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  1. Today's kudos go out to @manson976 @Suhrvivor @srfran @NEO207 @ghostlost @williecoiote @RetroHumanoid @maxcade @Mykillvee @Kondorito @dougan78 @diskmach @spyloops @JSinn @dionymnia @SupraKarma @diskmach @Black Hazor @Krakerman @zorg2000k @EvilDindon @husko @VoidWalker. Sorry if I missed anyone, it's been a crazy week PS There're a few projects I know I didn't mention today but they'll be on the next one!
  2. I added it as a collection but haven't checked the database yet. Lemme know if anyone's interested in helping with metadata for this.
  3. Run HyperHQ and in the very first tab it loads to select Mode = "Single" then pick "MAME" from the dropdown list, which it should be set to by default.
  4. I edited the title to reflect this as well. Still an awesome theme!
  5. I'm 99.99% sure that's the wrong FFII art. FFII (SNES) = FFIV. All the art looks to be FFII (Famicom) so I'll audit it as such. Cheers!
  6. Giving a massive shoutout to spyloops today for spending the entire afternoon uploading over two-hundred Steam themes one by one! Great way to kick off the Steam Summer Sale season! Thanks @spyloops!
  7. Avar

    Sega Ring

    Thanks for the upload Here's fine.
  8. @rodrigodn Obrigado por isso. Trabalharemos arduamente para garantir que sempre valha a pena e estamos trabalhando para desenvolver formas de melhor recompensar e capacitar os Criadores de Conteúdo em geral. Queremos que você saiba que apreciamos e respeitamos todos os criadores talentosos que ajudam a tornar o HyperSpin ótimo. Há especialmente muitos artistas brasileiros incríveis, por isso estou feliz pela assistência de todos em reunir várias comunidades multilingues.
  9. Are you just talking about the backgrounds? Eg.
  10. Algumas informações adicionais sobre isso: quando alguém é um Criador de Conteúdo aqui no HyperSpin, eles podem desbloquear os mesmos benefícios no EmuMovies, enviando um Bilhete de Suporte para eles com um link para o seu perfil do HyperSpin.
  11. Open beta is closed for now as we move forward with the next phase.
  12. No sorry I managed to plug it in to give it a go once then something came up XD I'll write it down and try again soon. I'm in a hotel w/o access to the router so it complicates things a bit I think.
  13. Had my head buried so deep in the Upload Here section I almost forgot to do the update :3 Special thanks today to @husko @VoidWalker @Kondorito @Dubbloseven @Circo @RetroHumanoid @FernandoCaldas @zorg2000k @Krakerman @Kasimir2015 @maxcade @SupraKarma @JSinn @dougan78 @srfran @NEO207 @RetroKenesis!
  14. It'll be different every time, they're still meant to be entertaining
  15. This is awesome. When I get to it in the audit, is the side art historically accurate right now?
  16. @KlopjerO That would be more of a release video/promo. Think of the weekly vids as super community updates. They're just video versions of the daily updates I do on Facebook. While we'd love to give the entire world the inside scoop 100% of the time, that isn't something we can do anymore.
  17. Thank you. The pimp thumbnail was all @jhabers haha was teasing me for looking like even my pants were purple after "fixing" the hues and I liked so I went with it
  18. Enjoy this weeks update video! Special thanks to @fr0stbyt3 @Circo @jhabers @Kondorito @MADrigal @Mykillvee @RetroHumanoid @NEO207 @JSinn @dionymnia @Krakerman @husko @VoidWalker @utfalcon @FernandoCaldas @SupraKarma @wallmachine
  19. Thanks for this mega post goes out to @NEO207 @Mykillvee @svinik @fire10 @odenmc @ghostlost @KlopjerO @Bain408 @Krakerman @JSinn @shaybe @Circo!
  20. Image not loading. Can you try from PC? Tapatalk uploads sometimes having problems atm.
  21. Avar

    FTP Uploads

    Hey y'all, just a quick notice that while all of the files on the FTP are still accessible, it's been locked for upload. This is to avoid media being added undetected now that I've finished downloaded the unsorted submissions after several weeks. A new method of uploading and distributing media is coming but in the interim, please continue to share with the community by adding your files to the Upload Here section of the download section. This will make it easy for everyone to see when something new is available and it will be much more easy for me to track for the ongoing audit. Cheers!
  22. @ci2own @Kondorito @wallmachine @SupraKarma adding this to the official list.
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