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  1. cataclysm67

    Please help, just want to add 1 rom to HS

    i just said put it at the bottom for ease He could have added it in the correct order or use hyperrom2xml, but this seemed the simplest solution
  2. cataclysm67

    Please help, just want to add 1 rom to HS

    you just need to go to your databases folder, then MAME and edit the MAME.xml file just add your game at the bottom of the xml to look like all previous games (copy data below to the bottom of your xml) ensure you keep </menu> at the bottom of the xml once done just save and you are done it willl then show up in hyperspin wheel you may have to get wheelart and video for the game but if you have emumovies sync that should be easy enough. <game name="raiden" index="" image=""> <description>Raiden (set 1)</description> <cloneof/> <crc/> <manufacturer>Seibu Kaihatsu</manufacturer> <year>1990</year> <genre>Shoot-&apos;Em-Up</genre> <rating/> <enabled>Yes</enabled> </game> </menu>
  3. cataclysm67

    Site Update and Downtime

    this is what it looks like on Windows 10 (explorer & firefox browsers) I have been using this site for years and when I look at screen this is not as it was its very hard to focus on it now
  4. cataclysm67

    Site Update and Downtime

    is there an issue with the centering of the Hyperspin website layout ? Seems to be centered instead of fullscreen since update It may have always been like that but to me seems very odd. Thanks
  5. cataclysm67

    Running gamecube Hyperspin Issue

    Your RetroArch module needs to have Nintendo Gamecube added to the list of systems as well as the supported system options (System + core details) Once this is done it will then allow you to play Gamecube. If you have Nintendo Wii & Wiiware do the same for that.
  6. cataclysm67

    Hyperspin 1.5.1 - Windows 10 v1803

    It's a false positive and has been answered on this forum about 1,000,000 times if you search.
  7. cataclysm67

    Hyperspin SEGA SATURN "stuck on now loading screen"

    point virtual drive path to DTAgent.exe not DTLite.exe
  8. cataclysm67

    Rocket launcher leaves windows media player open

    If you want stuff like this answered in RL forum you need to supply more info than this. Images etc are useful
  9. cataclysm67

    Hono's Shield TV setup

    Hi, Setup Sammy Atomiswave on shield, used RetroArch reicast core/settings RetroArch 1.7.3 , all bios present but still wont load. Am using normal zipped files for Sammy Atomiswave and zip as file extension in settings Are there any special settings to use that I am missing ? Thanks in advance
  10. cataclysm67

    MAME opening slowly in Windows 10

    ok, thanks
  11. cataclysm67

    MAME opening slowly in Windows 10

    Even when opening the emulator on its own it takes ages All other emulators open fine, just MAME has this issue, again Windows 7 fine, 10 slow AF
  12. cataclysm67

    MAME opening slowly in Windows 10

    Hi all, I am using Windows 10 home edition and I am noticing MAME (I am using MAME 0.200 arcade) but also tried original MAME and it is taking about 20 seconds to load up. On Windows 7 this opens in 2-3 seconds, has anyone else experience this or has any thoughts on what may be causing it ? FYI, defender, UAC, firewall all disabled so nothing stopping it loading. Also tried making it admin, still the same. I7 PROCESSOR,16GB RAM, SSD DRIVE Thanks in advance
  13. cataclysm67

    Updating 2 year old Hyperspin

    Another option would be to backup all the files in your RocketLauncher folder and then update RocketLauncher (this is automated) If you experience any issues/changes (which you will ) then revert back to your backed up files But as others have said if it aint broke don't fix it
  14. cataclysm67

    CXBX-RELOADED in Hyperspin

    Thanks md_max much appreciated
  15. cataclysm67

    CXBX-RELOADED in Hyperspin

    Hi all, Has anyone been able to run cxbx reloaded as administrator in Hyperspin ? Reason I ask is although i can run it ok in Windows 10 if I do not set Hyperspin to run as admin, many other systems then do not work (gameloader etc) without setting each game to run as admin Even when i leave fade in off to allow myself to click yes in the confirmation box (see image) it still won't load. It's annoying as this emulator is now working well on certain games. Most emulators have an option to turn stuff like this off but I can't find it if it exists. Any help appreciated. Note, CXBX RELOADED emulator itself is not set as admin, just Hyperspin and this brings up this error.