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  1. Still no luck, Have done everything above and it now tries to load saying loading complete, but then jumps out back to Hyperspin before it starts. Can these roms be played from external hdd or do they need to go on internal ? I am using external. Thanks
  2. Tried using mame core on RA 1.7.7 on NVIDIA SHIELD TV and no luck. Do I need to do anything specific apart from using chd files ? I even tried loading them via RA and they still don't load.
  3. Hi all, Has anyone got this loading through Hyperspin using RetroArch ? Games load fine in RA, with bin/cue files, but I can't get it to load through Hyperspin. I have all bios files etc and as I say it loads ok through RetroArch, am I missing something on the settings ? Any info appreciated.
  4. Complete
  5. CHD files may be the issue. Bin & cue are compatible, not sure about chd on android. They are ok on pc, but android may not play on Sega CD
  6. Yes, but i have had this setup for over a year without issue. It was only when i recently updated core for them i noticed this problem. I have never used the optional bios files for these 2 systems, but yet they worked fine. It seems to be an issue with the 8tb hard drives, as core works ok on PC Engine & on my 64gb usb pen drive, and previously my 6tb external hard drive, without the optional bios.
  7. Just when you think Hyperspin cannot get any more annoying. 6 hours of trying everything (and i mean everything) I copy files onto a 64gb usb drive to test and all works fine with my current files (no changes) I try again on an 8tb WD external, (no luck, black screen) then an 8tb Seagate external, (no luck, black screen). I try again on my 64gb usb pen to make sure i am not going mad and it all still works. WTF To cut a long story short, I check the bios files on Retroarch, and 1 optional bios is missing (syscard3.pce). I update it to show as present and hey presto both systems now work !! Why It doesn't need that optional bios on a 64gb usb drive god only knows, but for some reason on my 8tb drives it needs it to load correctly. Don't you love Hyperspin !! and the worst part is I probably won't even play them !! (but at least now i could if i wanted to) 😉 Thanks for all help in narrowing down issue.
  8. no, cores are there , they just do not load. I updated today and now both wheels don’t load. Just checking to see if others have same issue.
  9. Can anyone else confirm that these 2 systems using "mednafen_pce_fast_libretro" core are currently down on RetroArch ? I have tried every possible option but now not working on latest RetroArch 1.7.7 Using NVIDIA SHIELD TV, and was previously working a few weeks ago Any info appreciated. Thanks
  10. Calling all Hyperspinners, Just a mention to everyone that is NOT aware to click the like button (Mushroom) when you download content, rather than just downloading everything and then doing one. A small, select group of hard working people on this forum supply us with tons of stuff and probably out of 100 downloads, get 2 likes !! Without it mine and everyone else's Hyperspin setup would be as bland as F*** So think on before they all disappear, due to lack of appreciation. It's not that difficult to CLICK YOUR MOUSE on that little mushroom as a sign of your appreciation is it ? I myself do not post that much, this is more for the hard working people that keep Hyperspin alive year after year for all our benefits.
  11. i use bsnes balanced core and it works fine on pc & nvidia shield tv
  12. use mednafen_snes_libretro Works fine using latest 1.7.7 RetroArch with fades enabled, so yes worth updating.
  13. Why not try using RetroArch ? works fine using Mednafen snes core.
  14. Every AAE game works perfectly well using MAME, so no need to use AAE emulator.
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