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  1. Joystick controls help

    I recommend you go through the support thread but here a re the basics the Start Up Script will map an Xbox 360 controller buttons to work with the default Hyperspin input settings. You do not need to change anything in Hyperspin or HyperHQ You obviously don't have a 360 controller so you have to remap the buttons to what you have if you go to your device manager, you will find a generic joystick similar to this if you press a button it will light up one of the numbers make a note of what number each button is mapped to because you have to remap all your button numbers to match the buttons you have. in the start up script button 7 is mapped to Exit Joystick_Exit=Joy7 if you wan tto use button 1 ,2 or whatever button you want you have to remap the exit to whatever you want double click on the Hyperspin Startup Script.exe it will generate a Hyperspin Startup Script.ini file for you Bold --> changes you need to make [Required] HyperSpin_Folder_Path=C:\HyperSpin ------------------------------------> you have to change this to where you have your hyperspin EXE [General] Primary_Color_RRGGBB=363636 Secondary_Color_RRGGBB=ffffff [Controls] Joysticks_Enabled=true ------------------------------------> enable joystick support Joysticks_MaxNumberOfJoysticks=4 Joystick_Delay=225 Joystick_Deadzone=25 Joystick_Up=JoyY-|JoyPOVN Joystick_Down=JoyY+|JoyPOVS Joystick_SkipUp=JoyX-|JoyPOVW Joystick_SkipDown=JoyX+|JoyPOVE Joystick_SkipUpNumber=Joy5 Joystick_SkipDownNumber=Joy6 Joystick_HyperSpin=JoyZ-|JoyZ+|Joy9 Joystick_Genre=Joy3 Joystick_Favorites=Joy4 Joystick_Start=Joy8|Joy1 Joystick_Exit=Joy7 Joystick_Roulette=Joy2 Joystick_Volume=JoyR- Joystick_Volume_Close= Joystick_QuickLaunch=JoyU+ Joystick_QuickLaunch_Close=JoyU- Joystick_Info=JoyU- Joystick_Info_Close=JoyU+ Joystick_Filters=JoyR+ Joystick_Filters_Close=JoyR- and the most important part make sure you run the start up script exe when you launch Hyperspin
  2. Joystick controls help

    are you powering the LEDs from the USB port? if you are you are probably running to much power from the USB port if you are not try using the controller in another PC, those joystick encoders should be plug and play and you no longer need to use xpadder in Hyperspin. the hole point of xpadder is to turn your joystick inputs into keyboard commands. unless you re running 10 year old emulators, most emulators have joystick support. map your joystick directly to ALL the emulators youa re running, I would suggest you use Retroarch, --> map your joystick to retroarch --> you mapped your joystick to almost all your emulators the only problem you will find is that Hyperspin does not support joysticks, you can use xpadder to solve this but I would recomend you use hthe start ups cript,
  3. the hyperspin XMLs where built with the No-Intro rom sets, if you want to use CRC to rename your roms download NO-Intro rom sets. if their is no N0-Intro rom set then don't bother using CRCs to rename your roms. this include ALL Arcade rom sets , DIsc based systems, you will find a few console systems such as the NDS,(No intro included allot of bad dumps in their database) as mentioned google hyperspin ready sets or roms + Pleasure (and become a member to the site) you will find everything you need.
  4. Which graphics card???

    if your "most recent" systems are PS1 and N64, you do not need a high end card, you don't even need a medium range video card. the raspberry pi can run this systems and the video graphics for the pi are very low end. their is a high probability that your on board graphics, from your mother board will be able to run those systems. (you should try it before you decide to buy a video card) if I was you I would buy a 1-2 year old name brand video card that can run with the latest version of Retroarch. more then likely you don't need to spend more then $50 on it.
  5. ssf emulator and rocketlauncher

    Mednafen has better support for US and PAL games compared to SSF try running the US version of Bomberman on SSF a game you can play on Mednafen, the PAL version of Bomberman was added to the official XML over the US version because the US version was not playable until Mednafen started emulating it. the main reason to switch over was to use the CHD files and remove the need for a virtual dirve but SSF got a CHD plugin mod a few months (years) ago. so you can keep using SSF if you want but download the CHD files and remove your virtual drive. you will probably get faster load times given that you do not need to run extra software to play a game.
  6. ssf emulator and rocketlauncher

