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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Congratulations to RetroHumanoid! This package contains both the 4:3 and the 16:9 version of the trophy theme within it.
  2. Ok the way you described the issue isn't making sense then. Are you saying the games don't run? Or just that the art isn't there? Cuz the art has nothing to do with the roms/emulators/RL setup stuff. That gets added.
  3. Sounds like any number of things could be messed up. It'd be worth going through these step by step:
  4. Couldn't in this one cuz too many words too fast already lol
  5. HyperSpin has a new YouTube channel, amongst other things! Today's HyperUpdate is our inaugural video and I apologize for not being able to mention more of your awesome projects. These are hella time-consuming to make so I'll likely focus on major news and full releases in them but I hope you enjoy them. Cheers! Special thanks in this video goes out to: @fr0stbyt3 @JSinn @Styphelus @Kondorito @Yeuxkes @diskmach @Circo @ulao @RetroHumanoid @MADrigal @dougan78 @Black Hazor @hardcorehubz @xALPHAxOMEGAx @James Doohan.
  6. Y'all're gonna lose ability to sync systems I haven't audited yet so sorry about that. Going as fast as I can without sacrificing quality :3
  7. HyperPin is currently different and it's designed for homemade pinball cabs but you can still have pinball setup in your HyperSpin. AFAIK HyperPin uses the same roms/emus it just has more options for a wider variety of screens and LEDs to make the experience authentic.
  8. A big sleepy thank you today to @NEO207 @srfran @diskmach @svinik @MADrigal @Mykillvee @JSinn @Black Hazor @Kondorito @Yeuxkes @dougan78 @xALPHAxOMEGAx @Styphelus @hardcorehubz. Got a video HyperUpdate uploading now covering some of the biggest news from the past few weeks but it'll be a while before it's uploaded. Cheers!
  9. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/HyperSpin_FE In our ongoing efforts to bring the community closer together in as many ways as possible, we present to you the HyperSpin Steam Group! Join up and frag with the best of us! Join our army at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/HyperSpin_FE http://steamcommunity.com/groups/HyperSpin_FE As Steam integration continues to improve we look forward to gaming with and against all yo punk asses! So come get some!! Note: Since Avar is balls deep in audit and such he seldom has time to frag right meow but rest assured there will one day come a reckoning and he shall return to the hallowed battlegrounds of Steam to rend you asunder... Yes, you, Steve! Your ass is grass PUNK!
  10. Giving this a bump to keep it front-page news until the deal ends!
  11. Also, please let me know if/when they run out of copies and I'll lock this baby down. Tell your friends y'all!
  12. http://store.steampowered.com/app/218620/PAYDAY_2/ As title suggests, 5 million free, full copies of Payday 2 are being given away on steam right now to keep the game forever. Get it right meow before they reach their total!!!
  13. The community has been so active lately I want to thank all of you for helping make HyperSpin awesome. Additional thanks today to @Accorsi @FernandoCaldas @diskmach @Krakerman @Black Hazor @MADrigal @fire10 @Kondorito @JSinn @pinsanity @zbboc @SupraKarma for this HyperUpdate!
  14. @Kondorito Could I please trouble you for a NESiCAxLive wheel for the minimal set as well to keep it at 100%? Cheers!
  15. Yes, this will be added. Thank you for pointing it out. Right now all of its assets are sitting in the "Upload Here" section so it will be a lil while before I reach them for audit and upload but they'll be in there. I also reached out to @FernandoCaldas since he has a lot of fantastic other media I've not seen elsewhere. @ci2own Could we please trouble you for a NESiCAxLive tile? No rush as it'll be a while before the assets are uploaded so whenever's convenient for you.
  16. This is likely caused by the current dual-FTP draw we got going on. Until I've audited a system, the data from the old FTP is being used. Once I get past those they'll likely disappear as we remove them. I suspect this is the case. The first is a type of "Commodore 16 & Plus4" the others are removed from current list. They may only still be there for the same reason as I mentioned above. Basically, if there's a folder in the original FTP we were using, they auto-populate in HyperAI. 1. The way metadata is changing, there are going to be a lot less of these "oh you have an extra space in the name" issues moving forward so I'll go out on a limb and say the former, especially with its built in CRC/MD5 support. 2. That's definitely a result of what I mentioned about as I changed my parenthesis usage after we switched to a new FTP. The one w/o parentheses is on the former one and I believe it'll disappear once we burn the original down when we know we're safe to do so.
  17. No problem. Sync's buggy and its days are numbered anyways. We're on to bigger and better things soon
  18. Oh sorry it took so long for this to dawn on me but EmuMovies does sometimes require info change. When was the last time you logged onto the site? I suggest logging into EmuMovies and checking your messages and if there's nothing there, make a trouble ticket.
  19. So you can open up any theme XML to check out its insides and it's pretty intuitive which things are which in there. Basically the theme is the code that tells HS what assets to look for, while also containing some of those assets. You always need some sort of theme there but you could run -only- the default themes, which are typically less graphic intensive. I suggest going into HyperHQ -> Main Settings -> Optimizer and adjusting the levels there instead though until your system runs fine.
  20. Today's exciting update is courtesy of @Circo @odenmc @Black Hazor @fire10 @SupraKarma @Mykillvee @zbboc @Kondorito @JSinn @Tzvi!
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