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  1. Has anyone created a Television wheel?

    I see, it just seems like you are trying reinvent the wheel. Kodi already does everything you require as its a dedicated media player and can easily run it from hyperspin
  2. Has anyone created a Television wheel?

    why don't you just have a kodi wheel?
  3. Gam3B0x - Home Emulation Console

    you can use bezels though
  4. Gam3B0x - Home Emulation Console

    if you are going for authenticity, why aren't you using the correct aspect ratio?
  5. How to escape NesicaXLive Games in Hyperspin

    I cannot even get most of these games to even work, any help would be appreciated
  6. could you possibly share your Magnavox Odyssey setup somewhere?
  7. Launching Pinabll FX2 without Steam?

    Nor do I but what I'm saying is even if you eliminate the steam issue, the exe doesn't launch anyway
  8. Launching Pinabll FX2 without Steam?

    uninstalling steam takes care of that error but them rl refused to actually launch the exe
  9. Launching Pinabll FX2 without Steam?

    same here, happened after I updated rocketlauncher a few months back, tried asking on the rl forums with no joy so just left it not working
  10. Sega Mega Drive Japan

    will this include 2d also?
  11. Just Emulationstation with Rocketlauncher (if possible) or you can try Launchbox with rocketlauncher
  12. Sega Saturn 2D Japanese Covers



    2D Covers for ALL the Japanese games in the Sega Saturn Database
  13. Comprehensive List of Natively Supported Compression Formats

    the img reader plugin in just gives me an error. I think I may have the wrong plug in as it doesn't list chd as an available format
  14. Comprehensive List of Natively Supported Compression Formats

    Can nulldc play Chd? If so, how?
  15. Multi-disc Gamecube Games

    sorry, but what does this do exactly?