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Tron Legacy Machine

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Tron legacy


Thought id post the first machine to be finished in a separate thread,

Let me thank the folks of the hyperspin forums for all the help and feed back whilst building and a huge thanks to Mike for the great artwork.

This is the Tron legacy machine.

It runs all the of Mame games ,Sega master system,Sega mega drive,Nes,Super Nes,Game boy advance,Game Gear

The specs

P4 with 4gigs of ram

Nvidia Geforce 210

17 inch lcd NEC monitor

500 whatt power supply

160 Gig hard drive

Led strip light for marquee

Logic pro ipod speaker modded to fit

Windows 64 bit ultimate installed

Completely shelled with custom start up logo,welcome screen changed and windows branding removed,removed the blue spinning circle and used transparent cursor.

Start up

Custom Tron style Hyperspin intro movie

So just to recap

This machine is made from one sheet of 18mm MDF cut into pieces at my local hardware store.it 48' tall and 21' wide



The non artwork faces are fitted with matt vinyl



The edges are fitted with chrome T-molding



The pc was bought from gum tree


And i left it in its case


The controls and ipac are from ebay




The artwork is from my local printing company here is me fitting them



And here is the finished machine (with out final glass fitted)




And at home for final testing



And the final thing i fitted was the lock that i got from ultracabs and Jack helped me fit it ( his only 9 months)


I fitted the lock because you don't want little fingers getting into the machine whilst its running


After these pics i fitted the final plexi glass and tidied the wiring and loaded it on my van ready to be taken to its new home.........

ry9yveja.jpg g

Break down cost

£28 MDF and Fixing

£50 Pc from gumtree

£28 controls and Ipac

£10 monitor

£n/a speakers

£10 Vinly for non artwork sides

£72 all printed artwork

£3.50 lock from ultracabs

£2.50 for wheels

£15 for plexi for marquee and screen

£20 T-Molding

Excluding my own time

total price £239


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So like all things that travel it had a little problem

When i set it up on location it forgot its bios setup,lucky i brought a keyboard and set it again no problem, then i moved it again its final position it did it again and also pushed the battery to make sure it wasn't loose

I set it up again and left it unplugged for a minute and it started ok

Im worried it maybe a recurring fault

Anyone have any idea what maybe causing this? Duff batt? Loose jumper?


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how about doing this with the buttons...

pickup 6 blue and 6 yellow buttons (the same type as you already have)

then replace the button centers with the back ones you have, so they would look like this..


cheaper than buying illuminated buttons and would work well with the Tron Theme

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I've been looking at local printing companies for my artwork...what did you get done, just a full colour print on self adhesive vinyl? Did you have any coating on it to give it some resilience, especially on the control panel?

This is a good looking build too, really clean.

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