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  1. Fujitsu FM-7 (Official) View File Official Fujitsu FM-7 Database using updated standards. 250 games. Since a Japanese system, some language requirements were relaxed so "important" games for this system would be included, even if in Japanese. Enjoy Submitter wahoobrian Submitted 01/15/2017 Category Databases (XML) Credits  
  2. Version 2.0


    Initial Commodore PET Database using updated standards.
  3. They are now provided as the "example" ini files in the latest RL updates.
  4. Version 2.0


    Updated database for Acorn BBC Micro. This follows the recently published guidelines for "proper" databases. Enjoy.
  5. Version 2.0


    Updated to include recently found games. Now at 2,827 roms.
  6. I think I prefer Hatari, but honestly, you can't go wrong with either... Hatari or Steem SSE. They are both pretty good. There were a handful of games that I could only get to run on Steem. Once the FTP is taken out of read only mode, I'll upload my settings...
  7. Official Atari ST XML released yesterday, check Downloads. Updated RL modules for Hatari/Steem SSE were released along with RL 1.0. Once FTP maintenance is complete, I can upload the matching module ini's to the FTP.
  8. I was referring to the "Beer Me" setting..., not banners, ribbons, trophies, awards or golden coins. At one point it was active, now it is not and when I try to set it back in My Settings I get: "You do not have permission to use this setting." Was just curious if it was removed permanently, or if just needed tweaking, etc...
  9. I had this this, but it seems like its gone now. Did something happen?
  10. Hey Guys, been watching this thread since I'm currently working on the official Atari ST database. Just wanted to let you know that I have yet to come across any game that doesn't run on Hatari. I think the reason you are getting better results on Steem/Gamebase is because Gamebase already has every game configured as far as what TOS version to use, memory allocations, machine type, etc... If you set up Hatari with those same config items you'll get good results. I'm also working on a new Hatari module that will allow all those settings and I will throw the associated ini in my upload folder when its completed. Hope this helps.
  11. Ok, I just messed with the first one, Alien Blast (HD). I got it to run from a virtual hard disk in both Steem and Hatari. Needed to organize a folder using the files from the Alien Blast (HD).zip file into this format: Alien Blast (HD) {Folder name} --Contents of Harddisk.zip --Auto {Folder} --Boot.st In Steem, open the disk manager and make sure there are no floppy disks in Drive A or B. Set the hard disk to drive C:, and point drive C to the parent folder - Alien Blast (HD). Then set the dialog to boot from Drive C when Drive A is empty. After you reboot Steem, it will run the contents of the Alien Blast (HD) folder as if it were a hard drive attached to the ST, and you can play the game. I'll be working on enhancing the Hatari and Steem modules for all the parameters required to get ALL games to run (floppy or hard disk), but I don't have an ETA on when I'll get all this wrapped up. Will take awhile.... Anyways, I hope this helps in the meantime. Let me know if you have any problems getting this to work.
  12. Most of the disk images contain a prg file that runs the game. You would only see it on the games that don't auto boot... When you navigate through the windows... (Like in old Win 3.1). Double-click on the prg file, and the game will start up. Do you have a list of the ones that don't autoboot? Those can be ones I pay attention to, and try to get to work as I'm going through the roms. I'm also sourcing most of the games from GameBase (if available), since as you can tell, most are already set to autoboot. There are a lot of variables though, TOS versions, ST vs STE, CPU clock speed, memory... That all need the right settings in order to play correctly. Good times!
  13. It's possible to get ST games to autoload by naming a folder on the disk "Auto" and putting the prg file you want to run in there. I've done that with several games while working on the database as part of the HS Project. In case you still have some that aren't auto-loading.... Nice work!
  14. Not exactly what you want, but check out "hypersync" in Brolly's folder on the FTP. It's not "The" HyperSync. Its a little program that lets you rename assets based on the XML with button clicks. Pretty easy. If you haven't already, check it out - should help. Although admittingly, not exactly what you want...
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