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Control Panel Layout Look good?


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Getting ready to drill the holes for the control panel. Does this layout look good. I got the DIY X arcade that comes with tracball and 20 buttons (2 are 1\2 player buttons). This is the backside so everthing is reveresed.  Was planing on 8 buttons ( Do I really need the bottom 2?) The middle top 4 would be the inside ones right and left mouse and the outer ones 1 /2 player.  and the far top ones one would be back\escape and not sure what the other one will be yet.  Any suggestions on changes\ additions or does this seem ok? not sure if put everything too high too on the control panel and should lower everything a tad.  Any input is appreciated. Thanks 



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I never liked that 8 button style that xarcade uses.  In fact, my last machine had 8 buttons (4 in each row) and it was more of a pain in the butt than anything.  6 buttons per player is all I would recommend for a cabinet, unless you had your eyes on a particular new game that requires 8 per player.


4 admin buttons is lots if you want to use shift keys on the ipac too.

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Looks good to me. I went with 7 buttons to support the few neo geo games, but hardly use the 7th.

I have 6 admin buttons. Enter,exit,menu,pause,volume up, volume down. That being said I don't really need that many.

Good luck on the build!

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I'd say you'd be better going with 2 rows of 4 buttons instead of having 2 buttons separated and low. I also think straight button layouts are a bit uncomfortable.

If you want to play PC/Console games on the cab as well, then definitely say stay with 8 buttons. If it's MAME only you could drop to 6 (but you'll wish you had 8 if later you decide to play PC/Console).

For Admin: P1 start, P2 start, coin 1 (don't normally need a coin 2), Enter, Volume up, volume down should get you through.

You could also make a dedicated Favorites & genre buttons which is nice for guests who wouldn't know otherwise.

Like Frank said if you're using an iPac you should be good since every button can have an alternate. My new CP I'm dedicating more admin buttons so I people can walk up and immediately understand what to do. No more teaching them.

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You're doing great and don't let me discourage you but here's my advice (take it with a grain of salt)


1) always drill through the top

2) tape the top before drilling

3) if you're using Lexan or plexiglass clamp it to the wood on top and drill at the same time

4) always clamp scrap wood to the back to prevent blowout or tape it if scrap wood isn't available

5) button rows of three or more should be offset for comfort and longer play sessions (BTW - I'm not a fan of the X-Arcade layout either)

6) four admin buttons should be enough (not counting coin1, coin2, player1 and player2 which double as Select and Start on most game systems)

7) I can think of many ways to easily do volume so unless many different people need to control volume I wouldn't dedicate buttons to those


Good luck and hope to see you playing soon!


Edit. One last thing that some don't think about is "button mashers". Make sure that no hotkeys are close enough to make changes when new people come over and just start smashing every button when they are getting their butt kicked.

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