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  1. I think the background was scanned for that image in the game. You should create a theme on a 1024 x 768 canvas in photoshop, thats all you need to know for sizing purposes. A single theme consists of multiple artwork files. Typically a background, a wheel image, a bigger logo, and characters etc.. Any one of those elements except the wheel image can be an animated swf file exported from Flash. Thats what they mean by animated, check out the renegade theme as an example or moon patrol. Videos are all done by emumovies in flv format and are available through them not us.

    As for makaron , theres a thread in the main forum about users getting that to work. All emulator functionality is produced by our users contributing to an open source script file. If a certain emu isnt loading you can simply ask in the forum for it to be added and it usually gets added. Everything is avaialble on the site and on the FTP, typically the FTP contains a little more than our download area because thats where the users like to share their contributions first, but eventually everything migrates to the free download area at some point.


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