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Pin20Twelve - 46" PF,32" BG; 17" DMD Widebody Cabinet

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Hy Guys,

i have build a new Cab for a friend and would like to introduce you my work.

Here are my specs:


- Board: Gigabyte Z77-DS3H

- CPU: Intel Core I7 2600k


- SSD: Intel 330 120GB

- Grafic PF: msi N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II 1024MB, 256-Bit

- Grafic BG,DMD: Gainward Bliss 8800GT PCX 512MB

- 850W ATX PSU

- WinXP32 Bit

- Playfield: 46" Samsung 46UE5000 LED

- Backglass: 32" Toshiba 32HL933

- DMD: 17" AMW M177TD LCD


- Widebody Custom made (based on Williams WB) to get 46" LED fixed.

- Backbox Custom made to get 32" and 17" fixed.

- black painted

- Coindoor with 1,- and 2,- coin checking devices

- 10 Pushbuttons

- 1 Main Power Switch

Inside Cab:

- 2 Tilt Bops for nudging left and right

- 5 Siemens contractors 24V

to be continued.....

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Inside Cab:

- 3 Flasher with Cree RGBW Leds

- 1 22cm fan on Buttom

- 2.1 Soundsystem Gembird (only Sub) with 40W

- 2 18cm blue illumited fan on the backside

Inside Backbox:

- Replay Knocker

- 3 Flasher with Cree RGBW Leds on Top

- 1 18cm blue illumited fan

- 2 40W loudspeakers mounted in a custom made bezel

All started with the 1st Step:

Cutting out the wood


After that i take the meassurements for the backbox


A few hours later....

1st fitting test with legs


In the first planning stats i wanted to use a 42" monitor.

At last i decided to use a 46" and so after building the first cab

i recoqnized that the 46" doesn´t fit into the cab.

So i made a new one.


After all components where build toghether and fixed the next step will come.....the paint....

In the time where the cab was painted i setup the technic


and the the first running tests of vp






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After the paint was dried i build all toghether


WOW what an optic!

But its only the look without any function.

Whats left? The electric......

So take same different coloured cables and begin...


It tooks 20 hours to finished the cabling


The last days i spend many hours to finished programming ledwiz and hyperpin.

Hope i can get ready this weekend..:goodnight:





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Excellent work! The cabling is very nice and tidy. I was wondering if you reduced the height of the backbox compared to a standard Williams widebody to make the 32" fit in nicer (= less space left on top)?

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Very nice work.

Looking forward to seeing more pics.

Are you happy with the 46UE5000 BTW? Will start my build soon and hesitate between this screen and the ES5700.


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So Guys,

a few days later i had finished my project.


But after i finished it, i recognized that something was still missing.:hmmmm2:

I spent lot of hours in the www :coffee:and found out what was missing..... a custom made topper......:idea:

.......So lets found a theme and made it......


Do some RGB lights behind it, wire it to the LEDWiz, change the programming and test it.......:laugh:

Yes it works.... like i would!!


At last some pictures of the finished "Back to the Pinball" Cab.










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Looks great! Nice clean wiring job.

You say it's finished but I don't see any artwork. The topper is nice, but would love to see some Back to the Future/Pinball themed side art to go with it... :)

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Looks great! Nice clean wiring job.

Yes I agree, I really like your one tray fits all electrical idea. A nice wire bundle loop as well so it can be pulled out. All you guys are gonna make me rebuild my cab now.

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