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American Laser Games - Coilection - Media and Project Status

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This thread represents all media that exists for the American Laser Games collection. This is being officially classified as a Collection,  since it is a very specific subset of arcade/PC titles. Please link to any new content or projects relevant to the AAE in here to help us keep track.

Please note, I have uploaded new videos to the EmuMovies FTP for this system. They replace the existing snaps with the full in-game intros/trailers (arguably the coolest and most cinematic parts of these games).

Note: Pause media yet to be audited.

System upgraded to green once some higher quality 4:3 themes are available. Currently green in 16:9.

American Laser Games




  • Fake Original DVD Cases (3D) *danielbicio **Neat idea, though the res is low on em and source material was in somewhat rough shape
  • Poster (2D) *599x768 full-size game poster scans in perfect condition

Boxes - Backs:


Genre Backgrounds:

Genre Text:

Genre Wheels: 

Letters: N/R


Marquee (Default):


  • Crosshairs *THK, blondin
  • Default *THK, blondin


Sound - Background Music:

Sounds - Background Music (Default):

Sounds - System Exit:

Sounds - System Start:

  • ALG Whisper

Sounds - Wheel Click:

Sound - Wheel Sounds:

Sound - Wheel Sounds (Default):








  • Default (4:3)
  • Default (HD)(16:9)

Themes (Default):

  • Neonrage (HD)(16:9) *Nice alternative to game themes. Designed to work with Posters (3D)(16:9) **Posters in Artwork3
  • Bullseye (HD)(16:9) *Creloce **Nice alkternative to game themes *** @Creloce hope you don't mind but I repositioned things and added Artwork3 so posters would work with it.

Themes (Main Menu):

  • Bullseye (HD)(16:9) *Creloce
  • Default (4:3)
  • Default (HD)(16:9)
  • Green Laser (4:3)
  • Green Laser (SD)(16:9)
  • Mad Dog (HD)(16:9) *knewlife **Like the layout but Mad Dog is hella blown up and it uses the abysmal low res original bg.
  • Neonrage (HD)(16:9)
  • Red Laser (4:3)
  • Wanted (4:3)
  • Blue (4:3)
  • Laser (HD)(16:9)


Transitions - Override:


  • Default
  • maxcade
  • Laser Grid
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