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Finally starting my Popeye machine....


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Well as a few of you here know for awhile now I have wanted to add a Popeye cabinet to my collection, but Nintendo cabs seem to be very few and far between where I am in Canada. So I decided to grab the blueprints and some wood and just go for it. Got the wood yesterday and traced out my cab and then re-measured to confirm the blueprints. After that used my tracing and measurements to ready the board and today did the first side.


I well continue to add to the thread as I build it from start to Popeye lol.

Day two all my pieces are now cut out, need to still do the slot for the t-molding. Once it starts to take abit of shape instead of just pieces of wood I'll post more pics then lol.

Today just doing spray prime/stain sealer on some of the parts


Today painted most of the pieces with two coats of blue and same for the black pieces, I figured if I paint them first then put them together it well make it look sharper as in no drips or sloppiness lol. Also did the slots today for the t-molding.


Started putting the cabinet together today, once done it well get a fresh splash of paint ect. Need a rest now tho plus the wood glue needs a good 24 hour cure. Lots of screws too it's gonna be a tank lol.


Today I installed everything to hold the monitor in place, and also installed the control panel holder ect.


Today cut my plexi for the marquee and installed my marquee brackets ect.....the cabinet itself is a lot more blue like in the first pics, but in the pics in my garage it looks grey for some odd reason.


Went and got my bezel plexi today


Did my 4th coat of blue and black paint today. Going to let that dry really well and then do the t-molding. Also I hope to pick up a coin door soon to add that into it.

Today I did a little bit of touch up paint ect and also got the game ready to go inside.


Did the T-Molding today and it looks great....still need to take pictures ect but until then I'll post the following pictures

This is the art kit for the cabinet made by RidicRick and may I say I can't wait tell it arrives in the mail


Also thanks a million to RidicRick for donating a real Nintendo cabinet controller to my project, I thank him kindly for it :)


Thanks again RidicRick, this project keeps getting better thanks to you :cheers:

A picture with t-molding installed. If art comes early next week and my coin door is ready then I hope to be done by the end of next week.


Well my art from RidicRick came today along with the controller he sent me :)

Cleaned up the controller, just waiting for my 4-way plate now in the mail. Installed the marquee and bezel and took a couple of quick pictures.


Can't wait to have this finished and pumping in quarters lol

BTW if anyone would like to know this whole project has been done with a jigsaw and a dremel drill, as I do not own a router. The sides ect were cut with a jigsaw and the slot for all the t-molding was done by hand with a dremel drill and a cutting bit for it.....held still and used a plank to get it centered ..... luck have it all worked out great and the t-molding turned out awesome. Just wanted to share that to let everyone know anyone can build a cabinet with anything as long as they plan it out and take their time.

After about 30 years of play the Nintendo joystick cleaned up real nice, I can't wait to get my 4-way guide plate.


Today I finished off the control panel and wired it to the USB encoder.

Finally got my coin door also today and measured out the area I want it in. I am hoping to have the spot for it cut out and installed tomorrow. Also I am hoping to have the cabinet totally finished and the rest of the art work installed by Monday. :) wooooo hoooo can't wait as now I am so close to the end.


Installed and wired the coin door today.


Popeye is now completely together and fully wired with all art installed. All that's left for me to do is set up the USB encoder with HyperSpin and test out my coin door.


I well add the finished pictures of the cabinet running and playing Popeye later on tonight after I get it all running the way I want. :)

Until I finish the setup later tonight I just pushed the cabinet in place for a quick picture :)


Ok the time has come and Popeye is now 100% finished and up and running.


I would like to thank everyone for the kind words as I did this build, and I would like to thank RidicRick for the Nintendo joystick :)


Also this cabinet well be added to my other topic about my other finished Nintendo cabinets incase anyone wants to check them out














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Man I cannot wait to see this completed! Make sure you make some cool plans on how to build this so we can all build one! :)

Plans are just the ones off jakobud site, but I have been comparing all the measurements to my real Nintendo cab to get it right lol. Measure five times cut once I always say :)

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ahhh popeye I put many of quarters in that game, still remember the cig burnt cabinet like yesterday!

lol ya the days of being able to smoke anywhere, I remember when there was ashtrays in the mall so you could smoke as you shopped.

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Getting closer daily to my goal....lol can't wait to slap on that final coat of blue and order me some art to finish this project. So far its been a long time running at it but over all I think it's going to be sweet in the end.

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Thats coming along nicely Sir, you must dedicating a lot of hours to it, keep the updates coming.

Are you keeping a log of all the costs? If someone asked me how much it costs to build one of these, I wouldnt have a clue.

Ya working on it daily hope to have it done soon. Then as soon as I get the plexi glass cut and know my measurements then I'll order all the art. Got my joystick, buttons, marquee holder and t-molding so far.

Cost wise is approximate

Wood 3 sheets was like $75

Joystick, buttons, Upper marquee bracket, lower marquee/top bezel bracket and t-molding $48

USB joystick encoder for single player game $12

PC I already had one since its going to only be playing popeye (since I have full hyperspin cab already) I used an old Pentium D (Worth like $50)

Monitor is an old Dell CRT PC monitor I had 21inch (Worth about $25 and like 65 pounds lol my poor back)

Primer and paint $20

So far my costs with shipping parts taxes ect is about $270 CAD.

Then only cost left now is the cost of a coin door (think I'm going to use an over/under as Nintendo coin doors are rare and cost a ton), and a full set Popeye art for the cabinet.

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Loving this MontyQ, I can't believe you finally doing it.

Anyway I ask because I've never done this, so what about the software side?

I assume it's quite simple, a shelled version of xp booting straight into Popeye.

I'm amazed at the cost so far, but for me I would need to buy a bigger house. :(

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Loving this MontyQ, I can't believe you finally doing it.

Anyway I ask because I've never done this, so what about the software side?

I assume it's quite simple, a shelled version of xp booting straight into Popeye.

I'm amazed at the cost so far, but for me I would need to buy a bigger house. :(

Since it was an older PC I used HyperSpin but have it as soon as the cab is powered on it boots right into the new amazing Popeye theme that donnei1979 and mattedsmith made. BTW guys that theme is top notch and I ty :). So ya I used instant sheller on Windows XP and just added Popeye to HyperHQ as an executable program and I removed all the stuff on the screen like where it says next/free play and the joystick picture. Now its just the animated them running until you start up the game.

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Looks good so far.

How is the height of the Controlpanel?

Greetings uNkeLo

Thanks :)

The Height of the control panel is same as the original I believe it's 33 inches from the floor to the control panel and the total height of the cabinet is 67 inches.

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Hell yeah, you took the plunge.....looks fantastic monty, this will be a great addition to your cabs. great work.....nice to see my Popeye theme triggert you :P

Thanks, and yup love the theme. Plus your the one who told me grab a jigsaw and go for it lol.


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Here is a little tease for ya before I ship it out in a few minutes. :)


Ohhhhh yaaaaa sweet :) also that was uber fast too. Now I can sit back drink some beers looking at the pic lmao.

btw thanx again

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