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  1. @wallmachine I wouldn't say that. The help you've given has made the audit much faster and easier than it was going to be
  2. Avar


    Glad you're up and running!
  3. I don't have 0.186 as I've just come from the Arctic where I wasn't unable to update MAME for some years due to the download size But here are examples: <game name="005" index="true" image="0"> <game name="1on1gov" index="true" image="1"> <game name="qberttst" index="true" image="q"> W/e the first game is for each letter, that's the one you index.
  4. No problem. Yeah the latest mame ones can sometimes be missing them until the database team has a whack at it but at least it's an easy fix
  5. Haven't worked with software list much so hopefully someone who has can chime in but if you run them through Don's HyperTools Rom renamer are they CRC matches?
  6. Yeah so the problem is as expected. There's nothing indexed. To fix it, just go to the first game for each number and letter and set index = "true" and image ="<whatever the letter or number is>" So for 1, image = "1" and for q image ="q"
  7. I'm away from rig atm but if you ppost yours I can check it.
  8. Do you have "Use XML Indeces" set in HyperHQ for the wheel and does your xml copy have the jump point letters defined?
  9. Avar

    Forum Evolution

    @Accorsi Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out!
  10. Thanks for today's update goes to @Suhrvivor @Mykillvee @husko @VoidWalker @JSinn @dougan78 @Krakerman @svinik @battlecatalyst @Tzvi!
  11. Thanks glad that fixed it. Sorry it took so long for me to think of that XD
  12. Here I moved it out of Archive. Try this: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/7830-demul-full-xbox-360-controls-for-naomi-and-atomiswave-enjoy/
  13. Afaik that's normal and I didn't even know the topics existed until I started using tapatalk on mobile, as they don't show up in the browser.
  14. At this point I'd start being concerned about HDD failure/corruption. Try downloading the latest NES database and see if that fixes it. Don't sweat it I'm happy to help!
  15. I can try to help you identify and fix the problem but it's probably something random but simple and there's an easier/faster solution: Go into \HyperSpin\Settings\ Make a backup of your Nintendo Entertainment System.ini Make a copy of any working settings file and rename it to "Nintendo Entertainment Systems.ini" Verify working and copy any of the NES specific HyperHQ settings you had from the backup ini you made into the working one. Prolly have multiple instances of HyperHQ trying to run in your Task Manager. Kill em all and it'll be fine again.
  16. Big update today thanks to the efforts of @husko @VoidWalker @KlopjerO @Krakerman @Womble @Mykillvee @ulao @diskmach @zbboc @odenmc @svinik and @dougan78! You guys are awesome, thank you!
  17. Yeah I mean the RL exit key. You can define it globally or on a per system basis. Not at home to check which menu it's in for you though, sorry.
  18. Do you have every Visual C++ and .net redistributable? And does the same behaviour occur if you change your exit key? Nothing glaring's standing out to me atm but I'm not at my rig to check stuff. Prolly worth asking on RocketLauncher about this as well.
  19. Yes it sounds like your difficulties are abnormal and you've covered the basics. What's your exit key set to? And could you please attach your Genesis/Neo Geo specific inis.
  20. Ok and you said everything runs fine through RLUI when you audit and launch there? Also, please confirm HS is set as both default -and- active frontend in RLUI. I think you did but it wasn't clear. Does the same thing happen if you use MAME for Neo Geo?
  21. Have you tried running as administrator in compatibility? Also, could you please post your log.txt? Cheers!
  22. Extensions in HyperHQ have to be separated by a comma, not a |, as per the notes. Set the absolute path instead of the relative path as well and run HyperSpin as administrator. Everything is getting much easier in the near future.
  23. There have been two pretty awesome Bliss-Box updates today! First, Ulao's started a nice dev vlog to tease what's coming in Bliss-Box firmware 2.0: and Bliss-Box has also started showing off some of the world's cool controllers on their FB: Enjoy!
  24. Thanks to @diskmach @gamesmame @Kondorito @findon @SupraKarma @processedmeat @srfran @Accorsi @ci2own for today's roundup!
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