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  1. PC Games - organizing installed executables

    I hope you are proficient with the use of dosbox if you are not going to use the exodos set. As for locations, install them wherever you like. The PC Launcher module not only needs an xml database. But it also utilizes a "PC Launcher.ini" that tells RL where every single exe is located. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  2. Organize my PC Games

    I believe you want to edit the "PC Games.xml" in the HS/databases folder. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  3. Help games won't start!?

    That first path has a forward slash??? Just a typo? Also you can't just "roms only" without putting in the path and extension. Remember HQ has nothing to do with launching games! These are set here to specify what shows up on the wheel. Thats all. Just put zip for extension. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  4. Help games won't start!?

    Works in RL, not in HS... sure sounds like the path to RL is wrong. Or possibly HS is not active and default frontend in RL??? Agent47 will know better than me. If you just want the roms you actually have to show up in the wheel, you need to set the "rompath" and "extensions" fields in HQ, then select "rom only" checkbox on the navigation tab. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  5. I will start by saying that I do not have a steering wheel set up... but "so I can use it with all emulators in HS"??? No... each emulator will have to be configured separately. Game controls have nothing to do with HS/RL. This should be fairly easy with mame... and possibly other emus like ps1 that do have support for steering wheels. Others like NES and SNES, while not impossible, may be a little trickier. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  6. having trouble with 1 button

    He's right, I don't think you need JTK at all. Your buttons should already be registering as keystrokes. No? If your control panel is for some reason recognized as a "joystick" windows then check out my JTK tutorial for how to integrate it properly with RL.
  7. Parents Only issue

    Even PacMan will hide with the parents only selected since it is a clone of PuckMan. You can get around this and have the game you wish show on the wheel by manipulating the database. This will hide Puckman from the wheel: <game name="puckman" index="" image="" enabled="0"> <description>PuckMan (Japan set 1)</description> <cloneof></cloneof> <crc></crc> <manufacturer>Namco</manufacturer> <year>1980</year> <genre>Maze</genre> <rating>AAMA - Green (Suitable For All Ages)</rating> <enabled>Yes</enabled> </game> Just add the enabled="0" Then under the PacMan entry, remove the "puckman" from in between the cloneof tag: <game name="pacman" index="" image=""> <description>Pac-Man (Midway)</description> <cloneof></cloneof> <crc></crc> <manufacturer>Namco (Midway license)</manufacturer> <year>1980</year> <genre>Maze</genre> <rating>AAMA - Green (Suitable For All Ages)</rating> <enabled>Yes</enabled> </game> The only thing to remember is now you are using a "custom" database so these changes will have to be made over again whenever you update Mame or even update the db through hypersync.
  8. Parents Only issue

    All "Slap Fight" games are clones of "Alcon" so when you click parents only it only shows that one. Sent from my SM-G530W using Tapatalk
  9. I had a quick look through my tutorial. RL has changed slightly since I wrote it. The only thing that stands out to me is: Global --- General Settings --- Rocketlauncher --- Default Frontend Path Should be set to hyperspin.exe This is not mentioned in the tutorial but I think it solved another users focus issues. I also notice that the pic for "Global --- Settings" is now moved to its own "Mapping" tab. But all options look the same. I may have to bug Iggy to change it, but can you guys confirm/deny if this is helpful? Sent from my B3-A20 using Tapatalk
  10. Cant get joysticks to control hyperspin

    The joystick controls in hyperhq do not work correctly and should be disabled. They may seem like they work but eventually your wheel will just spin uncontrollably or move in the opposite direction or move two or three spots at a time. Just disable them! The startup script will take care of all navigation in hyperspin. It is not used for any emulators. If you are just running mame then the startup script is all you need. If you plan on adding more systems, you may want to look into joytokey. You do not need both though! Sent from my B3-A20 using Tapatalk
  11. Ok there is probably a better tutorial here somewhere but for quick reference here is a brief look at how I set up daphne in RL. Not even sure if Hyperlaunch has any of this stuff, it's been so long. Maybe this will be helpful to other readers or if the OP wishes to update. 1. Rompath should point to the framefiles (.txt extension). Now I should explain that these framefiles usually reside in the vldp folder along with the rest of each games files. I had issues with rocketlauncher finding these files for it's audit so I created a "framefile" folder and copied all txt files from each games folder into it. This should give you all green audit. The path has changed now though so you need to open each txt file and change the top line from: .\ to: ..\vldp\"Game Name" All this may not be absolutely necessary. You may be able to just point the rompath to the vldp folder and set rom skipcheck or something. It won't audit green but RL will find the files. I am a bit of a stickler for that kind of stuff so I wanted my audits to work. The above was a very quick and effective solution. 2. From "Modules" click "Edit Global Module Settings". * Under "globalParams" after the last dash is "fastboot" (hidden) * My system does not have opengl so I had to turn hwAccel off, you may or may not be able to leave this on true. For the record, these are not very graphically intensive games and I noticed no slowdown whatsoever with this off. 3. Click on the "Rom Settings" tab from same global module settings. For every single game, you must input all command line options. Here are some samples of the games you mentioned. Space Ace: Badlands: Cliffhanger: This will allow rocketlauncher to pass the exact command line options needed for each game to run properly. Whatever you have configured in Daphne Loader is irrelevant. It's been a while since I set this up, if anyone notices I missed anything, let me know.
  12. So you are still using hyperlaunch??? Every game in the set runs/plays fine for me using both the loader or rocketlauncher. Maybe upgrading will solve you problem? As for mame, I don't think they run in mame at all! Mame is more concerned with preservation than playability so the chd is in the set but I don't think mame has any way of emulating it yet... Maybe things have changed recently? I'd be happy to share my rocketlauncher configuration for any game if you need it. Sent from my B3-A20 using Tapatalk
  13. Well I run a htpc type setup so I haven't tried any of this stuff but it sure sounds like hyperspin is not the very last thing being loaded. Therefore just does not have "focus". There is no other reason why the keyboard would not be responsive. If you have a mouse attached try clicking somewhere on the hyperspin screen after boot. Then see if the keyboard works after a second or two. If it does, you surely have a focus issue. You can type "msconfig" in the run box to see all what is being loaded on startup. It will also give you the option to run a "selective startup" and temporarily disable some things to help pinpoint what program is interfering. Sent from my B3-A20 using Tapatalk
  14. Absolutely! I use a 360 controller here. Other than fighting games, most only use 2-4 buttons. It won't do anything for trackball or lightgun games but no gamepad will. Sent from my B3-A20 using Tapatalk
  15. Sounds like no extension added (zip presumably). Sent from my B3-A20 using Tapatalk