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  1. Special thanks today to @zorg2000k @NEO207 @ghostlost @Krakerman @RetroHumanoid @diskmach @odenmc @Circo @r0man0 @Mykillvee and to anyone who contributed to their awesome projects!
  2. They're quite small. I only have one rly that I modifed (BSNES cuz for some reason it doesn't like to detect windows for games with periods in the names) but I just zip the whole module folder and move it to backups prior to update to be safe.
  3. Ordered a kit recently from Flashback Ltd and I have a 10% discount code. If anyone wants to save on a 4-Play, shoot me a PM.
  4. Allow me to derail my own news thread momentarily, as this is relevant Disclaimer: This contains, I think, 2x F-bombs if that bothers you.
  5. Haven't seen em but any videos I do'll prolly be in styles similar to what I've put out in the past Though my vid this weekend will be a lil different
  6. The updates keep getting more and more intense! Thanks to everyone for their hard work and I hope you're all having fun while doing it Special thanks today to @Neonrage @SupraKarma @shinobi68 @maxcade @srfran @VoidWalker @husko @Kondorito @NEO207 @dougan78 @Mykillvee @Krakerman @xnitramx and everyone who helped with their work!
  7. Was awesome to see the wide variety of really cool stuff that got added today! Special thanks goes out to @utfalcon @SamVSsami @FernandoCaldas @RetroHumanoid @diskmach @fr0stbyt3 @NEO207 @SupraKarma @Black Hazor @maxcade @fame-shadow @Mykillvee @Krakerman @ci2own @griffin518 @Kondorito @Prial @husko @VoidWalker and to everyone who helped and participated and supported them in the creation of their amazing work!
  8. Probably just a different stage of prototype but iunno rly.
  9. Is the media actually there? I just hit F in my audit so you might have a better time with the HyperBase Live Beta, as I'll be passing Future Pinball very soon and adding it to the new repository. And don't sweat asking for help
  10. That's hella deprecated functionality. Is there any reason you can't upgrade to latest HS with RocketLauncher integration?
  11. Might have one more later. Will advise once I know for sure.
  12. Off the top of my head there's Start/Confirm Cancel/Back/Exit Genre Favourites UDLR (with holding L/R loading letters for quick browsing the index)
  13. To all users, sets I upload now are available in HyperBase Live as soon as they hit the FTP so feel free to follow along with the audit and back us up. I'm going to skip ahead and do a few more popular systems for demo purposes before resuming alphabetical order. Cheers! @ci2own Best looking ones yet! Well done!
  14. Yeah I'll add it to the list when I get home from work.
  15. Depends on all the menu features you want but there's Genre, Favorites on top of the regular stuff so yeah that'd prolly be enough.
  16. Y'all are goin balls to the waaallllllll lately! I'm blown away at the amount of creative effort happening. It's like someone turned the dial up to 93465467% and snapped it right off. Cheers! Special thanks today to @SupraKarma @JSinn @dionymnia @fire10 @Black Hazor @goofers @Kondorito @dougan78 @Accorsi @Krakerman @VoidWalker @husko @Dubbloseven @Prial @Mykillvee @maxcade @KlopjerO @RetroHumanoid @odenmc @diskmach @zbboc @ci2own!
  17. If anyone ever has any HyperSpin fan art they'd like us to put on display anywhere feel free to PM me or post it here! We can even use it to keep the YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit banners looking fresh and will update it with anything the community posts as long as it's tasteful! Here's what we're using right now: Would love to swap in peoples' unique creations to show off the community right at our front door. Cheers!
  18. Thank you, I'll add Sega Ring these to my audit list now. @ci2own Could I please trouble you for tiles for Sega RingEdge and Sega RingWide as well, when able? Will add them to the FTP. @Kondorito Two more candidates for the minimal wheel set if you're interested
  19. If you or anyone else has an xml for these to get the ball rolling I'll throw em into the official list.
  20. Another "Choose Your Weapon!" update. I love this controller:
  21. In HyperSpin\Media there's a different folder for every system in your setup. Inside each is a video folder where you can pt the videos you want. You can make custom database xmls to make your own list but have you checked out the Capcom Classics collection? If you do decide to make your own collection it's very doable but we're currently working on making everything easier.
  22. The art is something you add later but if they're not running in HyperSpin try running both HyperSpin and RL as admin. If the issues persists it means you missed a step. Could you post your log.txt from HS root directory here please if that doesn't solve it for you.
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