    does your internet provider charge you by the hour or downloads. you do not need to convert anything, just download the MAME software CHDs and start using Mednafen or a Retroarch core, and say goodbye to your virtual drive for good. You can also do this for most disc base systems including the Dreamcast.
  7. the thing is that Hyperespin is just the front end that hides your windows environment. Hyperspin relies on Hyperlaunch 2.0 or Rockectlauncher (aka hyper launch three point 0 re-branded after it started supporting other front ends) to launch emulators /PC games. in order for Rocketlauncher to launch your game packs you will need to create a module for your specific emulator( in this case PC games) if you do not have the ability to make one you should head over to the rocket launcher forums http://www.rlauncher.com and ask if someone with the ability to create one is willing to make one for you.
  8. if you are just launching batch files you might want to look into this a user once asked how to load a single MAME game from the main menu, I suggested to create a batch file and load the batch file from Hyperspin all you need to do is create the stand alone batch files for each game name them to the MAME rom names (so that the Hyperspin Media matches your game names) and launch those batch files via the Hyperspin front end.
  9. you need to find out whats inside your machine in order for anyone to give you any assistance. and by inside your machine, you need to find out what hardware you have, is it windows or android based. ( hyperspin only runs on this 2 OS) second you need to find out what type of software you are running. are you running Midway Arcade Tresures on a stand alone PC game? if this is the case you will only be able to launch the Arcade Tresures as a PC game and THEN select the game you want to play.
  10. Hyperspin menu keeps spinning

    hyperspin is not a plug and play system, this is why nobody in this site recommends buying hdds. if your wheel keeps spinning, you more then likely have joysticks enabled in HyperHQ and no joystick connected to your PC. you do not have correct buttons mapped to your main menu control input. I suggest you open HyperHQ and make sure that your controller mapping match YOUR specific controller configuration.
  11. List of MAME clones worth playing - Redux

    if you want an explanation the developers of MAME focus on accurate emulation for preservationist. the fact that we can play the games is a by product of their work. the developers of FBA focus on having a playable emulator. The "LATEST" version of MAME with a recent PC, can run everything FBA can run. Their is really no need to run FBA if you have a decent PC. their are a few games found in the FBA emulator that are not found in MAME; most if not all are homebrews and hacks. Games you will not find on any official XML The only people who should be running FBA are raspberry pi/android owners. given that FBA will run much better then the recommended MAME version from 2003, or as you mentioned version 0.78 I recently download the latest set of FBA, built a FBA XML using the latest version of the MAME XML as a base. after filtering the games; My PI set up is now running most of my arcade games on the FBA emualtor , and I'm only running MAME exclusive games on the MAME 2003 emulator.
  12. HyperSpin does not work

    You should consider mentioning what type of controller you are using to map your buttons. a keyboard encoder will not be configured the same as a joystick encoder you do not need Joy2key or Xpadder, Hyperspin does not support joystick inputs, this is why everyone is telling you to use joy2key. But you can get rid of Joy2key/Xpadder by mapping your joystick controller directly to the emulators, and use this plugin to control Hyperspin and you should post a link to the YT video you used to configure Hyperspin, Austins videos are great, but Rocketlauncher has been updated many times, the instructions are probably outdated. More then likely the video does not tell you how to set up a default frontend on your Rocketlaunher settings. this is why you can load a game with RLUI and not in Hyperspin.
  13. Arcade buttons with XBOX 360 / Controller input ?

    what exactly do you think a joystick encoder is?? windows sees your 360 controller as a joystick with button numbers example Button 1 = b Button 2 = a Button 3 = x Button 4 = Y ect this is an image for the One controller but you get the idea if you connect a PS/360 controller to your PC and map all your button numbers to the corresponding letter similar to this you can buy any generic joystick encoder and wire the button number to your preferred key. that is what I did because of Pinball FX2 example using this picture Pinball FX2 uses Left and Right shoulder buttons for the flippers : L Flipper key was wired to button 3 input in the joystick encoder R Flipper key was wired to button 4 input in the joystick encoder I did not have to use an external program to remap the keys because my button wiring matched the 360 controller layout
  14. Pac Man Battle Royale - Exist for mame?

    no your only options are the commercial releases and the homebrew version made by sjaak, http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=119032.0
  15. Pinball FX3 and Steam

    did you have the Seam version of Pinball FX2 before you installed FX3? if you did, did you enable cabinet Mode in FX2 before you switched to FX3? if you answered No to EITHER of those questions. cabinet mode settings will automatically transfer over from FX2 to FX3. IF you never had FX2 cab mode enabled; you will need to enable Cabinet Mode in FX3 before you can load a table via the module or command line mode in FX3.