspin XML format. Open rocketlauncherUI and do a system rom audit. any game not found. means the naming scheme for that game needs to be updated. if the game is missing its more than likely the game name does not match the XML (database) you have. 4. once you checked off steps 1-3 for EACH SYSTEM!!!!!. and your game is still not loading through Hyperspin or RocetlauncherUI post your error logs C:\HyperSpin\Log.txt and more importantly your Rocetlauncher log SET! to troubleshooting http://www.rlauncher.com/wiki/index.php?title=RocketLauncher_Troubleshooting
  14. Playstation 1&2

    their is NOBODY!!!!! affiliated with Hyperspin that is selling hard drives. YOU GOT RIPPED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plain and simple. anyone in this site will tell you the same, we do not know what is in your hardrive or how to fix it. I can ask you what emulators are you running do the roms on your dirve match the XML do you have Rocketlauncher up to date are your modules up tod ate can you launch games through Rocketlauncher and something tells me that you don't know the awnser to any of those questions. SO how can we help you fix your broken drive.
  15. hyperpin pinball cabinet help

    this forum does not have allot of active Pinball cabinet users I suggest you post your questions in any of this forums you will eventually need to create an account on this sites, in order to download tables. http://vpinball.com/forums/ http://vpuniverse.com/ http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=portal and allot of people are now using 4K Tvs. but you will need a very high end PC and video card or your tables will run like crap.