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  1. hyperpin pinball cabinet help

    this forum does not have allot of active Pinball cabinet users I suggest you post your questions in any of this forums you will eventually need to create an account on this sites, in order to download tables. http://vpinball.com/forums/ http://vpuniverse.com/ http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=portal and allot of people are now using 4K Tvs. but you will need a very high end PC and video card or your tables will run like crap.
  2. I have no clue what you mean by this even a $10 joystick encoder gives you a joystick input and about 8-10 button inputs. 6-8 of those buttons are assigned to punch, kick ect. the remainder can be used for Esc, P ect.
  3. Question about Mame CHD's

    if you wan a current list of working CHD games download the latest version of MAME32 in the left their is a list of CHD games --> click on it when you have a list of CHD games --> right click on the roms list and list working games. from their you can pick and choose what working games you want. My CHD folder is only 29 Gigs, I did not add allot of those betmania style games.
  4. Joystick and finishing cabinet help

    you can not run Hyperspin under any circumstances on a raspberry pi but you can run Hypespin themes on a PI through attract mode, that is what I'm doing I'm running Hyperpsin themes for my Main Menu and Attract mode themes for the sub menu (I had to rebuild allot of the themes so that they would run on the PI, themes with allot of flash components.) Some advice though it looks like you are building a Lamborghini and if you put a PI in it. You are essentially adding a 1970s VW Bug engine to your Lamborghini. I love my PI, its where I play most of my console games on. But its very limited on what it can run. its recommended that you run a MAME version from 2003 an older version of MAME is recommended for the PI Zero.
  5. Joystick and finishing cabinet help

    double post
  6. Can't see videos in Hypertheme

    Hypertheme hasn't been updated since before Hyperspin go the MP4 upgrade and Hyperspin is still using some FLV videos transitions and your default Front End "Missing video" file I suggest you make a copy of this video C:\HyperSpin\Media\Frontend\Video\No Video.FLV and move the copy to your Hypertheme WIP folder C:\HyperSpin\HyperTheme\MyThemes\ when you are editing(or making a new theme) a theme, simply add the No Video.FLV from your Mythemes folder to your theme project as a video place holder.
  7. New hyperspin set up

    their is no install changes from version .15 and version .16 you need to download and extract the full Hyperspin 1.3.3 you simply drag and drop the hyperspin exe and scripts folder form the 1.4.16 zip file into your full Hyperspin folder to upgrade to the latest version.
  8. Question about "portability" and random start-up screens?

    1. Hyperspin or Rocketaluncher does not install anything, The Hyperspin and Rocektaluncher folder can be dragged and dropped from 1 Hard drive to another. with that being said the anwser to your quetion is NO!!!! the problem is not with Hyperspin or Rocektlauncher , its with the dependencies. if you do not have flash, Net Frame, DirectX, your preferred controller drivers........ ect installed on the PC you are are connecting your fully configured Hyperspin drive. HS ,RL or the emulators on your portable setup may not work. 2. you can, if I remember correctly someone posted a " Play randome intro video" script in the 3rd party aps section of the forum.
  9. Dreamcast Naming

    what set do you have? Turip, redump, no-intro, goodsets? delete them and get the MAME CHD format set. as the name states C=compressed you get the benefit of having your files compressed like the set badboo has (GDI compressed in 7z format) unlike badboos set your emulator will load CHD files directly, their is no need to uncompress them before you load them. this means that LOAD TIMES WILL BE MUCH FASTER WITH CHD FILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and CHD files consist of only a single file you need to rename to match the name in your XML.
  10. Xpadder, I want it gone. How?

    he does not need Joytokey, he is using a J-Pac witch is essentially an Ipac (keyboard encoder) with a Jamma Board adapter.
  11. Xpadder, I want it gone. How?

    if you came here first we would of warned you about people like that. not only did he rip you off,, but Xpadder is a 3rd party program that costs $10. I doubt he gave that money to the developer. the reason that tool added Xpadder is because their are some issues controlling Hyperspin with a joystick. since you are using a keyboard encoder , you will not have that problem. if yo go to YouTube and search "hyperspin xpadder setup". you will find multiple videos on how to set up Xpadder in RL. simply do the reverse of what they do so that you can remove Xpadder form your set up.
  12. Xpadder, I want it gone. How?

    did you buy or download a pre configured drive? if you built this set up yourself why did you install Xpadder in the first place? simple fix is to delete xpadder and disable xpadder use in RL.
  13. Daphne and Hyperspin

    you should go to the Daphne emulator forums, not all versions of the game work with the Daphne emulator. you should see if the version you bought is supported. last i checked you needed the DVD (PS2-Xbox) version (or an exact ISO copy of the DVD) I pretty sure Digital Leisure is no longer selling them http://digitalleisure.com/dragons-lair-trilogy/ the best thing you can do is buy used DVDs. If I remember correctly a "ZONE" that has "ISO" (use your google powers) had Daphne supported ISOs of DL, DL2 and TQ (their copy of Space Ace does not work with the emulator)
  14. Buying from these two companies

    the closest thing to a partner is rec room masters I hope that you are not under the idea that a Hyperspin cabinet builder partner will offer you an option, of building your cab and configuring everything for you to a point where all you have to do is plug power to it. I doubt they even include a fresh install of Hyperspin in their sales; but you should ask them directly to see what they offer.
  15. How to Make Zipped Sega CDs work on Hyperspin

    you only need to add rom paths and extensions in HyperHQ IF!!!!!! you are using rom filters in HyperHQ adding an emulator path in HyperHQ has absolutely no use. I have a question for you, WHY are you still using the Fusion emulator? Fusion is a great emulator for desktop PC users. but it has fallen behind the times. from what I understand that emulator was last updated on 2011!!!!! You should download an emulator that supports CHD files and replace your Bin/Cue files with CHD versions. CHD files are similar in size to your 7z compressed Bin/CUE files unlike 7z files the emulator will load CHD files directly so their is NO!!!!! need for you to enable 7z in rocketlauncher (aka FASTER LOAD TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and you should post your error logs for help