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Getting all game wheels to look the same?


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Hey everyone

dialing in my setup with hypersynch...

how can I get all my system game wheels to look like my neogeo one? 

I like the boxes look and would rather that than what’s on the rest.  Is there a certain setting inside hypersynch in the wheel settings that makes it boxy like in the photo? For me it’s easier on the eyes 



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in most cases

hypersync only has official wheel sets, and official wheel sets consists of Logos ONLY.

those type of wheels are considered to be custom wheels, someone took the official NeoGeo wheel set and added a custom border.

if you want them to look like that you have to download the custom wheel set. 

You might find it the download section,  you might not, it all depends if the original author uploaded their work to the download section.

and those wheels look like marquee packs used as wheels

download this and size them down to 400x175 (if you have a low end PC)


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the official size for the wheel images is 400x175

you can have XXL  images; Hyperspin will size them down, but you will more then likely have a performance problem with low end PCs.

if your system can handle XXL images keep them as is.  the images in the link I gave you are not that big keep them as is.

and yes you have to add any custom image manually, 




Hypersync only downloads whats available in Hyperlist.



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10 hours ago, thenoob said:

how can I get all my system game wheels to look like my neogeo one? 

I expect you will find it hard to find individual backgrounds like that for systems other than arcade.


There is a program in the download section called Autokustom (i think) it can batch all your wheels to have a global look. Usually applying a single background, border shape and some other glossy effects. But its not quiet the same as your neogeo wheel.



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