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Good videocard for Future Pinball ?


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Hi everyone !

I'm playing Future Pinball for one week now, but do not get better framerates than 22fps with disabling filtering and some other graphic stuff.

I'm using the integrated videochip of my i3-2120T and that's the problem for sure.

Due to the fact that I do not want to spend too much money for a videocard I do not really need and I want to have one that does not produce too much heat I found this one.


What's your opinion about this card and would I be able to play all future pinball tables with good framerates with it ?

My system:


i3-2120T 2x 2,6 Ghz

AsRock Z68M-ITX/HT 1155 Mainboard

4GB RAM (now -1 GB because of the integrated graphics-chip)

Win XP - 32 bit

21,4" TFT (1600x1200)

120GB Corsair Force III SSD

Thanks !

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Uhm... screen resolution? For fullHD (1920*1080) you need a really good videocard. My 9800gtx+ (same as gts250) has some slowdown/stuttering even at 1360*768 with heavier tables as "3 angels".

Probably the best bang for bucks by now is a 650ti but in fullHD I don't think it can do 60fps.

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I'm running at 720 with an old AGP Radeon x800Pro. Most tables run around the 50-100 FPS mark with a few that needed videos and holograms removed to achieve that. I'm also running a P4 3.0 ghz for a processor so that isn't helping much either. Your system specs look much better than mine. I did disable a lot of XP services and stuff a set the visuals to performance etc to keep the background load down, this helped. Turn off Indexing, turn off your antivirus if not connected to the internet, set the visuals to performance, disable any background wallpaper, turn off background apps on startup, use the old windows classic look instead of Aero...etc

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I play on 1600x1200 - ordered the GTX 650 now - Hope it will do it's job....

The "ti"-version is to expensive and produces to much heat.



---> HD i3-2120t ..... 241 points (used right now)

Radeon x800 ..... 385-731 points (16 different versions)

GeForce GTS 250 ..... 912 points

GeForce 9800 GTX ..... 1109/1134 points (2 different versions)

---> GeForce GTX 650 ..... 1884 points (max. 64W power output)

GeForce GTX 650 ti ..... 2754 points (max. 110W power output)

Benchmark-results from PassMark on these pages:




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Good Luck - You will probably be very dissapointed. Future Pinball BEST video card is the nVidia 285GTX. When you get better (400 series and up) video cards, the drivers won't work well. You then end up having to take options off in order to stop the artifacting.

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I would also recommend the GTX560 for a first card to display the playfield with. As regards backglass and DMD you could use a cheaper GTX650 or even a 8800XT or 9600 series. They will work perfectly fine. With the latest Nvidia drivers support for a 560 plus a second 650 is easier though since they are fully compatible with the 306.XX driver.

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AMAZING !!! -- The upgrade has been well worth it. :)

I do not have a max. of 27fps at medium details anymore. ---> Now I have 170-200fps at maximum details, filtering,... at the resolution of 1600x1200.

The card is also very silent and doesn't produce to much heat.

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I don't understand people recommending all these high end cards to play a pinball emulator. I can run 3 angels with high settings with an old Pentium 4, one gig of ram, and a Ge-force series 6 6800 with only 256 megs of ram. It plays just fine.

P.S Yes I know this is and old thread. Thanks

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I cannot imagine that we are talking 3 monitor setup + 1920p in arcade render mode. This is basically impossible with the setup ur talking about. With BAM running it would be even a lesser framrate. Are you talking desktop mode?

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