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My hidden arcade


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I just wanted to share my build with everyone here since you guys gave me the idea. I've always wanted an arcade but couldn't afford it and there's never a cheap cab in the area. I was bedbound and happened to discover hyperspin and decided to try building my own arcade. But I have a small house so it has to be something I can move around and even hide. I have never worked with wood but knew my computers so I decided to build the arcade inside a steamer trunk. I took apart some old pcs, bought some fans, and learned to build my own control panel. It was a lot of fun and took me 2 months, the hardest part was restoring the steamer trunk! I'm going to try building my own frame next time but looking into a smaller unit using pi now. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation to heal faster!

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Ha! Very cool.

I like the thought of some great grandkids of yours going through old family stuff in the attic, finding this trunk, opening it thinking it might have something interesting in it to find it has an arcade machine hidden inside!

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Thanks everyone. Yah the monitor can be powered by the pc's psu but I keep it plugged into a wall outlet so that it will stay on when computer shuts down so people don't have to fumble blindly for the monitor's power button. Just installed 2 aimtraks and the last touch will be some logitech controllers for those analog games. I say last touch but can't really seem to stop fiddling with it!

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