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  1. Thanks for the tips for yaba.
  2. hyperspin android update

    Hi, sorry to bump this topic but the android version of hyperspin is definitely dead or could we hope new features as favorites and multi wheel ? This apps run so great on shield tv and will become amazing with theses features like pc Hope the developpers will heard this Regards
  3. Shield --> Oreo --> Hyperspin = Good?

    We are all still waiting the update which is suspended for now unfortunely
  4. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    yeah ! one more
  5. if only mednafen psx core retroarch would work correctly on the shield tv, I would try with CHD. and if only pcsx rearmed could be compatible with CHD. I could test but both solution aren't possible today I hope in the future
  6. yes thanks I will stock all bin cue on the NAS synology, it works. the 500 gigas of the shield is too small for emulation in general.
  7. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    cool thanks, I have 2 setups hyperspin pc and shield tv but I prefer the WAF experience of the shield even if it's less flexible than pc.
  8. But converting street alpha in .pbp miss some sounds effects. with the BIN+CUE all is good, strange
  9. Nevermind, apparently changing in option in isobuster to create automatically a cue files works. all is good thanks. the .bat create a BIN+CUE.
  10. Hi, I discover that using the marvelous "Multi Tracks (Bins PS1) .bat " for PSX GAMES in order to combine multiple files in one the some games lost some music like the street fighter alpha mentioning on earlier post. In fact, the result doesn’t create a cue file, just the BIN. But I discover than manually using isobuster to combines BIN files and ask for creating a cue files: the BIN and cue files are generated and all music is good. I would like to know if it’s possible to add a code on the "Multi Tracks (Bins PS1) .bat" or the "no 7z.bat" of Agent47, the creation of the missing cue file in order to allow a BIN+CUE ? With the cue files, the music is configuring correctly. It would be so cool if we could use this bat to create automatically the 2 files for each game and not only the BIN. Regards
  11. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    You could make daily video. we appreciate all your job for shield tv thanks
  12. I have just updated the core and all works now. thank you so much for your support and help regards
  13. RetroArch CHD suppprt

    Thank you so much. I hope the psx rearmed core on Android Will one day benefit from a Chd support bye
  14. Thank you so much for your Help and report. I m hurry to come-back from work to test it regards