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Steering wheel for upright cabinet


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Hi everyone has any one got any ideas to add a steering wheel to play driving games to upright cabinet with joystick and buttons as standard panel, perhaps there is a removable steering mount you can attach easy ,to play your driving games and be easy to remove when not

Just looking for ideas dont fancy the wii steering wheel, want a proper wheel with force feedback, may make a stand or something to hold steering wheel

Just after ideas or if anyone got a working solution to share.

I got no room to make a dedicated driving cabinet


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The good thing about the G27 is the modding. There are so many mods for it and the quality is so good that you can take it apart and make your own mounting solutions for the shifter, wheel and pedals. Plus the force feedback blows away all the cheaper models of wheels, believe me, I have owned, tested, and sent back many of them.

Here are some links..




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