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  1. hi, thanks for your advice if happens again (not yet) ,I will try for sure thanks bye
  2. Thanks fot your advice. So I take a sudden decision to make a hard factory reset even if I lose the root and bingo, on a fresh install how seems to work without editing settings. I will root once again to see if it break hyperspin . Thanks for yours previous answers Bye
  3. So I made some tests before going to sleep. I delete both retroarch and hyperspin with deleting after the bin, then make a reboot of the shield, then reinstall fresh apps of retroarch and hyperpsin using your android hyperspin base pack 1.1 but the same problem happens when I exit from a game, it switch on the intro menu then wheel system instead of directly the wheel game of the system. I M SO DISAPPOINTED because I use to use with ease hyperspin on pc and understand the fonctionnality on android. I have my device unlocked and rooted with a swap of hdd by a ssd but I don't think it make importance. So if someone get an idea of this strange behavior thanks regards
  4. Hi thanks for your advice. I use the last retroarch 1.6.7. And test the exit with ra menu and a hotkey config(i use another key than escape to not interfere with escape exit of hyperspin) without succes. i will try a complete reinstall tomorow afer a backup. Thanks
  5. Hi, I have setup hypespin on my shield tv with success but I have a strange behavior when I want to exit from retroarch after launching a game through hyperspin. When exiting game, it restart hypespin from the start with intro video instead of come back to the game wheel of the system. I don't touch settings.ini yet. is someone know why it happens ? thanks for your advice regards pierre
  6. hyperspin android update

    ok thanks for the information but it would be amazing if we could approach pc version bye
  7. Hi, the project looks beautiful on a shield tv. but it seems that there aren't any update since the first release. Do you plan to update this with for exemple better animation wheel with sound enable, favorites, ect ... ? thanks for your answers regards
  8. mikty

  9. yes, austin's tutorials help me a lot to configure a clean hyperspin thanks for all vidéos
  10. any new update?

    ok thanks i think bying one some missing features like favorites and animations and sounds would be great anyway bye
  11. any new update?

    Hi, I hesitate to buy an nvidia shield tv but when I saw the hyperspin on android. I think to buy one. The last update seem to be in january 2016. is there any update to coming soon? or the project is abandoned ? hank you for your answers regards pierre
  12. zsnesw151 loses focus

    nestopia is for nes emulation. use bsnes balanced in retroarch
  13. Hyperspin using 99% of the CPU

    maybe try this: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/11398-one-solution-to-fix-slow-lagging-hyperspin/
  14. GameCards : Partage

    vraiment du très bon boulot !!