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Trouble installing HyperPin


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I am new to this and I have a quad core machine running Windows 7 64 bit. I downloaded Hyperpin but when Cannot get the file to launch and install after it is downloaded. Is there another program that needs to be used to install this?:banghead:

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Yes it came through as a zipped file. HyperPin_v1.0. I then extracted the file I could not find the exe setup file to start the installation. In the extracted file there are 3 folders (databases, media, settings) The other files are fplaunch, fp launch.ahk, fplaunch4-7.ahx, fplaunch4-7, hglass, hyperpin, and hyperpin-help-file

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their is no installation file for HyperSpin or Hyperpin.

simply unzipp HyperPin_v1.0 (as you did)

place all the contents in


Downloaed an update to FPLauhnch

here --> http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?10935-FPLaunch-MOD-Pause-and-Loading-screens

^^ this is a MOD version but you will love the load, pause and exit screens.

Open this file




Version             =
Starting_Genre      = All Games

Playfield_Monitor   = Primary
Playfield_Rotation  = 270
Backglass_Monitor   = Secondary
Quality             = BEST
Table_Video_Enabled = true
Table_Video_Offset  = 50
Use_Backglass       = true
Backglass_Image_x   = 0
Backglass_Image_y   = 0
Backglass_Image_w   = 1280    MATCH YOUR MONITOR SETTINGS
Backglass_Image_h   = 800         MATCH YOUR MONITOR SETTINGS
Backglass_Image_r   = 0
Backglass_Delay     = .1

[Future Pinball]
Show_Games          = false   false = Disable      True = Enable
Exe                 = Future Pinball.exe
Path                = C:\Games\Future Pinball\ MATCH YOUR SETTINGS
Table_Path          = C:\Games\Future Pinball\Tables\MATCH YOUR SETTINGS
Table_Video_Path    = C:\HyperPin\Media\Future Pinball\Table Videos\
Table_Image_Path    = C:\HyperPin\Media\Future Pinball\Table Images\
Backglass_Image_Path= C:\HyperPin\Media\Future Pinball\Backglass Images\

[Visual Pinball]
Show_Games          = true        false = Disable      True = Enable    
Path                =C:\HyperSpin\emulators\Visual Pinball\vp\MATCH YOUR SETTINGS
Table_Path          = J:\Emulators\Pinball\MATCH YOUR SETTINGS
Table_Video_Path    = J:\Emulators\Pinball\Cabinet Front End files\Table Videos\
Table_Image_Path    = J:\Emulators\Pinball\Cabinet Front End files\Table Images\
Backglass_Image_Path= C:\Hyperpin\Media\Visual Pinball\Backglass Images\
Exe                 = VPinball.exe  RENAME YOUR VISUAL PINBALL EXE TO MATCH THIS DO NOT RENAME THIS TO VPinballXXX.exe you will get errors!!



go here -- > C:\Hyperpin\Databases

you will find two sub folders

Future Pinball

Visual Pinball

in this folders you will find Future Pinball.XML, Visual Pinball.XML

this XML files contain all the games that will be displayed as you scroll through Hyperpin.

THE XMLS ARE OLD AS HELL!!!!, they need to be updated. More importantly they need to be updated to match the tables YOU HAVE!!!.

if the names don't match then Hyperpin will not load the table NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO.

XML format




<description>Game tittle (Mannuacture Year)</description> (NAME OF YOUR MEDIA wheel, videos, flyers ect)



<type>Type of Pinball</type> (type of Pinball Electrical Mechanical = EM Solid State = SS)


this is an example of one of my games. The Table and media tittles do not need to match. I named my table the same as the media to avoid confusion.



<game name="300 (Gottlieb 1975)">

<description>300 (Gottlieb 1975)</description>





when all that is done run Hyperpin by launching


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someone has a solution for
hyperpin can not find vpinball.exe.
Have just installed vpx all in one.exe but no vpinball.exe found in vp.


[Visual Pinball]
     Show_Games          = true
             Path                = C:\Visual Pinball\
         Table_Path          = C:\Visual Pinball\Tables\
    Table_Video_Path    = C:\HyperPin\Media\Visual Pinball\Table Videos\
   Table_Image_Path    = C:\HyperPin\Media\Visual Pinball\Table Images\
Backglass_Image_Path= C:\HyperPin\Media\Visual Pinball\Backglass Images\
               Exe                 = VPinball.exe


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