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Black walnut pin cab

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I decide to make a matching pin cab to go along my arcade machine and I'm glad I did

Arcade machine build


3 screen cab


8 contactors

10 rgb LEDs flashers 5 on top 5 above screen

4 strobe 2 on top 2 above screen

Zebs booster board with spinner and motor

Vp plunger v2

7 ulitmarc rgb buttons


And much more just forgot what eels I put into it

Soild black walnut with polished aluminum on sides and polished stainless stell coin door and side railings I haven't got to get lockdown bar polished yet

All metal is flush to wood

Just the wood stacked up waiting to be turned into a pinball machine



Taking shape






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Amazing. Man, thats the fastest build ever, haha!! how many inches did you go down it the back and front for the screen?

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For tvs I don't know model numbers

But back glass is a cheap sceptre tv and play field is a Westinghouse I didn't decase them

And for TV slope if I remember correctly I think 1/2"

But from top of glass to tv

in back it's 4 1/2" and front it 1/2"

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