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  9. On your shield use a file manage app like FX or xplore Use that to locate the hard drive ID. Is a long random number (3492872623928) Your rompath will be storage/3492872623928/Hyperspin/Roms/PS2 for example
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  17. Hi all. I’m hoping someone here can help me, im currently got working setup on my nvidia shield. But decided to add another console to my wheel which I’ve done, my issue is my existing 5Tb hard drive is full so I’m trying to add the new console roms to the new external 10tb hdd and point to it in the ps2 settings.ini but I keep getting error “missing rom” the database.xml is correct and so are the roms as they work fine if I put them on 5Tb Hd i just want to add the specific console roms to external drive I even tried full rom path, but I’m not sure as the drive letter means nothing in Android so any help is appreciated
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  23. ...and here's a bunch of quick video demos (of the table and pup-pack) showing the main modes in the game, including the end mode! Harpoon, Killer Shark and Game Over https://youtu.be/27ayo_XCtlo Panic Alarm (quick demo) https://youtu.be/20h-VGQ_u2U Shark Cage https://youtu.be/LIpWtlPXehc Pond, Civilians Eaten and Random Clips https://youtu.be/JQK5yxnjDa8 Orca MultiBall https://youtu.be/FKCSieymf0w Barrel Multiball https://youtu.be/zlal9be5ZLk Jaws Multiball https://youtu.be/KqGR1kZmb_Y KILL JAWS! (currently 1.02 ending. This will change with 1.06 and higher) https://youtu.be/4k1tbfnQCzs
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  27. After a long time... I'm finally back at doing a FP table DOFLinx update! This time for SLAMT1LT's Ultimate Pro edition of Rom's Jaws table for Future Pinball. The regular DOF toys, buttons, flashers, shaker, gear, fan, beacon, strobe, MX Leds, etc are all in there! I also have a brand-new PuP-Pack for the table that includes SSF (surround sound feedback). Here are some preview pics of the Pup-pack! This table is VERY different than any previous Jaws tables out there. Many more modes (Panic Alarm, Shark Cage, Pond, KILLER SHARK, Barrel MB, Orca MB, Jaws MB, Kill Jaws, etc)... Civilians (balls) can get Eaten during different modes and affect bonuses that can be used in your next game...a new (Walking Dead LE style) Harpoon Launcher, and more! Over 200 videos (timed to match the in-game voice overs, etc), Topper videos that give animated instructions for gameplay during each mode, and 80+ PuP SSF 3D positional sounds. This is for version 1.02 of the table. I'm waiting for 1.06 of the table to drop (which looks better and has more stuff), and then I'll add this to that table and add the new content from that table update to this pup-pack. For those wondering... this table requires the newest BAM, and uses the newer Dynamic physics (so it plays much better than normal FP), better lighting, shadow maps, and more. You will need to use a program (like cmdow) to "hide" your FP backglass in a cabinet setup (because this pup-pack uses multiple layers)...but I'll show you how (it's easy). Good news...it can work for desktop users too! You simply need to force FP to a Borderless Windowed mode (I'll show you how, again easy) to allow the pup-pack to play on top of the FP window. For more info on SLAMT1LT's current and upcoming releases, goto his website here: https://speak1970.wixsite.com/slamspinballemporium
  28. You can do this in RLUI... try here:
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