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  1. cataclysm67

    2nd Controller Not Working Mario 3D World

    dont use xpadder, set up controls in cemu itself
  2. cataclysm67

    Mame lunches in background

    Check you have disabled any anti virus, windows defender, uac etc on your computer. Also run Hyperspin.exe as admin (right click, properties, set as admin)
  3. Check that you have exactly the same name (upper and lower case) in databases, main menu databases and also you main menu media folders for video and themes for Bandai WonderSwan Color. Also you could check to see if the theme itself is double zipped (double click theme zip file to see whats inside it) as it may have another zip inside if not showing correctly. If no luck post some images of your issue to make it clearer what the problem is.
  4. cataclysm67

    Hyperspin Statistics reset?

    Go to Rocketlauncher folder, then data, statistics and delete all files in there.
  5. cataclysm67

    Adding something besides mame, such as dolphin

    This is just your 2nd system you have added so far !! I suggest you prepare for a loooooooong journey ahead 😯
  6. cataclysm67

    Adding something besides mame, such as dolphin

    what version of dolphin are you using ? a recent nightly version ?
  7. cataclysm67

    Hardware to run Gamecube and Ps2

    1030 is decent for most systems up to Gamecube, PS2 etc, but I would recommend a 1050 or if money not object 1060 or 1070 I use a gtx 1050ti and it plays everything i have including Gamecube,PS2, 3ds, WiiU, Wii etc, though a few games could do with a 1060 if you want to cover all bases.
  8. cataclysm67

    Joystick/Buttons not working in game

    Yes it sounds like it's all configured incorrectly unfortunately. Probably an old system with outdated emulators and joysticks not set either. It's basically going though them all and changing settings for the affected emulators and setting controls etc. If you don't know what you are doing this may take some time, but there are plenty of tutorials floating around on this forum. Good luck
  9. cataclysm67

    Need help to remove shaders from mame

    Why don't you just contact the person you bought the drive off ? They configured it so they will know.
  10. cataclysm67

    Adding something besides mame, such as dolphin

    more screenshots may help
  11. cataclysm67

    Struggling to get Roms to load

    Works fine for me on my shield from external drive with 100's of systems all done the same way. Apologies if this was confusing, emulators folder could be named anything, thats just what i called my folder, probably a cross over from my pc version to android 😉
  12. cataclysm67

    Struggling to get Roms to load

    Try putting the roms in Emulators/Nintendo Entertainment System/roms/ on your external hard drive and change settings ini file accordingly. On external drive you should have a folder called Hyperspin, then another folder called Emulators then another inside that called Nintendo Entertainment System, then roms folder Put your nes roms in there and copy info below to you Nintendo Entertainment System.ini and it should do the trick I am assuming you have Retroarch all installed and nestopia core downloaded. like this: [exe info] path=H:\hyperspin\Emulators\Nintendo Entertainment System\ rompath=Emulators/Nintendo Entertainment System/roms/ userompath=true exe=com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture romextension=7z,zip,nes parameters=cores/nestopia_libretro_android.so searchsubfolders=true pcgame=false
  13. cataclysm67

    Adding something besides mame, such as dolphin

    you might find your module is now outdated, check over at rocketlauncher for new updated version if it still does not load when you have moved database to correct place, as a few months ago dolphin emulator changed the way it loads and module had to be updated ( non official). The rest apart from xml that needs to go where @bigdic mentions seems ok. Also check your games list comes up in green and all files are .iso, if not add other extensions. this is one of the easier systems to setup, so not much else needs changed in RL settings etc
  14. cataclysm67

    Adding something besides mame, such as dolphin

    Maybe some screenshots will help ? you are giving no info as to where you are on your setup. Like you say it's something simple but you need to give a bit more information
  15. cataclysm67

    Hyperspin not showing themes or videos

    Yet another person answering their own question 😂