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I need help installing hyperpin


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Hello I am new to hyperpin so I am sorry if these questions have been answered but I cant seem to find any thing on this

I am trying to set up hyperpin so I can build a cab, I want to configure it with visual pinball, I dumped all my directb2s and jpg back glass files in the media folder, all my play field jpgs in the table images folder in media and all the wheel images in the folder and I configured the settings ini file with those folders and with my install of visual pinball and and the tables, I made sure that the table name matched that in the database xml and with all the images and back glass files, but when I try running hyperpin the images do not show up on either screen, When I try opening a table it gives me an error noise and error message but it disappears so quickly its impossible to read.

this is what it put in the log file


12:47:32 PM |  HyperSpin Started 
12:47:32 PM |  Setting up monitors 
12:47:32 PM |  Starting Backglass 
12:47:32 PM |  Startup Program Unvavailable 
12:47:32 PM |  Visual Pinball.xml found 
12:47:32 PM |  Dual monitor found 
12:47:46 PM |  xml loaded 
12:47:46 PM |  Visual Pinball.xml found 
12:47:46 PM |  xml loaded 
12:47:46 PM |  Loading wheel images 
12:47:46 PM |  Entering  Menu 
12:47:50 PM |  Pausing Animations
12:47:50 PM |  Running FPLaunch.exe 
12:47:51 PM |  Command Line is: FPLaunch.exe "Visual Pinball" "Apollo 13"
12:47:59 PM |  Pausing Animations
12:47:59 PM |  Running FPLaunch.exe 
12:47:59 PM |  Command Line is: FPLaunch.exe "Visual Pinball" "Apollo 13"
12:48:09 PM |  Pausing Animations
12:48:09 PM |  Running FPLaunch.exe 
12:48:09 PM |  Command Line is: FPLaunch.exe "Visual Pinball" "Apollo 13"
12:48:32 PM |  Pausing Animations
12:48:32 PM |  Running FPLaunch.exe 
12:48:32 PM |  Command Line is: FPLaunch.exe "Visual Pinball" "Apollo 13"
12:48:48 PM |  Quiting program 
12:48:48 PM |  Exit Program Unvavailable 
12:48:48 PM |  Bye! 

Any help at all would be very nice, Thank you in advance


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you should forget about HyperPin and use PinballX

HyperPin can only launch Future Pinball and ONE version of Visual Pinball.


if you like to run FX2 you will have to launch the tables as a Future pinball table,  I'm not sure you can use the command version of FX2.

whats worse, is that you cannot launch VPX tables directly,  you have to change the extension of the tables to VPT or you will not be able to use them.


It would be nice if you could use RL with HyperPin,  but you cannot add more systems to HyperPin.  It's Future Pinball and Visual Pinball and that's it!!!!

this is why you have to add FX2 to your Future Pinball XML.

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i have installed  

B2S Backglass Server

Direct X 9.0c


Net Framework 3.5 includes 2.0 and 3.0

NET Framework 4

for XML i use   Hyperpin Editor.exe


Compatibility mode for hp same as for vp


i dont use uvp

only b2s with 2 monitors


settings for 2 monitors


Autohotkey in HP.png

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