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IPAC or USB interface ?


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it depends on your needs and on the emulators you are using because their are pros and cons to both devices


an ipac is a keyboard encoder, meaning every time you press a button,;   the assigned character in a keyboard will be triggered.

although their are multiple fixes,  you will encounter a few problems with this set up.

the main one is when you are playing 2 player fighter games and you press multiple buttons causing your MAME emulator to close.


a few Taito Type X games that don't like keyboard keys.


USB interface =  aka  Joystick Encoder

windows will see this device as a generic joystick

you will find this in your devices window



most emulators support joysticks now

the only problem with a joystick encoder is that Hyperspin joystick support is flaky at best.  but their is a work round.

 You disable "Joystick support"  in Hyperspin  and launch this plugin when you launch Hyperspin.  It will map your joystick to control Hyperspin without any problems.


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