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Amstrad CPC Caprice core added into Retroarch


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I did notice today that the Caprice core has been added to the cores available in Retroarch's online updater.  I did already have it added but that was through faffing around with a "custom" retroarch.cfg file which sourced the cores from an alternate source (I think Pouter had done a Youtube video in French about it some time ago).

The Amstrad CPC is the first machine I can recall ever owning, it makes me smile replaying some of the classic games (Barbarian is awesome!). Hope this helps some of you guys out, now you don't need to jump through hoops to play the games. Have a great weekend whatever it is you're doing :)

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4 hours ago, Pouteur said:

Hi, great new.

It will be more simple to get this core now.

I noticed the crocod core but i didn't see that thez added Caprice 32.

Oupps, just take a look and i can't find it, what is your retroarch version ?


1.6.7 from the playstore. You're right it has gone FFS! I kid you not it was there. I had no luck with using CrocoDS core so I was happy to see Caprice...there were definitely two cores available for Amstrad CPC. I didn't download it as I already had the core added.

I'll keep an eye on it to see if it returns.

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9 hours ago, OrphanedPixel said:

Please show us where you got the custom .cfg file for Caprice32 and/or dump the .so file so people can use it easily. Thank you.

I still have the file, although I can't remember here I sourced it from. I do believe Pouteur has a Youtube channel (Fredretrogaming), it's in French but there was a guide to installing Amstrad CPC with a link to that .cfg file I do believe.

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9 hours ago, Pouteur said:

It's the only one who allowed you to launch cpc game with hyperspin on android

Is it possible to setup Player 2? So far, I'm only able to get Player1 working via XBOX360 controller. Ultimately, I'd like to get both players mapped with 360 and keyboard

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10 hours ago, rambo32 said:

Been going through all my emulators making sure all is still working since the last android update. It seems my Amstrad CPC is no longer working with the Caprice core in retroarch, can anyone confirm?

Working for me RA 1.7.7 (32bit) cap32 4.5 93e52e0 LO

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5 hours ago, silkscale said:

Hi folks,
how can I show the virtual keyboard inside the emulator?
I can't see how to setup this or how to add a key into retroarch.cfg for amstradcpc.

Thank you so much

go to options, controls and set it to virtual keyboard

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