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  1. Lol has been ten years already???? Geez I thought it had only been 5
  2. Yeah that "..under attack" thing was ridiculous, I didn't even bother to read it all lol
  3. It might be a real thing, but yeah after ...gosh I've literally lost count of how many years it's been (4, 5?) and the woeful lack of anything resembling an update it may as well be mythical. Besides I use launchbox with Rocketlauncher so I could switch back to hyperspin in an instant anyway. I'm curious... without Rocketlauncher, what features does current hyperspin have besides the theme manager which admittedly I love (though even THAT needs a workaround just to get 16:9 support) would you lose?
  4. lol don't hold your breath waiting for the mythical update to hyperspin, just move to launchbox, you can basically get the same look anyway
  5. I wouldn't even mind the very loooooooooonnnnggggg wait, if we were at least shownn some video or images, ANYTHING of hyperspin 2.0
  6. 514 downloads

    2D Covers for ALL the Japanese games in the Sega Saturn Database
  7. the img reader plugin in just gives me an error. I think I may have the wrong plug in as it doesn't list chd as an available format
  8. Model 2 is on the FTP /Unsorted Submissions/_Themes/_Presort/urbangangsta101/
  9. Version 20101130


    Sega Genesis - Main Menu (4:3)
  10. Version 20120719


    Nintendo Famicom Disk System - Main Menu (4:3)
  11. Version 20100717


    Nintendo Virtual Boy - Main Menu (4:3)
  12. Version 20100724


    Default - GB - System Default (4:3)
  13. Version 20101113


    Fujitsu FM Towns System Default (4:3)
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