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  1. Ahh getting crazy, struggling all day with this, reading all 12 pages and trying things but without luck: I downloaded the 1.49.9 non-steam version and updated with seperate files to 1.50.10. DX9 and DX11 are working outside RL/HS. Copied your .ahk and .isd in the Pinball Arcade module folder. Renamed my PinballArcade11.exe to PinballArcade.exe Edited the Pinball Arcade Emulator screen as show in your example and added the path to my exe: G:\Emulators\Pinball Arcade\PinballArcade.exe In RL set to Rom Only and Mute Emulator on Fade to True Changed all module settings as told (added Enter key as my Enter Key, My Tables empty and All_Tables to True) Downloaded your XML When I select a game from RL, Pinball Arcade is starting, the Mute is working, after a while the Mute ends but nothing happens after that. It's not browsing to the right table. It just stays on the 1st Start Screen. Also the Esc is not working when in-game, I'll have to click on Exit Game to exit. So it looks like the module isn't working at all. However the No-Nag is working when starting from RL. Last thing I tried was (after reading the module info, was giving RocketLauncher and PinballArcade admin rights....and after that...it worked.....pffffff.....maybe also something for your tutorial. So maybe djvj and you can update the module to the latest (working) version to 1.50.10 and change the module info to Rom Only (for non-steam users). PS. is there a video pack for the tables somewhere?
  2. Now we only need the missing three: Last Action Hero, Rescue 911 and TX-Sector Thnx for this beautiful pack!
  3. Version 1.0


    This is my LeapFrog XML Database.
  4. Hello Josh, I 'm sending you an email with my wishes for my new cab. Hope 2 hear something from you soon. Greetz BlackPredator72 (Dave Visser - Netherlands)
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