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Starting an actual cab.


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Advice is what I need at the moment.

I have this Ilyama T 2451MTS 23,6" 16:9 Flat panel multitouch screen, and I want to mount it in a bartop cab. and have it Rotate like Grounds 4 Divorce does.

the other hardware That I'm using is:

Socket 1155 Core i5 3470


64GB SSD Vectrex 3

and 3 TB datadrive

now the thing that I need advice on regards the monitor, and what I should be aware of.

my initial idea is to have the screen mounted (vesa bracket) on a piece of wood, that can be turned using a motor, so that games with a vertical aspect can be played without being squished or using bezels. the touchscreen is for playing android, scummVM and other such mousey point and clickety games. the touchscreen.

now the screen will be fitted an angle. I want it to rotate. question is, do i need to add support to it ? I'm afraid it will end up out of balance because it will get touched and pressed

and should I go for a bartop at all ? because of the size of this thing ?

thanks 1!

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I dont remember where i found it. But some buy built a badass rotating monitor setup. He used a piece of wood cut to a circle. Mounted the Monitory dead center then he had a button hook to a motor that would rotate it on bearings essentially. Looking for the link>>>>

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You may have already looked at these but if not, check out the examples over at BYOAC:


As Ron pointed out, one of the popular (and cheapest) approaches is to use a 5-6" lazy-susan bearing with small "helper" wheels to provide support. DNADan and TopJimmyCooks are the builds that mastered this technique and both build threads provide great documentation with lots of pics and even a parts/vendor shopping list:



DNADan uses HS as his frontend and I believe another member here on HS (Connorsdad?) worked out a method to get the rotation to work automatically in HS. Look at the DNADan build thread and also a follow-up thread from Connorsdad:


I'm now in the process of my own build with rotation. Have frame built using 5" lazy-susan bearing. Rotation is smooth but with weight of rotating disc and monitor, the helper wheels are needed to reduce stress/added friction to lazy-susan bearing. One other thing - I'd recommend using an IPS monitor for a rotating project otherwise you may have issues with viewing angle when monitor is rotated vertically.

Hope it helps...

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