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  1. Nice video. cheers for settings Just tested settings on Nvidia Shield TV and they work perfectly. Thanks again
  2. 99% of the time it's your computer causing the issues, not Hyperspin or Joy2Key etc Check your anti virus, firewall settings etc and ensure they are all disabled or set exclusions when using Hyperspin. Also admin rights for both may also be required. Also make sure your computer has up to date runtimes from 2005 to 2017.
  3. Take a look at windows updates on Windows 10. I don't know what update has caused it, but i went back to before 1803 update and MAME emulator loads in a few seconds like it always used to. Yet again it looks like an update on Windows updates is stopping it loading instantly (nearly) and therefore now taking 20+ seconds to load. I checked every MAME version, nonag,official, arcade64 etc and all are affected. But once i rolled back to 1803 or before they all load fine again. So basically it's Windows not your computer.
  4. i assume you downloaded the Hyperspin set at the bottom and not the first mp4 set ? The first set may have issues, the Hyperspin set should work ok
  5. easiest way to see just games you want is to just set/tick wheels only in hyperhq and remove all wheelart from the wheel folder in media, except the ones you want to see.
  6. remove all themes and try again, usually this is the issue (just leave default) or check wheelart to see if you have jpeg files instead of png for those games
  7. For the systems you listed you don't need either Just set your controls up using the emulators own controls Use RetroArch for ScummVM,NES Use MAME emulator for MAME,AAE
  8. You have a corrupt database. Thats why it's starting from letter O Either change it or fix it and you should be good to go.
  9. you dont need to setup the roms the way you have. as long as your database has exactly the same name as the roms in your other collections, just leave roms blank and point them all to your existing roms using the alternate emulators option
  10. maybe post image of your rocketlauncher info ?
  11. just delete wheel and start again. dont delete media, database etc just the system Then when it asks for emulator use PCSX2 and then set rest as alternate. Or set emulator to pclauncher and set rest as alternate it does not matter
  12. For my Crash Bandicoot Collection i have my emulator set to PCSX2 as half the games use that. Then all others games are alternate emulators, including Crash Bandicoot N-Sane trilogy that use pclauncher as emulator and then set it up using the pc launcher module in Rocketlauncher.
  13. If you have the system "Crash Bandicoot Collection" , make sure : You ADD Crash Bandicoot Collection to PC Launcher module systems. add Crash Bandicoot Trilogy to the Carsh Bandicoot Collection database Then setup alternate emulator in Crash Bandicoot Collection and point it to pclauncher as the emulator (also configure game in pclauncher module in Rocketlauncher) Once this is done you are good to go. I have lots of Collection systems done this way and they work fine. Hope you get it working.
  14. You have the game pointed to the wrong path (longest path i have EVER seen by the way) Go to Rocketlauncher and PC Games and change path in the global modules settings (its in modules tab) Also check to see if they have set up an alterate emulator and change settings there if required.
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